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United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups truck needs repairs

I was driving on route 704 in Lanham MD on Nov 15 2018 at 3:30pm and I was behind truck #666021 which does not have working brake lights. The trucks tail lights were illuminated and turn signals worked but the lights never got brighter or any other lights came on when the brakes were applied. It is very difficult to tell when the truck is slowing down. The truck stopped at multiple red lights so the brakes had to have been applied.

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    United Parcel Service of America [UPS]packages being dropped off in the middle of the entryway with no notice

    For the last two days at 2509 14th street NW, Watford City ND, The driver that has been switched to this route has not delivered the packages to personnel at the front desk. He has opened the entry way door where individuals can get out of muddy cloths and then enter the facility and dropped all the packages there instead of letting some one sign for the packages. We have individuals that stay with us at Target Lodging and order things that are important to them. We strive to make sure that their stay with us is a good one but when packages are left in the walk way where they can not get in the door that is unacceptable.

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      United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver driving truck

      This morning on my way to work I was driving on Route 130, through East Windsor, NJ on my way into Cranbury, in the right lane, approaching a red light, so I was slowing down a little, when a UPS driver in one of the big brown trucks, decided to pull over in FRONT of me---NO blinker, not doing it slowly, but recklessly very sudden. I in turn had to swerve over to the right side of the road, off the road, to avoid having the entire side of the driver side of my SUV demolished!

      I beeped the horn while he was doing so but kept on going into my lane in front of me. As I then drove back onto the road and merged back onto Route 130 in front of him, when I looked over he laughed and gave me his middle finger as a sign to say **ck YOU!

      I did manage to get the license plate number which was XET P77. Nice way to represent your company! I hope something is mentioned and done to him. I would like some type of feedback about this incident please. I can be reached at the email below.

      Thank you.
      Marlo Bodinizzo

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        United Parcel Service of America [UPS]damaged package with antique dolls inside

        UPS Tracking # 1Z 59E [protected] Zone 2
        Package Express Acct. # 1680A
        Rivers Edge (shipper)
        1615 E. Chestnut
        Canton Il 61520
        Phone [protected]
        Owners: Marcus and Angie Hale

        On 8/3/ 18 sent package out thru Rivers Edge and paid to have $500 insurance on items.

        8/8 Packaged arrived at destination damaged and I immediately called UPS and Lauren stated that an investigator would be out to check claim.

        8/13 Rivers Edge (Marcus) calling UPS to check on claim. Told check was being sent out.

        8/21 UPS (Jamal) stated that the claim refund goes to Rivers Edge and that they would notify me when it arrived.

        8/24 Rivers Edge (Marcus) UPS stated they were processing the paperwork.

        8/27 Rivers Edge (Angie) called UPS and was told they need the ORIGINAL paperwork on the doll or an official appraisal on its worth.

        9/25 I got the appraisal and gave to Angie at Rivers Edge

        10/22 Rivers Edge (Angie) UPS was to be calling her back

        10/23 Rivers Edge (Angie) UPS wants paperwork sent. Done on 9/25

        10/25 Per Angie at Rivers Edge still no reply from UPS

        10/30 Talked to Rivers Edge (Angie) UPS states that the claim is closed just waiting on paperwork again. I stood right there and watched her send the claim by fax to UPS again.

        11/1 2 Talked to Marcus at Rivers Edge and he talked to Package Express and they stated they were going to call UPS and see what the hold up is.

        I shipped this package in good faith and all I am getting is the run around.
        When I call UPS to find out anything I am told I need to talk to Rivers Edge as they are the shipper.

        WELL, Rivers Edge did not pay the fee for shipment, I did and I would like my refund.

        I have made it a habit of not letting anyone I know ship with UPS and anything that I order anymore is shipped by FED EX. UPS Customer Service is AWFUL

        And this next category is a joke. No listing for damaged goods.

        10/30 Called UPS (Mickel) [protected] stated that Rivers Edge had never sent back claim paperwork that was sent out on Aug. 10.

        10/30 Stopped in and talked to Angie at Rivers Edge and she said she had also talked to Mikel and he wanted the appraisal sent. This make atleast 3 different times this has been sent.

