United Parcel Service [UPS]driver

K Nov 14, 2017

hello. I'm concerned about our usual route driver..he's been around for approx 2yrs if not longer and is still terrified of our two yellow labs which he has claimed in the past to be vicious attack dogs. Our FedEx driver or us postal driver have never had a problem with them and they have NEVER attacked or bitten anyone. Our dogs do have access to go outside at will and have free range of the yard but do abide by an electric boundary. This driver is by no means in any danger but I'm afraid he will eventually claim otherwise. I do have him on video leaving our packages by the the road thus leaving our purchases vulnerable to damage and being stolen. I appreciate your feedback regarding this manner and would hope that this matter can be resolved. thank you.

Kathy Greene
22 Townsend Rd
Hopewell jct ny

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