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I ordered something on Ebay and the seller, in good faith, fully addressed the package and took it to their UPS store, paid for the shipping and kissed it goodbye. I never received the package. A month later, I find out that the day after it was shipped, the driver marked it as undeliverable because there wasn't an apartment number. Later the same evening, he returned the shipment saying that I refused the package. Nary a slip was left -- with just my name as he says my apartment number was missing - nor did they hold the package for five days and leave notices for me. They immediately returned it to the UPS store where the counter person signed for it and then just let it sit there. Now that we have finally found the package and the UPS store confirms that the apartment number is legibly written on the package, UPS insists that I pay AGAIN to ship it as the apartment number doesn't show up on their "manifest." Even though I point out that the driver lied about the apartment number, lied about my refusing the package (if he couldn't find me, how did I refuse it?), and then returned it without holding it for five days or leaving notices, they still say that I need to pay to reship the package. What can Brown do for me? Not much. I just flush after I make some. DON'T USE UPS!!! THEY SUCK AND THEY APPARENTLY HATE CUSTOMERS.


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    Peggy Stevens Mar 15, 2019

    Lost an overnight letter envelope containing a visa and passport needed for a flight to Africa. We did our own investigation since UPS's investigation takes up to 8 business days and tracked down the driver, his truck number and the address of the UPS facility in Landover, MD where the letter envelope is lost. However, that facility doesn't have a phone number, only the UPS general 800 number, and the reps at that number say that the UPS facility in Landover, MD doesn't have a phone number and the main UPS office can only communicate with them through an app. I begged someone to just give me the number of the Landover office so I could call them and ask them to please look around the conveyor belt as I was told by our local UPS office that the letter envelopes often get stuck in the conveyor belts or drop onto the floor around the conveyors. I just need someone to step up to the plate and actually look around. No one wants to do that and in the meantime, a very expensive airline ticket on Sunday to Africa for a university professor to get to students is going to have to be changed. But, the worst part is, his Dutch passport has gone missing in this package and no one at UPS wants to take any responsibility. Where is customer service these days? Gone the way of dodo bird I'm afraid.

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