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United Law Groupscam artists

this company solicted 2500.00 from me promising to do a loan modification. needless to say 5 months later they have not. they do not call me and if i try to contact them via phone or email they cannot be reached.they are profiting off peoples misery, what can be done about it ?


  • Km
    KMLehner32 Oct 17, 2012

    They took my money too. THEY HAVE BEEN RAIDED BY THE FBI! They are OBVIOUSLY NOT LEGIT!

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  • Kn
    knclark Mar 10, 2011

    Have you had anything resolved with this company? Same thing happened to us... Did you get your money back? Please contact me if you have any information.

    Kinga Clark

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  • Ai
    Aiman Latif Sep 26, 2010

    Re: Bankruptcy Case # 10-42801, Aiman Latif

    I had been trying to contact United Law Group since 8/31/2010, constantly, through emails, phone calls, faxes etc, after receiving a foreclosure notice to vacant my property within 90 days. On the seventh of September my mother died and I had to leave the country immediately. I gave my ULG's account number and phone number to my friend in America to contact ULG but she said that she had the same trouble, she could not get hold of anyone at ULG and she did not have any response from United Law Group either for any of her emails and phone calls. I am a single mother, unemployed and in a very poor situation at this time. I think there is no one in United States who needs as much help as I do at this time. The help is to let me stay in my condo. for a frew more months until I find a job. I have my associates degree in accounting from U.S., Bachelor's degree in Accounting from U.S. and I am working on my Masters degree in Accountancy at University of Phoenix at this time. I have a hope to find a job in next few months.

    I would have no where to go after leaving my property in 90 days because I have filed bankruptcy and all the appartment complexes that I checked with refused to take my application due to my bankruptcy status. Can you have someone send me a breif email at [email protected] to explain my options at this time. I am scared to death and as I mentioned there is no one in United States as desperate as I am for help at this time.

    Your immediate response to this email will be appreciated.

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  • Pi
    Pissedinsocali Aug 07, 2010

    John Wright, were you paid off by ULG to be there spokesperson? Your house is saved so why are you still speaking for them. Your the only one I hear from but what about the others that are losing there homes because of ULG. It's easy for a big company to pay off one person (John Wright ) by taking the money from all the other families and not doing anything. John Wright your a sellout, just do everyone a favor enjoy the house ULG saved and just STFU while the rest of the families are dealing with ULG who is losing there homes.

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  • Ri
    Rippedoff in LV Jul 27, 2010

    In march 2010, ULG was reccommended to us to do a loan Mod, so we sent them the paperwork along with $3400. We called various times and only got a paralegal who was not helping us in the least, well now it is the end of July and we got ahold of 1 of their attorneys who works in Las Vegas, Nevada and she said that she no longer works for ULG and was never paid for her services and she is going after them for her due monies. We are going to the media and reporting them to the California Board of Attorneys as well as hire an attorney and file a class action lawsuit with them. United Law Group is a SCAM, I REPEAT THEY ARE A SCAM!!! They took our money with no intention of helping us and now we are in the foreclosure process. This has really taken a toll on my wife and myself. They dropped us like hot potatoes when we emailed them the paperwork stating we knew they were in Bankrupcy. They said they would not represent us any longer, but for what we never got anything for our $3400 and they never contacted our bank. We are not ones to walk away and will be fully prosecuting them in court whether it be in Nevada or California. DO NOT MESS WITH PEOPLE FROM NEVADA CAUSE WE WILL GO AFTER YOU!!! We have friends in high places and will fully prosecute.

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  • Wa
    warrentx2 Jul 13, 2010

    On 6/30/2010 United Law Group filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Central CA case number 8:10-bk-18945-RK. Chapter 11 lets them file a plan and reorganize. You must file a Proof of Claim against their case to get your claim for refund on the case. You could go to the CACB court office nearest you, see for office locations or mail it to the clerk.

    The CDCA page that offers some help is here at #10 "What Do I Do if an Individual or Business Filed for Bankruptcy and Owes Me Money?":

    In summary
    Download and fill out Form 10 Proof of Claim (see (1)). Be sure and ref the name United Law Group and case number 8:10-bk-18945-RK
    Be sure to attach as much proof as possible (see (2)).
    Mail it to the clerks office.
    You will want to get it filed by October 1.