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          United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery

          1Z1060W90351488420 this tracking number ups has it since 10/19 as of today 11/09 the package has not being deliver, I have made calls every day asking about the package all I get its on going to be deliver today and nothing happens, today I call and the agent hang the phone on me, the package needs to be deliver to 1403 SW 107 Ave Miami Fla 33174 its urgent . I need my package. I don't get the right answer

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            United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver

            On 11/5/18 UPS driver Alfred delivered to 2519 Pecos Hwy Carlsbad NM 88220, this is the North Star RV Park. My husband had ordered wheels and tires for my new truck being delivered via your company requiring signature. I understood that this was a heavy delivery. When the manager called and advised UPS was here, I immediately drove up to the UPS truck to make loading easier. Alfred started out being rude and aggressively threw the tires out on the ground making it even more difficult to reload into the back of my truck. He advised someone stupid shipped them aired up increasing the weight by thirty pounds. I advised that "someone stupid" ordered them that way because it was the wheel, tire, TPMS, hardware, and balance all together. I did not however point out that the "air" didn't weigh anything. He shoved the tablet towards me to sign as I was trying to peel back a corner of the packaging to verify that they were the ones we ordered. I tried to explain to him that I needed to verify this first. He shoved the tablet in my face demanding a signature. I again tried to explain that CAR ID requires verification prior to signing. I explained that two days prior the same company sent my steps and they were incomplete and damaged and had to be refused. I explained that this company requires product verification prior to signing or they won't accept returns. They even send a contract at purchase that we had to sign and return agreeing to this before they would ship. Alfred got ruder and more aggressive and advised that I was not allowed to do this that I had to sign. At this point I am tired and angry, I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and was having a hard time standing up the 100 lb tire and removing the shrink wrap to peek in. He had a temper tantrum and loudly said he would not allow me to go any further without signing and that was company policy and that I needed to inform CAR ID of this. I couldn't see the screen due to the sun and he snatched the tablet back and pulled up a screen with a line to sign on so I signed. I thought that he was putting the tablet on the truck and was going to help me pick up the tires and put them in my truck. Instead he literally peeled out in the UPS truck and sped away leaving one 100 lb tire leaning against my shins, one 100 lb tire about 10 feet away laying flat on the ground in the middle of the parking lot that 18 wheelers speed around in, the other two 100 lb each tires were left laying flat on the ground about 20 feet away by the office. I managed to get all four upright and rolled to the back of my truck but I could not lift them up. I had to call my husband who was at work 30 miles away to come help me, which left me sitting on said tires in the middle of a busy parking lot for close to an hour waiting. Later that night the RV Park manager called and asked me if I had taken any other packages from UPS. I advised no that she watched me with the tires in the parking lot for an hour (she has a broken leg and couldn't help me) ... she advised that the ups man entered it into the system that I had signed for another package and that that lady wanted her delivery. It may be your policy to not allow verification and to not allow customer assistance; if it is, then you need to advise your customers who pay you to ship their products that you will not allow verification prior to signing. I know it should not be your policy to enter fraudulent information into your system stating that packages were left with someone when they were not... If it is also your policy to be rude, aggressive, lie, and refuse assistance with the packages you just delivered then eventually karma will catch up with you as I know it will eventually find Alfred.

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              United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — truck driver

              One of your drivers almost hit me TWICE from behind because he was driving like a maniac. I had my two small...

              United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver behavior

              Weeks ago I expressed irritation to a UPS driver regarding his loud, persistent beeping of his horn in our neighbor's driveway. The driver was quite rude, eventually claiming it was "company policy".

              Today, 11/7/18, at 11:10 a.m., the UPS driver drove up our road--Orchard Road, Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County, PA--blowing his horn for approximately 300 yards as he approached and drove past our house--8595 Orchard Road., Coopersburg, PA 18036.

              This is totally unacceptable behavior. This driver is purposely antagonizing and harassing us and is annoying the neighborhood in general. This driver needs to be reprimanded.

