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In nov. on 2016 I received my first diabetic supplies from your company with an invoice stating $0.00 due. My next shipment in Dec. of 2016 also had an invoice stating $0.00 due. The following spring I spoke to a rep. regarding new supplies at which time we discussed ordering new ones. Never during the course of that call was I informed that there was any balance on my account. If there was a balance due I absolutely should have LONG SINCE RECEIVED A BILL as by this time it was the end of Feb or early March. I had received NO BILLS. Thinking all of my supplies had been covered by my insurance I had no reason to believe I needed to worry about ordering new supplies. I had at that point been off work on medical leave for 3 months the previous fall due to having had a major surgery and was again on an extended medical leave secondary to complications r/t that surgery. I had little and often NO income. Just after I ordered the new supplies I received a bill for the previous 2 shipments. It should NOT have taken 6 MONTHS to send me bills for the previous 2 shipments. Your companies billing practices are deplorable and unacceptable. I immediately emailed your company to let you know not to send the shipment and if you did it would be refused. Since then I received notification that I was credited for that shipment which you got back. However, I continue to see the charges for the march 6th shipment on my bill which I will not pay as I do not have to supplies, your company got them back. I expect to get the credit which I was told I would get. I have seen many posts on line that your company has fraudulent billing practices. I will be notifying blue cross that that shipment was returned and I was notified by your company that I was to be credited to that shipment. It took weeks to get my initial supplies which put my health at great risk which was bad enough, I went and bought my own meter which likely saved my life as my blood sugar was very dangerously high and required immediate medical attention. Had I waited all those weeks for the receipt of my initial supplies from your company I would likely have wound up in a diabetic coma with DKA or worse. As it stands I would never recommend your company to anyone. As a healthcare professional I have MANY contacts both professionally and personally. I would like to think your company will make every effort to improve my opinion and give me every reason to be a positive advocate and spokesperson for Liberty.

neighborhood diabetes dallas tx

I ordered a CGM and received multiple calls repeatedly requesting the same information over several month...


I am type 1 diabetic using pump and CGM. I need CGM because I no longer have symptoms of low blood sugars. "...

Service, Phone service, Senior Management

I have been doing business w Liberty for years. They provide diabetes CGM supplies. Several months ago I...

Diabetic Supplies for insulin pump

I called Liberty Medical on Oct. 22nd/2015 to order diabetic supplies for my insulin pump and told them I...

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Business practices

Been using liberty for wife's ostomy supplies for years. Paid balance off yesterday and ordered more...

Diabetic supplies

Actually I received a letter from Medicare that Liberty Medical Supplies had gone Bankrupt and that I needed to fill out a form and I missed placed that form they sent me and I need to complete that information if someone call send me the information again. My husband received his diabetic supplies through Liberty last year and I am not sure we the for said we needed to fill out a form hopefully so that we do not get billed since they went bankrupt

Insurance bill

I contacted Liberty Medical and placed an order for Diabetes supplies. I had been receiving supplies from them for a year or so. It took them over a month to send out the supplies to me. I had been contacted by them and they confirmed that my insurance would cover 100% of the supplies. Then I do not get the supplies a month later. The day before I received the supplies my insurance changed. Because I had placed the order a month before, I knew I would be covered. Then I received a bill for $1800 because I had been out of network according to Liberty even though I had placed the order a month prior to this. When I contacted them several times, Liberty said there was nothing they could do. This is no way to run a company especially a company that supplies people with items they need to survive.

  • Li
    lilscorpie Apr 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Keep getting phone calls at least a dozen every day since I told them I was not interested in their product. Need to know how to get them to stop calling.

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  • Ma
    Matt Salig Apr 23, 2012


    If you want to getout of this problem contact to they help you to come out of this problem.

    I have faced this problem but now i am happy with there RPM services


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  • Ti
    timle Jul 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    representative attempts to get recipient to say yes while being recorded with questions such as "do you want to cancel your account, do you have diabetes" then the recorded yes is edited into a statement used to approve the shipping and billing of product

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Incompetent customer support

We tried to order diabetic insulin pump supplies from this company for my husband who is on Medicare. After...

Unable to get supplies after 3 weeks of calling almost every day

incompetent employees and management. I have contacted Liberty almost daily for 3 weeks. you can look at their records to prove it. I have talked to so called managers, I have waited on the phone for 30- 45 min. at a time, just to get the initial customer rep. on the phone. I had a 3 way conversation with a document specialist, my doctors nurse, and myself, with the assurance she would get the appropriate documents to my doctors office to get my omnipods. that was over a week ago. my doctor's nurse has fax and order to the given number 3 times and left messages for them to call and confirm they received it without any assistance or returned calls. I have left messages in multiple departments, especially the documents department without any one to call me back. I am at a critical level in my supplies and these are not something you can go out and buy at your local pharmacy. I have had insulet corp send me a crisis supply that is almost out. How can one company this size be so incompetent.

asking for ssn

I can't get my diabetic testing supplies because the person on the phone insist on my social security number over the phone.
I gave all the other personal information requested, which includes name, address, telephone number. I don't see why I need to give my ssn since I gave it when I initially sign up to receive testing supplies. The supplies are coming to the same address as always
I called on 5-4-13.