    Might want to Google: how to file a proof of claim in bankruptcy "pro se"
    for more info and examples. Several courts have "Creditors proceeding Pro Se" pages.

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  • 1b
    1Bamboozled Jun 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid ULG $3, 500 to do a loan modification in February 2009 because my house was and still is upside down. I considered them because they were a lawyer backed firm and talked a good game. Approximately 3 months after receipt of my money ULG sent documents to my lender misrepresenting me. ULG stated I was in foreclosure, which was never the case (I was never late with a payment). I continued to perform with document updates as requested by ULG. Then late in the year ULG informed me my lender would not cooperate and they would have to do the process over again. This was way past their 18 week guarantee so in late November I requested my money back. I have not heard from ULG since (this is May 2010) so I am taking them to court.

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  • Tj
    TJV May 29, 2010

    ULG is 100% a scam and a joke. Speaking from first hand experience, ULG rips off homeowners. ULG to this date has YET to assist on a loan modification that is now going on 10 months, during/currently those agonizing months it's is impossible to get any information or a return phone call. It's true about the "negotiators" all they do if you ever get a hold of one is BS you and promise that a "lawyer" is working on your loan mod and waiting for the lender to respond...yeah right ! I contacted my lender and they only ever got one phone call from ULG...maybe to check foreclose date ?? Beyond that no "welcome package" that I received from ULG was ever received by my lender with the truth in lending and RESPA etc..etc paperwork. The latest gimmick I have encountered with ULG is they want to go over a 3rd party lawyer client form..ummm isn't ULG lawyer based ?? Furthermore...for whatever reason everyday email to email is not possible with ULG, these guys couldnt send me the 3rd party documentation via email...even when all spam filters were taken off...mind you i gave ULG up t0 3 email address's, but wait it gets better, apparently this magic 3rd party documentation somehow gets lost sending it old school mail!ULG just strings the unfortunate consumer until they give up...well, I for one will not give up and won't stop until ULG follows through on their promise or refunds my money completely. As for BBB, they responded back with my complaint filed against ULG that ULGt never responded to my complaint...what a surprise! ULG ripped me off $4500.00. By the way if ULG wants to get a hold of me...client number have my information and check out the file before you have one of your employees try to write whatever story to try and discredit me. Please...please...please BEWARE of ULG.

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  • Gl
    glenn Apr 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Group accepted money in the sum of "5300.00" to abtain a modified loan from Bank of America. The meetin between us took pplace ove a tellecom with a legal aide "Parker Garrett" and another person claiming to be a lawyer. This was in May of 2009.
    After telling us for over 6 months that they were working on it they informed us in Jan 2010 that there was no hope and that they were out of money and any possible way to work with B of A.
    They them want us to give them another 3, 000.00 to declare Bankuptcy.
    Bank of Americaq has no record of either being called or written to by United Law Group!

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  • Me
    mediamo Apr 13, 2010

    Indeed, United Law Group's Irvine office was raided in mid March. I read the search warrant
    that someone posted on this blog - its all there in black and white and its very familiar to all of us who have posted complaints about these crooks. Despite the recent raid - that the authorities made to collect evidence that will help them put the ULG owners, managers and maybe even some of the employees behind bars, United Law Group continues to operate. Out of curiosity, I went by there today and saw that there are plenty of cars in the parking lot, plenty of traffic going in and out (many unhappy faces) and there is increased security (armed guard outside and inside).They also ask you to sign in when you go inside. Its unfortunate that more people will be scammed as each day goes by - but I hope soon it will be all over for them and there will be justice for my parents and the others who have been scammed by ULG. The good news is that there are many former clients and employees who are cooperating fully with the authorities - justice is coming soon!

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  • Fr
    Fred1117 Apr 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    United law group was resently raided by the FBI, Postal inspectors, Irvine city police, and I believe Orange couty prosacuting attorny's office. If this company was a legit company then why were they raided? Ohiorising should be made aware that the Ohio state attorny general filed suit alleging United law group scamed Ohio resadents out of thousends. They are currently under investagation for everything stated in privious complaints.

