United Parcel Service of America [UPS]Drivers not reading door notes

B Aug 07, 2018

Your driver didn't get out of the truck to deliver a package to our tattoo shop yesterday. (I know this because there is a note on the door telling them where to leave the package if we are closed). At 9:19AM CST on 8/7/18, I call 1-888-PICKUPS and of course I get someone who doesn't speak English very well, she keeps telling me over and over again she understands and wants me to tell her what SHE SHOULD DO!?! I asked if I called UPS Customer Service. She said yes. I said well aren't YOU SUPPOSED to be the go between for the customers and the drivers?? She said yes...I said WELL GO BETWEEN AND TELL THAT DRIVER TO DELIVER MY PACKAGE LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO! She said AND I QUOTE ‘I don't understand what you want me to do?' I asked her if she was going to give my business the $600 in revenue for the day because we can't tattoo without ink. She said ‘Well no' I said you understood that ok, so I asked for a supervisor.

She asked me my name, and kept talking rudely about me like I wasn't on the line, to someone else. I hung the phone up before I cussed her out and called the Searcy UPS Customer Center and talked to a pleasant young man named Michael. He said he would make sure my package was delivered today.

You might want to do a bit more training on your main customer service center, your local hubs have them BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER! I will start ordering COD and paying the shipping IF MY PACKAGES ARE DELIVERED PROPERLY AND WHEN YOU SAY THEY WILL BE!!!

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