U.S. Bankexcessive wear and tear charges

U.S. Bank Lease obtained on 2007 Porsche Carrera. At end of lease period, lease inspection revealed $746 in "excess wear and tear" charges. These included some scratches along the rims, and scratches on the underside of the car, barely visible stone chip on the windshield, etc. I have had similar, what I consider normal wear and tear on previous BMW's at lease end. BMW Financial Services did NOT nickel and dime (and quarter and dollar) me at the end of the lease, even when I was returning a BMW without leasing another BMW (giving them no incentive not to nickel and dime me). Of note, the Porsche was returned with 6000 miles less than the 36, 000 mile lease allowed. Of course, there never is any credit for coming in under mileage, but perhaps U.S. Bank shouldn't nickel and dime the customer so much.
My recommendation is that if you are going to lease a vehicle, think twice (or ten times) before using U.S. Bank.
I do not know if this is as much a complaint against US Bank, as a recommendation to lease a BMW through BMW financial services. Although my Porsche was nice, my BMW's have also been great and the leasing through BMW FS has been much more straightforward and honest, especially at the end of the lease.

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