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  • Vi
    virginia pugliese Mar 21, 2010

    I was promised legal help with getting a modifcation on
    my mortgage. I had to pay up front$3000, for this "help"
    last May 2009. So far nothing has happened and I was told
    to wait since Nov.5-, first 4-6 weeks then 4- 6 months? Now I cannot even log on, or get a response.. Is there a Better Busines Bureau to help me?

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  • Ha
    happyclient Mar 17, 2010

    They Saved My Life

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    United Law Group
    2525 Campus Dr.
    Irvine, California
    United States

    Listen, there was nobody as angry as I was at United Law Group when I entered my complaints online a year ago or so. My complaints were similar to everyone else's complaints I read here. But the truth is that I found out that United Law Group did exactly what they said they would do and that it is not United Law Group that is a scam, but these banks such as BOA and Countrywide ect. I imagine that United Law Group is just as frustrated as we all are that these banks are potentially breaking the law and not doing the loan modifications that they really said they would do. So what happened in my situation is that ULG submitted everything to the bank and the bank ignores it. So ULG ends up having to wait for the banks response that takes months for even the most simple thing such as an acknowledgment that the client is know represented by ULG. So United Law Groups hands are tied because they are at the mercy of waiting for the banks response. Then we call ULG and get mad because they can not tell us anything yet and we are confused. But ULG did the right thing and filed a class action law suit on behalf of their clients. What else could they do? But they did the right thing and they did everything they said they would do in my case, even when I thought they were not. I spent a year investigating just exactly what transpired between the dialog between ULG and the banks and was stunned that ULG was doing not only everything they said they would do, but even more. There was tons of dialog between ULG and the bank that I was able to verify. I thought that maybe ULG scammed me and took my money and was not doing anything. But that was not the case and even though I was furious and frustrated and just wanted someone to take it out on, I realized that it was not ULG that was the cause. The truth is that ULG is a law firm where an Attorney offers to do the loan modification process for you. But I have never had an Attorney that guarantees that I will win or get what I want. An Attorney just guarantees that they will represent you through it. Which in this case ULG did represent me and it did have more of an influence on the bank than if I did it on my own. Yes it was long suffering and frustrating, but at the end of the day the banks began to realize that there was a class action suit and started dealing with the ULG customers one by one so that they could probably go on the record in the class action. So really peoples chances with doing their loan modification through ULG are better because the banks see that they are under the gun now with the class action suit. It has been over a year and I was finally offered a Bac Home Loan modification opportunity because ULG got the bank to offer it to me. Of course BofA did there same old stalling and dropping the ball. The minute I told them that I was represented by ULG and that it would be to their benefit to not drop the ball, I got a call from the BofA Underwriter in Florida who apologized to me and said "we are going to take care of this right now!" Bam! I had my loan modification approved. There is no doubt in my mind that if I was not represented by ULG that the bank would have continued to delay and ultimately scam me with not approving the loan modification. So at the end of the day my hat goes off to ULG and it was the best decision that I have made while dealing with these heartless banks and my loan modification. United Law Group saved my life because I would have lost my house if it was not for them because ULG helped me turn it into Goliath vs Goliath instead of David vs. Goliath. I just feel bad for ULG because everyone is blaming them when it is not their fault. It is the banks! and ULG filed a class action suit which is more than they told us they would do. Attorneys just represent and do not guarantee. I would love it if I could get a refund for every time an Attorney lost a case for me. But that is not how it works. The end result is that the BofA only jumped when I had on the record that I was represented by ULG. So my advice is to stop calling ULG and start calling your bank and tell your bank that you are represented by an Attorney. They will look at your record and see that it is true and actually do more for you than they would have done if you were not represented by an Attorney. It works! It is also more powerful now to use ULG because the banks are scared of the Class Action suit that they filed! I tell all my friends and my family to use ULG and I certainly would not do that if they ended up being a scam. They were the best thing that happened to me. Which is saying alot because I am one of you and came out here and submitted very damaging online reviews. Actually worse than any of yours.

