United Parcel Service [UPS]my complaint is that I was supposed to get my package delivered today by end of the day and it did not get delivered.

H Nov 21, 2017 Review updated:

All day today 11/21 I was informed by UPS agent as well as thru tracking information that my package is in transit with tracking 1ZV5F1016769553399 and will be delivered by end of the day today. At 11 pm today when I call the agent he told me my package did not even get on the delivery truck today and now it will be delivered tomorrow 11/22 by end of the day.

This is very disappointing and poor customer service on part of UPS. Why tracking information was given wrong all day. Why should I wait now all day tomorrow to receive the package. I would like my package to be delivered tomorrow 11/22 as early as possible and not to wait till midnight again. I understand due to holiday season packages can get delayed but it is UPS responsibility to inform the customer when package did not even get on the truck and providing false information on online tracking.


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