United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery service

J Aug 05, 2018

I paid for a delivery to get to me within 2 days. I wait all day for my package. Received and text stating that they attempted to deliver item at 1:08pm witch was a lie! I was outside from 12pm until about 2ish doing yard work! I called and complain and UPS told me that they contacted the driver and he will redeliver it at the end of his run by the end of the day. I waited at home until 10pm and not once did the UPS truck come back after the UPS agent assured me that the driver would. I am not longer using there services and if I ever place an order online and I find out it is UPS they are using I will not order. I contacted the company I made my purchased from, cancelled my whole order and told them it is UPS fault why this happened. Horrible service. Will never use UPS again.

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