    I have the underwriters phone number for Bac Home loans. What I suggest is calling your underwriter directly and telling them that you are represented by ULG and watch how fast they will jump! The only reason I have the actual underwriters phone number is because BofA wanted to make sure they did not drop the ball. So not everyone has this number. You are represented by and Attorney and you should “USE IT AND NOT ABUSE IT.”

    Thank you ULG for saving my Home.

    John Wright
    San Jose California

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  • Bu
    BurnedbyUnitedLawGroup Mar 12, 2010

    BEWARE of United Law Group! They are total scam artists! In my case, they obviously had NO INTENTION of doing anything for me. I was desperate and hired them to help me modify my car loan. They took my money, then did absolutely NOTHING they told me they were going to do. I told them everything about my situation and the response I got from the lender when I tried to work with them directly. They told me since they were a law group (lawyer), they would evaluate my car loan papers and then could sue the lender for violations (which they told me they found in the papers) and that the lender would then allow them to negotiate a good deal for me. They told me approximately what the new payment would be. They told me not to pay the lender anymore until it was all negotiated, and they said the lender would have to, by law, stop contacting me and stop trying to collect until the new deal was negotiated. They got my money - the money for the payments - and they got a power of attorney, then did NOTHING. They DID NOT stop the lender from calling or writing or trying to collect. They DID NOT file anything or sue the lender for violations. They set me up with this hoakie website thing so I could ostensibly check the progress of my "case". It was supposed to be like a conversation log of what they were doing on my case. But all it had were these automated posts that had nothing to do with what was actually happening on my file. I was desperately emailing and calling them for weeks as the lender's threats got worse and worse (because now they weren't getting paid) and the times I was able to get anyone at United Law Group to respond, they told me I should call my lender and work out a deal with them! Then they told me to catch up the now late payments (I'd given that money to United Law Group so I couldn't!) and then told me I would have to catch up the now late payments and go to a bank or credit union and get a loan to buy out the car! What did I pay them for?!?! They would NEVER tell me who the "attorney" is that was working my case or let me talk to him/her. What they DID do was, once they had my money and weeks passed and my lender was threatening to repossess my car and sue me, United Law tried to get me to PAY THEM MORE TO DO A BANKRUPTCY FOR ME!!! That's all they ever wanted from me, was to suck me in and then get me to do a bankruptcy with them! When I wouldn't do that (do they really think I'm going to pay MORE money to an outfit that lied to me to get me in the door and then did nothing at all for me and wouldn't return calls or emails for weeks and then, when they did respond, only tried to get more money out of me?) ... They CUT OFF ALL COMMUNICATION WITH ME!!! AS OF YESTERDAY, MY ACCESS TO MY CASE ON LINE HAS BEEN SHUT OFF (It won't let me log in and says my password is bad now), MY EMAILS TO ALL THE PEOPLE'S EMAIL ADDRESSES I HAD THERE ALL BOUNCE BACK TO ME AND PHONE CALLS TO UNITED LAW GROUP WON'T GO THROUGH (It says "all circuits are busy)!!! And now my auto lender who I faithfully paid on time for six years is repossessing my car and is going to sue me! My God! Is this really a lawyer outfit? Is this 'ETHICAL' behavior? DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOILET CALLED UNITED LAW GROUP. The last young guy I talked to told me he was a Christian and they all (the salespeople that call themselves compliance people or whatever) seem really nice and like they are really trying to help you ... BUT THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU. Whether they mean to or if they're just trapped working in this unethical place, I don't know, but DON'T GIVE THESE SCAM ARTISTS ONE DIME OF YOUR MONEY. I am going to report them to the BBB, the California Bar and I am going to sue them. They need to be put out of business and other hurting people like me and all those that gave them money to try to save their homes or cars need to be protected from evil schlocks like these guys! If others of you would like to do something jointly about them, please respond on this forum and we will arrange something.

