United Parcel Service of America [UPS]lost package

S Dec 26, 2019

My daughter's wallet was lost or stolen on a flight from NY to CA. Her partner sent alternative ID by overnight delivery so that she would have ID to travel back to NY. It was sent on 12/21. Forget overnight delivery--It did not arrive here in CA at all before she returned to NY on 12/25.

I tried to submit a claim on her behalf and the site instructed me that the package had not arrived at a UPS facility so no claim could be made. So-reluctantly- I called UPS and they agreed to open an investigation. I told them that at a minimum, they needed to refund the fee for shipping immediately; clearly they'd breached their contract to ship the item overnight. Then they told me that any refund or claim had to go through the UPS store from where the package had been shipped. They are attempting to assert that the contract was with the UPS store not UPS. Nice try. Big surprise the UPS store is not agreeing to pay fees associated with acquiring a new id if necessary because "we sent it and did what we had to do." The store is processing a refund which they claim will take 10-15 days. Everyone at UPS insists there is no way to expedite that claim. Since I've had a refund expedited in the past I tend to doubt the veracity of that statement.

Unfortunately this payment was done by debit card. I urge everyone reading to make all charges by credit card if at all possible. I have advised my daughter to dispute the charge but it's much easier and more automatic if you do it by credit card. This is a no brainer and the charge would be reversed instantly. In this case, the payment was taken directly from the bank account and my daughter may get stuck waiting the full 15 days for this refund.

  • Updated by susanco · Dec 26, 2019

    Just FYI in case it's not clear, as of today, the package is lost somewhere in the state of origin.

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