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                United Parcel Service of America [UPS]rude driver blocked fire lane and handicap stall

                Today (November 5th, 2018), an extremely rude driver blocked the whole driveway behind our place of business. My boss was arriving to work and parks in the handicap stall we have behind our place of business. He waited for a second, then the driver got out of the truck and my boss asked what the driver was doing. He didn't say anything, just pointed to the business a couple doors down, then started lowering the trailer to unload. This required my boss to park further down and when he told me what happened, I went outside to ask the driver how long he would be there and he stated, "I'm just trying to do my job." I told him that he is actually blocking the fire lane, taking up both lanes in the road so no traffic can get through, and he is blocking a handicap stall. He let me know that he has to unload the load and that is how long it is going to take. He didn't work to resolve the issue, he simply just didn't care. In order for this to be resolved, drivers need to be aware of the road they are on and they should know they can't be blocking through traffic, fire lanes, and handicap stalls.

                rude driver blocked fire lane and handicap stall
                rude driver blocked fire lane and handicap stall
                rude driver blocked fire lane and handicap stall

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                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS]UPS Freight

                  Had 6 pallets was supposed to be delivered on 10/31/18 showed online pallets are in Richmond, Va I thought well maybe they didn't get scanned out because I'm only 3 hours away. I call terminal they tell me oh we didn't have enough freight for a full truck load so will go the next night I was like ok a Friday delivery will be fine. Checked Friday morning still in Richmond I call back was told they were on a trailer headed my way. 3 hours later nothing I call back this time told me on Wednesday night someone pulled the trailer my stuff was in away from dock and they can't find the trailer. It was in the yard the whole time. Friday evening get told oh your 3 hours away we don't have a driver ot will be Monday. I paid for hot delivery and nothing. Told them i want my money back. Also I called the terminal 2 times to to talk to terminal manager she wouldn't talk to me keep saying someone would call me. Never use ups freight again

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                    United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — ups declines ptsd disability for army veteran

                    Really I just typed it, over on my Twitter account @TheRealEdwilliams but ill try to summarize. 23 year...

                    United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver speed

                    As I was leaving my house today (10/31/2018) a truck came (License plate EGX685) barreling down our 25 mph street. Now, most people speed through our neighborhood, however, this was faster than most, probably close to 40+. She (I believe a she only got a glimpse) was coming around a blind curve before my house ( 3916 Carriage Gate Drive). I had stopped my driveway to wait for a car coming in the other direction, if they hadn't been coming I would have pulled in front of her because you can't see that far from my driveway, hence the 25 mph speed limit on our street. While we have very long driveways and most kids do not play in the street here, there are many walkers including kids going to and from school. Not a good place to be going that fast in such a large truck.
                    Julie Utley

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                      United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery of packages

                      My daughter had a package delivered today and I'm writing you only because the package was for my granddaughter's birthday, the package g.d e was literally thrown up on the porch by a young girl driver who actually skipped awat, my daughter has a ring video but all it shows is the girl skipping away, luckily there wasn't anything breakable in the package but my daughter has ups deliver packages several times a week, the town this happened in is forney, TX around 2:30 or so. Just wanted to let ups know what the young drivers do with the packages.

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                        United Parcel Service of America [UPS]customer service

                        By far the worst customer service ever! The automated system will not let you through unless you select one of their limited options. It will hang up on you. Then when you do get through, the agents robotically follow a script and refuse to answer questions. If you ask questions they get snarky and order you to answer their scripted questions or they will not help you. If you explain that you don't understand something and just need clarification, they will cold transfer you to a random department. The next department will assume you called them directly even though their system makes that impossible, and will ask you scripted questions as well! If you ask to speak to a manager, they will ask you a few questions to determine which department to transfer you to, again with limited options, and refuse to stay on the phone with you so you can talk to a human. The reps seem to have great difficulty understanding anything you say if it's not a direct 1 or 2 word response to a script question. They are also difficult to understand and you have to ask them to repeat what they are saying, which makes them audibly annoyed and exasperated. It's a mess. Forget the website too because the information is also limited, and the chat window also follows a script!! If the chat doesn't get you to select one of it's limited options, it tells you to call customer service!!

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                          United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — ups non delivery to po box without notice

                          I created a domestic shipment via UPS.com on Oct 24, 2018. I entered the required information via UPS.com. If...