Unordered supplies sent

We have been getting diabetic supplies for some time. A little over a year ago, they began sending (house brand) lancets that would not work with our apparatus, when we called, they sent out the correct lancets, but billed us for the incorrect ones. It was only $6.70, so I didn't make a fuss over it. About a year later, they again started sending out the wrong lancets, telling us they were switching us to their house brand (without our authorization) when we called. We refused, and again they sent the correct ones, and a couple of weeks later sent us a shipping label to return the incorrect ones. They told us they would credit our account once they received them. We sent them back. The next bill did not show part of the credit. When I called, they said it was their company policy not to credit any materials that were returned after 30 days.

I don't work for their company, so I couldn't care less what their company policy is. They don't get to send me materials I didn't order, charge me for them, refuse to credit my account when I return them, and then tell me sorry... that's company policy.

HR / Manager

I was attacked by a manager while sitting at my desk. I ended up in the hospital and HR and management let him keep his job because he attacked me in a "playful / fun" it is unfortunate that I ended up in the hospital and unable to return to work but it wasn't extreme enough for that POS to loose his job.

They ignore my communication

Liberty Medical supply sent CPAP supplies to me per my request. I viewed a television advertisement by...

Telephone Harassment

Liberty Medical keeps calling me at all hours of the day and night. Most recently they called this morning (Sunday morning) while I was in church and left a message. There is never a live person on the phone. I have no idea why they are calling me. They say they are calling me regarding my diabetic supplies but I am not diabetic and do not order supplies. I don't know how to get them to stop calling me. They are calling twice a day at least. This morning they gave the option if you called the number back of leaving a message I told them never to call my number again and that I would be filing a complaint about them to the FCC and also to the Attorney General of South Carolina.


I called Liberty two weeks ago requesting that they send a statement showing how much I paid them during 2010 as I receive housing assistance and the amount I pay depends on the amount of my medical expenses. Usually their employees are very nice, but I got a black woman who was rude from the minute she picked up the phone. She said it would take "sebben ta tain days" and since I needed it before that I asked if she could fax it. She replied, "We-uns cain't doo dat fo' ya'll. What chu tinks we is?"
Two weeks have gone by so I called them today and could not get a straight answer. Since my appointment is on Monday the 27th I need that information and was told that "if we sent it you should have had it." Again they refused to fax the information. I called back and cancelled them as my diabetes and prescription supplier.

  • Me
    MeterGuy Mar 23, 2011

    If a rep is every rude to you ALWAYS ask for their name and extension. write down the time and date you spoke with that rep and those called can be pulled. Call back and ask for a manager and give them the reps name, ext # and time and date of the call so they can pull the recording and take action against that rep. In reference to the the statement ask to be transferred to A/R and you need that to be expedited and they have to get it to you within a certain time frame. Call them everyday if you have to until you get it. The A/R dept in Liberty is super behind but if you bug them enough they will send them if not ask to speak to the CEO and you will get a team that will bend-over backwards to get that statement to you.

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Diabetes Supplies

This company is a joke! I have been back and forth with them for 2 months. They shipped diabetes supplies without my authorization after promising me that they would call with a price before it shipped. Next thing I know, the UPS man is delivering the supplies. Upon trying to start an account with them the sales rep I spoke to didn't input my info and they had to call me back 2 days later to re-do the entire process. These supplies are for my 4 yr old who has diabetes. I get the supplies and call them to get the balance and the rep told me insurance covered the ENTIRE supply. 2 days later, I get a statement from my insurance company saying Liberty billed them and they sent Libery a check for the balance. In the meantime, THERE WAS a balance and Liberty LIED! Their phone reps are incompetent and don't return phone calls. When I finally got a hold of them to cancel my account, they said the would credit my insurance company. I have been waiting for ONE MONTH for a return label and haven't heard a thing! I am afraid to call my insurace company to see if they were credited. DON'T USE LIBERTY MEDICAL!!

  • Me
    MeterGuy Mar 23, 2011

    In this case ask to speak with a Supervisor of Customer Service or Customer Relations. They can obtain a return label and send it by hand to ensure it gets to you and ask for the name of the supervisor and their extension. Is easier to have to speak w one supervisor than to have to re-explain yourself to multiple people. If supervisor is not helpful ask for a Manager and trust me, they can provide you with a label and make sure you call them to ensure they do credit the insurance company

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  • Sh
    shelgrl Apr 22, 2011

    I used to work there and this was the case MANY times!

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  • Ka
    KAREN_C_V Sep 15, 2011


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  • So
    soupy Jan 14, 2012

    Send a complaint to the US Department of Health & Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW. Washington DC 20201. They Take it seriously when pathetic companies such as Liberty Medical Supply Yank people around. Liberty Medical Supply is the most arrogant people on the planet. I had a conversation with a person named Deana at ext 75363 to get Liberty Medical to credit my insurance companies for unusable products sent to me. This female is very happy about the way she turned out, and did absolutely nothing but take up my time. The room I was in filled with arrogance the instant my phone rang with her call. She is not the person I would have contacting customers in my business. Don't mess with them just send a complaint to the US Dept of Health & Human Services. They get results, and love to hear about medicare being ripped off. There are other companies that do take care of customers and they are polite, not full of themselves like Liberty Medical.