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  • Ha
    hatepeoplelie Mar 11, 2010

    Saw it all happen this morning, right at our back door! I guess the case is still under investigation, can put a verdit on it. But there must be a legitimate reason for FBI and dozens of law officers to raid the place. So be careful when searching for help, google for reviews, it helps alot.

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  • Ja
    Jailtime Mar 11, 2010

    United Law Group was raided by the FBI, Postal Department, Irvine Police Department and the District Attorney today. Get your money back while you can!

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  • Ja
    Jailtime Mar 11, 2010

    United Law Group was raided by the FBI, Postal Department, Irvine Police Department and the District Attorney today. Get your money back while you can!

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  • Ul
    ulgscam Mar 10, 2010


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  • Sh
    Short-bus driver Feb 02, 2010

    Interspersed in these complaints are positive remarks about ULG. The ratio is astounding. Either those pro ULG are paid by the organization to write these reviews or they are a minority of individuals who actually received what they paid for.
    If it sounds too good to be is! Try working with your lender first. If that fails, by any means necessary, do your research. ULG and other organizations like them, prey on those who's back is against the wall, are ignorant of what they seek and are susceptible to the flattery that these groups weave into their farfetched promises. Good luck and Gods speed folks. ULG and those like you: There is a very special place waiting for you all!

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  • Ga
    gameli97 Jan 19, 2010

    United Law Group Still me $2, 500.oo USD They where going to do my Loan Modification and the never contact my bank, I was told by my loaner Bank they never respond the calls or never send any information, I was not sure who was saying the true since The united Law Group seems to be professional. Until the agent from my loaner proved to me by making 3 way calls that they are liar, United Law Group is a group of Liars, they hang up 3 times when we did call them in 3 way call with my loaner. They don’t do nothing other than collect money from you and also they tell you to apply for a debt consolidation of your credit cards, but actually is not a debt consolidation is a debt settlement which is very bad and is very different of a consolidation. They confuse you so you deposit a monthly fee in the bank but they don’t do nothing other than collect your money as long as you let them do it or as long as you deposit the money, but they don’t do nothing.
    Sorry guys, suggestion, do directly with your bank the negotiation, you don’t need any lawyer, just by your self and the loaner bank, if you qualify they will do it for you for free. Trust me, I did work for me

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  • Ke
    kelley dickerson Dec 23, 2009

    paid company 2500, 00 dollars for help with loan modificationback in march of 2009, now dec.23, 09 and still nothing.called ULG and spoke to stephanie[manager], when i finaly did get through to some one on 12-9-09 and she said in may my negotiator spoke with two different people from my bank which my bank can not verify.stephanie was very rude to me and replied she would check with my negotiator on the statice and get back to me the next day.what a surprise, no call back on updated info. yet two weeks later 12-22-09i call again, after47 min. on hold spoke to an IRIS who said she would look into the statice of my account and leave a message for someone to get back to me.requeted to speak to her boss and she told me she was buisy and refused to conect me to her line.still no returned phone call back and after 9 full months still no further on my modification than i was when i started this process.companies like this[scam artist]are no better than the banks they say are working against.there has to be a way the poor working class people like us can stop companies like UNITED LAW GROUP from scamming us

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  • Ba
    Barbara J Ortegon Dec 15, 2009

    ULG is the biggest scam i have ever been involved with. They do prey on homeowners who need help. My incounter with this scam was they wanted 2700 and promised a loan modification, they would work with the bank and get us back on track at a lower interest rate. Well guess what it is a big fat LIE!! I was able to save my house right before it went to auction, but i had to dip into the 401k to do that. I feel really stupid in getting caught up with this SCAM, so for those of you in which this worked - god bless you, for those of you who did loose your homes - i have sympathy and for those of us who where able to save our home but had to endure this process we now have no money left to sue ULG, so lets hope karma returns the favor one day!

