United Parcel Service (UPS)15 days delay to delivery, negligence, worst service

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I am completely frustrated with the poorest and worst service from United Parcel Service (UPS). I don't know whether I sue this company for negligence of my parcel documents, which is pending for delivery since 19 days. I don't know whether they will deliver it soon or not, but if the documents were not reached as soon as possible, my business will be seriously jeopardized.

Well, I packaged the shipment by myself. It was the immigration application package for 15 of my overseas clients. The documents had deadline with Canadian High Commission - New Delhi by 23 June 2009. Since UPS had shown this date as their scheduled delivery date, I trusted their so-called promise date, and dropped the package to them. It was really a large shipment with huge parcel cost.

I hoped that the documents was delivered on time, and just remained silent. BUT, when I reviewed the online tracking on June 26, I got then fully surprised that my documents were on holding in New Delhi Custom. It now started the worst scenario for me, because there is no way I could extend the deadline for submitting the immigration file to High Commission.

I immediately telephoned the UPS and talked to them. They said they will look over, and the next two days were holidays. Well, I thought it would be ok by Monday. On the other hand, my clients also knew that the documents were not submitted to High Commission, and they all started troubling me. On Monday, I telephoned them, they responded they would look over. Tuesday also the same thing, no good response. Wednesday was July 1 - Canada day. I hoped there wouldn't be Canada day in New Delhi, and so thought it would be delivered. Next day, I called to UPS, but they said they were still looking over the case. After whole week gone, today, July 6, at 5:00 AM, I checked the online tracking, but it still shows no information of delivery. I just tried to fax a request to UPS - New Delhi office taking their fax number from their web site, the New Delhi telephone system told me that the fax number is not registered. What a surprised... ohh my god...

As I already said, the parcel carries the dreams and life of 15 of my overseas clients, who had put faith upon me to work in their immigration case. And now, everybody is emailing me everyday asking for confirmation, whether it was submitted or not. I have already written to High Commission Program Manager about it, and he informed me that the visa offier might look the file sooner after deadline of submission.

I am now in big dilema. Today is monday morning, and I am thinking to telephone to UPS at morning. BUT, I am not sure whether they will even see my package or not. I don't know whether they will deliver my documents or not. I am not sure whether they even have the documents or not, or is it already lost?

Several questions are coming up in mind. I am now thinking if UPS did not deliver what will be my next action? What will be the dreams of all those 15 overseas clients if their applications are refused based on that?


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      Jul 06, 2009

    Your problem is this, "that my documents were on holding in New Delhi Custom".
    UPS has no control over the Government or Customs of another country. If Customs won't release it, there is nothing UPS can do other than return the package to you. You didn't state a reason for New Delhi's Customs to hold the packages. Your best bet is calling New Delhi's Customs and find out why they will not release your documents so USPS can deliver them.
    Again, this is a Government issue. UPS cannot do anything about it.

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