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UPS - Driver retaliation and managers belligerent behavior, ups customer service failure to address and rectify

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We've had continuing issues with driver retaliation to complaints made about him at the Allentown/Bethlehem PA driver dispatch. To add insult to injury, the management team has been nothing but belligerent and disrespectful to us, as well. Our saga all began during COVID lockdown, wherein both my husband and I were working from home and continually had our packages being thrown and tossed onto our front porch causing the boxes to bust. That was our first complaint. Our driver then retaliated by continually honking his horn every time he arrived in our vicinity. We made a second complaint to the driver dispatch managers and nothing was ever done about it. So we moved our offices in our household to the back of the house to avoid the disruption. Last week, our driver(s) (there are now two), delivered two incorrect boxes to our house and failed to deliver our two boxes of perishable food. I contacted the 800 number to find out where our packages were and they advised me to file a claim. I had asked during the process to have them contact me via email because I have a lot of spam calls and my phone blocks many numbers. After my claim was filed, we returned the boxes that were delivered to our house to the appropriate owners. During that time, our two boxes were brought to our porch by our neighbors to whom they were incorrectly delivered. This was late in the evening. I had still not had anyone contact me with regard to my claim so I could alert them to the fact my packages were located. The very next day, the driver(s) leave a driver follow-up form on my front door with nothing filled out but the area about getting the local authorities involved highlighted. This was taken as a threat. So I made yet another complaint to the 800 customer service line and they assured me that a manager would look into it and get back to me.
At the same time, I advised them that the packages were found. That was on Friday, December 3rd. No call was ever received. Come Monday, December 6, 2021, our driver(s) come to our door and make noise. I look out my front window and see then stop my next-door neighbor start pointing to our house and door and begin laughing and making gestures.
I then pulled out my phone to start videotaping the interaction. It was very clear that they had been alerted about my complaints and were now involving my neighbors in their dispute against us. This is harassment, plain and simple. So we make yet another complaint and are told that no one from the 800 number can assist us, that the driver dispatch managers would have to follow through and contact us with regard to our complaint within the hour as they marked it "urgent". No call was received. This was around 4:00 pm in the afternoon. My husband then makes a phone call to the 800 number and is told someone will reach out to him. More than an hour later, we hear from JC Martinez, the dispatch supervisor, who proceeds to tell us that this is the first she is hearing of this, told us she did not know who the driver(s) were (which is ridiculous because it is the very same drivers who come every single day to our neighborhood). Lastly, the excuse we are given is that due to the late hour in which she called the driver(s) would not be talked to until the next morning and that she would contact us the next morning. I asked for her manager's name which she declined to provide. The next morning comes and goes, with no phone call from JC. My husband proceeds to call her. She tells him that they want a copy of our video and that her manager will give him a call. It was also stated that someone from their "security" department was being sent to our door. No notice, no authorization from us to send a stranger to speak with us about the incident. I contact JC to ask why they would be sending someone to our door without our consent and to find out what was being done about our complaint and she proceeds to start yelling at me that she is no longer involved and that her manager was calling my husband. So then the manager, Chris Guzman, contacts my husband and proceeds to say that he sent someone to our door to get our side of the story. I am conferenced into the call and I proceed to ask him if he has spoken to the driver(s). He tells me no, that they do not know who the driver(s) are. I asked why then was he contacting us when we had already spoken with JC and are now concerned about further retaliation. He began to get belligerent with me and argumentative and challenged us about getting him my video basically to prove because my previous complaints were not enough for him. This is outrageous. No one has apologized sincerely for the hassle we have had to go through. No one has taken our concerns seriously. We are now investing in an upgrade to our security system so that when the driver(s) continue to harass us we can capture the incident via video and proceed with legal action. All this would have taken was a sincere effort on their part to look into our situation, apologize, let us know that they would speak with our drivers, tell us that this will not happen again, and give us a contact phone that if something else were to happen we had someone that would handle it for us. Instead, it has become beyond anything we could have imagined. UPS has failed to give us a satisfactory resolution and I am being forced to speak out publicly on Twitter and various other channels to obtain any answer and rectify the horrible situation we have been put in. I have even tried to reach out to the Executive Leadership due to the rising concern for our safety. This leaves us feeling very vulnerable as the driver(s) know our names and home address and management at UPS have failed at their jobs at managing their employees and ensuring they are following the company's code of ethics. They have refused to follow through with managing their drivers and the only solution we can think of that will put our minds at ease is to have the driver(s) removed from our route.

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