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  • Ba
    Baronesr1 Sep 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've contacted you 3 times to get more supplies.I askeed you to send the card so I could reply to you for what I need.I was contacted by Walgreens to get my supplies from them.If you cannot service me anymore, say so and I will go to Walgreens.Let me know as soon as you can on whether or not you will be my supplier...

    Mr.Robert Barone
    123 West Street
    Cromwell, Ct.06416

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  • Do
    doing without Jul 11, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do yourself a favor and DON'T US LIBERTY MEDICAL FOR YOUR DIABETES SUPPLYS. On May 24th, 2013 I called Liberty at their tow free phone number and ordered test strip for my meter. I talked with a guy who supposedly placed my order of 200 test strips. Today is June 13th and no strips. I called Liberty back and talked to 3 different people and they couldn't find my order. The people I talked to I believe were Philippino's. My wife is a Philippino and they talk alike. They were very nice but it was like talking to robots. Both had the same boring questions, like they were reading them from a card, that only aggravated the situation. Needless to say, I'm going back to Walgreens and find a different company to deal with. If you haven't yet looked at the reviews from Liberty's own people, then you should... They are saying it's no longer a good company.. they don't any longer care about their people or their customers... And I'm living proof that they don't care about their customers John Sturgill .. Joliet, Illinois

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Diabetes suppplies

On December 1, 09, I spoke with a man named Alexander his extension is 75606. I was inquiring about mail...

Filling Rxs not ordered

I registered for prescription service with Liberty Medical Supply Pharmacy. There said they would alway...

They Are Ignoring Me

I can't find the paperwork right now to give you the details but they do have a website easily available on Google. They mostly do diabetic supplies and advertise on TV.

I lost my meter and poker and wrote to them ages ago. It took awhile and all they said is that someone would contact me. No one contacted me. I have no way to test my blood now and I'm diabetic. These rats don't care about my health..they just want medicare money and they will continue to collect even if I don't have a meter to save my life.

What can I do? They are ignoring me.

  • Ki
    kittykat1937 Apr 05, 2010

    Well of course they want Medicares money, they are a business. I hate how people bash businesses for wanting to collect money from you. Do you really think life is free? Be for real here. They didn't contact you? I find that hard to believe. I am a current customer with Liberty Med adn they NEVER stop calling me. Don't blame them for "not having a meter to save your life" SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE pick up a phone and call them. You can go online to complain so go on and find a number. Better yet watch TV for an hour I'm sure a commercial will show up.

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  • Fd
    fdnybrat Sep 13, 2010

    i believe you when you say they are ignoring you. they have bad business practices and have an F rating with the better business bureau. i have been back and forth with them for 2 months and have filed a complaint. they have yet to credit my insurance for billing them for the wrong supplies!!!

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  • In
    insulin123 Feb 02, 2011

    What I don't understand is they want me to get a C-peptide test in order to prove that I have diabetes I guess. I asked they why, and they said it was so that medicare would cover my insulin pump costs, I already told them I don't have medicare, I have BCBS. They then said it was still their policy and that I would have to get this blood test in order for them even to ship me the supplies, so it had nothing to do with my health insurance, just their policy. I guess they're afraid that I'm just saying I have diabetes?? The ironic thing is a C-peptide is mainly performed when you're first diagnosed and mainly on type 2's, well I have type I have type 1, but the CSR didn't understand the difference. A C-peptide is also a fasting blood test (the CSR also didn't know what that meant) so it's pretty ironic that they would make a type 1 diabetic take it. I just don't see why they make you jump through hoops just to 'prove' to you that you have diabetes, I guess a Rx from my endocrinologist is not enough. Why they would make it more difficult for you to order supplies from them is beyond me (again it didn't have to do with the health insurance, it just had to do with 'their policy'). That's fine, I'll just get my supplies from somewhere else, pay my co-pay and have my insurance pay somewhere else. I recommend if you need medical supplies and have a choice on where to get them, DO NOT choose liberty medical.

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  • Me
    MeterGuy Mar 23, 2011

    As a former Employee of Liberty I can tell you that if you lost your meter all you have to do is call them and explain you lost your meter and any of the Representatives would be more than happy to rush a replacement to you. Of course Liberty just as any business wants to get paid. In reference to the comment about the Insulin pump it was a standard rule for certain patients to have to complete either a log sheet and/or certain tests because certain insurances did require it if you were using an insulin pumps and it is to cover you as much as it is to cover the company because if the insurance company asks Liberty to provide copy of the test to reimburse the cost of the pump and Liberty doesn't have it then the bill gets dropped to you and trust me, you do not want to to have that bill dropped on you.

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  • Ro
    Roy Hastings Aug 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liberty was giving me regular renewals since 2008, and just stopped my supplies. I now need to find a new supplier. No explanation given as to why they stopped sending supplies

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