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M Jan 09, 2019

Here is an email I sent to the loan officer at us bank san carlos. Before going thru the loan process, I told the officer my mother would be incapable of signing. I was told she would only need to sign a note. Instead, she was forced to sign 17 x's as her signature when I was fully recognized as her power of attorney. I will be filing as many complaints on yelp on all your bay area branches. Email describing my issue is below. Loan officer is vicharlotte juarez, san carlos branch.


I want to start out by thanking you for your hard work on the refinance. I do appreciate all you did for us to get this through.

That being said, I am extremely disappointed in us bank for the process.

You said that on the day of signing, december 26 at 8:00 pm, I would be signing all documents as trustee & poa and my mother would sign one document in private with an ‘x'. The notary would only notarize my signatures.

The reality was that my mother had to sign 16 ‘x's on the loan documents and one ‘x' in the notary's log book with her fingerprint - all while the notary looked on.

My mother died sunday december 30, 4 days later.

Our family went through great expense and effort in the 1990's to set this trust up. We invested in further legal fees as she became less and less able to make decisions so that I would have free and unencumbered access and rights to her assets.

Then we have us bank.

Over twenty years with us bank. Attorney-drafted trust & power of attorney. All the work done properly on our end, all the confidence my 106 year old mother had in the process and your bank, was for not. She still had to sign literally on her death bed.

Do the elderly residents of san carlos and other branches know your bank could create havoc in their lives if they need access to extra money through your bank? I doubt it.

I will be posting detailed reviews on every us bank branch yelp site I can so that future and current elderly persons will know what they have to face by dealing with us bank.



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