United Parcel Service of America [UPS]100% failure rate. false notifications. no accountability. claims "wrong street #".

I have absolutely zero faith that this will do any good at all, but I really don't want to have to go to court over something that shouldn't be so big.

I have been fighting with UPS over delivery issues ever since I moved to this new apartment near the end of July. It is so frustrating that there is absolutely no recourse, no accountability, and no choice when it comes to who businesses chose to deliver goods!

I moved to an apartment in Tukwila this summer. The apartment complex has been here for a very long time (decades), and the addresses have been the same the entire time. This is not a new address.

I ordered 3 things after moving: a towel rack for my bathroom, urgently needed cat food, and also a starter kit from Comcast. I also have a UPS MyChoice account, to get notifications about deliveries.

The first thing, the Comcast kit, I got a notice saying it was on its way. Then I got a notice saying it would be delivered the next day. The next day, I get a new notice saying I need to verify my address. I thought it was a little inconvenient, but applauded them for making sure I had really moved. But then I clicked the link in the email, and saw that the reason they needed to confirm the address is "Wrong street number" (their words). The entire address was correct; I had even double-checked for the *official* address right after I moved, to avoid any issues. I followed directions but the site wouldn't actually let me confirm. I continued to get notices about "pending" delivery. No delivery attempts. Eventually they sent the package back to the sender (Comcast).

The next thing, the towel rack; I was trying to get it in time for a housewarming party, so towels weren't just stacked on the floor or counter. I even *paid extra* for 2nd day air delivery, despite finances being tight. Again, I got notices that it was on its way; that it would be delivered the next day. The day it was supposedly being delivered, I got another notice, again saying "next day". So now the package was late, plus there was no explanation for the delay. Then I got a "Wrong street number" notice and again followed the steps to confirm my address. Then I got a post-it note on my door several days later, saying I had TWO packages waiting and they required a signature.
--notice that it says the packages (TWO of them) made it to my door but were taken away again because they needed "signatures" (which they did not - I asked the senders).-- I followed the directions on the post-it note, ecstatic that I would finally get the packages. I signed the form, made sure it was all correct, and even taped it to my door to make sure it didn't get blown away by wind. The post-it said another delivery attempt would be made "the next business day". *nearly a week later*, the towel rack was left on my doorstep, badly damaged.

--And what happened to the other package that was mentioned on the post-it note? It vanished. No sign of it. I kept getting similar misleading notifications - first it was on its way, then will be delivered tomorrow, then will be delivered "today", then back to "on its way", then back to "wrong street number", then back to "delivered tomorrow", etc..
Eventually it, too, was sent back to the sender. This package was the cat food. I am on a tight budget and order the cat food online because it's cheaper. Normally I don't have any problems with this. But in this case, not only did I never receive the food, but PETCO charged me anyway, plus, I had to take extra time, gas, and extra money I couldn't afford to drive to a brick & mortar store last minute so that my cats had food.

As usual, UPS throws out the typical "file a complaint with the sender, not with us". I continued to pursue the issues, and got sent in complete circles. I am STILL being sent in circles - and now they just flat out aren't responding to me at all. Nobody will explain why this keeps happening (and by the way, no other delivery company is having trouble with my address), nobody will provide any sort of reparation for the lost resources, money, and time, and now I have anxiety attacks any time I order something online, because I'm terrified that it will be shipped via UPS and start yet another impossible round of attempts to get what I paid for.

I even drove in to a UPS store to try to talk with someone in person - and while they were sympathetic, they told me they have no access to that part of the system and are unable to help. I've even cc'd a legal advisor on my most recent email exchanges with them, and they don't care.

Also, the company is refusing to respect my repeated requests for communication in writing only. I have explained that I'm not available to speak with by phone and that I need all communications to be in writing. And yet their "solution" was to have some sort of center manager *call* me, even after I asked them not to - and then that supposed manager didn't actually have any of the information about the problems - just tracking info about the package that was finally delivered. It was super upsetting to get a call when I asked not to be contacted that way, and then for the all itself to be absolutely no help at all, but very disruptive and upsetting.

I'm not going to waste time going back over all the specific dates/times, because I've seen that it doesn't do any good and they don't even read it. It's all been documented in the email correspondences, anyways. But here's the claim information (the subject line of all the emails): C-[protected] - Technical Support/ [ ref:_00DF05wsA._5002A1cjc3A:ref ]

Sep 29, 2019

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