                          United Parcel Service of America [UPS]amazon order to be delivered through ups

                          UPS is by far the worst at delivery and customer service, I have ever experienced! I work with a company that ships product nationally with other carriers and have NEVER experienced such disorganization and incompetent staff.
                          My husband and I ordered a bed-frame from Amazon. We tracked the shipment, and since we both work during normal work hours of 9-5, called UPS after the first delivery attempt (Thurs Oct 18) to schedule a delivery time. The woman we spoke with (which we know the phone call would be in their records) advised us, that we could have the product delivered Mon Oct 22, between 5-7PM. Perfect! One of us would leave work early to be home. Friday Oct 19 comes along and (sure enough!) UPS tried a second delivery attempt - after we had just spoken with them the night before. And the note the driver left had numerous exclamation marks on it, as if it's our fault we aren't home!! Pure sign of lack of communication on their end. Waste of their time! We decide not to follow up and wait for Monday, assuming our package would be delivered as planned. Monday afternoon, I decide to go on their site to check the tracking and notice they tried to a third FINAL attempt!! So I call them and the woman I spoke with, proceeds to tell me they don't book appointments and ask us to pick it up - I am 6 months pregnant and the whole point of ordering online is to have it DELIVERED!!
                          UPS needs to ensure their staff are trained properly and don't provide false information. Why would one of their staff, that they PAY, advise a customer they can book an appointment if it's not policy.
                          So after all this, they never deliver and we decide to just send it back to Amazon. My husband calls Amazon to tell them we are cancelling the order, and Amazon informs him, that UPS claimed we tried to change the shipping address and that's why it was being shipped back! They flat out lied to Amazon about why were returning the product.
                          I am so unbelievably disappointed in their service. Amazon has already agreed to fully refund the item, but UPS should be compensating for the inconvenience they caused us. We are now moving into a new home, next week, and have no bed-frame because UPS is beyond incompetent in delivering product and are completely incapable of providing any sort of customer service.

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                            United Parcel Service of America [UPS]poor service

                            Driver never rings doorbell. When I called to complain, they said he was probably confused about how to use the buzzer. I've had 4 packages coming from UPS, 3 of which I had to pick up myself and the 4th never arrived. Im going to request a different shipper before I purchase anything else on-line. If they only use UPS they've lost a customer. Nothing is worth the headache of dealing with these people.

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                              United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups driver lied about attempting to deliver package

                              UPS tracking: 1ZA4205T4250409069

                              On Friday, October 19, 2018, my wife was waiting for critical medication to arrive, which required a signature. At the first attempt the driver left a notice and RAN back to his truck before my wife could get to the door. So, we signed the notice and put it back on our door to wait for the next day's delivery.

                              Well, we watched and waited for the driver the next day, and the UPS driver SPED by the house without stopping. Hours later we received an email that the driver attempted to deliver, but that we were unavailable; and we would have to wait for the next Monday to receive the package.

                              When I called to complain, and told them that the package was critical medication, and that the driver LIED about trying to deliver, they said they would deliver it within 2 hours.

                              We have STILL not heard back from them!

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                                United Parcel Service of America [UPS]non-delivery of package

                                If I could give zero stars I would. The UPS delivery person stated they delivered a package to my front door on Oct 17th @~12:10 pm, but no one rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. First, they told me the address was incomplete and that the driver left it at the front door. How could that be possible and who would do that? I verified the address with the sender who did a three-way with UPS who then stated they had the correct address, hmmm. Twice in the same day I was told someone would be calling me, but it never happened and I was told it would take 8 days to resolve the issue. With all the data analytics you have at your disposal it should not take 8 days to resolve this. You know who the driver is. They are either lying or incompetent. It wasn't until Oct. 18th that a formal report was even taken and I called back to ask to declare the package "lost" so the sender could cancel the check and reissue it, but that takes 8 days apparently, which I couldn't wait for. I have had this issue before with UPS dropping my letter package without ringing doorbell or knocking. Just happened to open the door because I heard something and found my package which contained a check for ~$40K just thrown at my doorstep. They seemed to have disgruntled employees who don't give a darn about the customer and their packages. They need to fix this behavior. If I was a business owner I would never employ UPS' services. I hate UPS now. I rarely use the word "hate". I have had too many bad incidents with UPS around lying about package delivery. When it's UPS I always make sure I am home.

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                                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS]access point delivery unauthorized

                                  I am thoroughly upset with UPS for diverting my package to an access point when it could have been delivered to my home. Why should I have to go out of my way to receive my package when it was to be delivered to my home. Any other time they have a delivery, they put my package in the got damn bushes! And now you are delivering my package to a whole different address!!! That is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I did not put my address on the label to have it delivered somewhere else! You can not deliver someone's package to another place because that is fraud!!! That is NOT the address on the label, so my package should have never been delivered there!!! And the place you delivered it to closes before I get off work so now I have to wait an extra 5 days when my package was NEEDED on MONDAY!!!

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