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  • Dc
    DCadvocate Dec 10, 2009

    I wrote about how United Law Group was likely committing fraud with my parents case a few days ago. My dad went to their Irvine office and put me on the phone with a woman named Yesenia Ortiz. She said she was handling his case. I gave her quite an earfull for not doing her job by contacting the lender on my parents behalf for 5 months and for failing to do the work they promised to do to save their home. This woman was not intelligent - I would guess maybe a high school degree (maybe not), she was not very articulate. Also, she said that she will send in paperwork to the lender and will start the process of working with the lender on behalf of my parents. Two days later, my parent recieved a letter itemizing the services provided by United Law group and stating that their $4, 500 has been used up. The itemization said things such as "preparing RESPA letter", "analyzing the case", but never in the itemization did it say that they ever made contact with or sent information to the lender for the $4, 500 and in a 5 month period. Interestingly, they sent a questionnaire that asks them to join a 'class action suit' of clients of ULG against lenders who claim that ULG commits fraud or deny that they have been contacted by ULG. United Law Group preys on people who cannot recognize a very obvious scam artist and is not prepared to fight back. I think ULG and their employees such as Yesenia Ortiz will learn their lesson soon. I understand their is a new class action suit being prepared against and we are hoping to join it.

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  • Me
    mediamo Nov 28, 2009

    United Law Group is handling my dads case. They took 4, 500 up front from his checking account and he expected results as promised in writing by them. 5 months later, he couldn't get calls back. He drove to their offices and spoke to a rep who asked him to fill out the orginial paperwork (again) - they had never contacted the lender, nor had they submitted any paperwork for the LM; he wants to pressure them to do their job - he doesn't want to lose his money. The rep said that United Law Group does not have attorneys on staff to do the LM; they said they have 1 attorney who assists United Law Group if there is litigation only. They misrepresented themselves to my dad, they took his money, and have not provided ANY services; at this point he has probably lost the 4, 500 dollars that he and my mom (both older) cannot afford to lose. We will need to do the LM ourselves and pray for the best. In the end, if United Law Group fails to do the job (as I expect they will), we will contact the atty general of CA and file a formal complaint - we will also contact friends in the media to do a story in L.A. and Orange County. Its all we can do. Please do not give your money to this group - or to any group without personal/professional recommendations from people you trust.

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  • Ct
    CTomW Nov 20, 2009

    These guys are absolute scam artists and will just tell you what you want to hear. THEY HAVE AN F RATING WITH THE BBB... DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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  • St
    Steve J J Oct 16, 2009

    My wife and were RIP-OFF by UNITED LAW GROUP.

    We will lose our house and the monies we paid them to save our home!

    Steve ... Florida

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  • Al
    alexfed57 Oct 09, 2009

    Well it all started February of 2009 after my wife passed away in June 2008 we got ourselves into debt with all the funeral expenses and due to the economic problems my business was very slow so we could not afford to pay our monthly mortgage. We didn’t know what to do until we got a phone call from the United Law Group saying that they are calling on behalf of Wells Fargo (our lender) to try to lower our monthly payments they explained that our loan would be put on hold while they work everything out and asked us if we wanted to sign up. Well with us panicking about what we are going to do with the house we decided to sign up without doing any of the research. Then they told us that there is one time fee of 3500 that we need to pay before they can start on anything. After a couple months I started to get suspicious about everything because we kept on getting letters in the mail that our house is in default and it’s under foreclosure process. After doing some research I found out that they are not even licensed in WA and it’s illegal for them to do anything here. I’ve been calling them every week to check on the status of our loan and they kept on telling me everything is fine but it’s hard to believe when I get a notice in the mail that my house will be auctioned off October 9, 2009 (which is today). So I started calling the bank myself to try to figure out something. The United Law Group told me not to call our lender because it would interfere with their negotiation. Wells Fargo told me that there is a lot of outdated information that they can’t use and they haven’t received any documents regarding a new loan modification packet. That’s when I started calling united law group pretty much every day and I never got to talk to anybody because I either get hung up on or I reach their answering service I even tried emailing but no response. That’s when I decided to take matters in to my own hands I talked to the bank myself and saved my house. If I didn’t get involved my house would’ve been sold to someone else thanks to the United Law Group.

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  • Ha
    Harpo Oct 02, 2009

    I have been with ULG since Dec 2008 and I have had a very difficult time talking with anyone who can help. I have lost one house with their help and never received a loan modification from our lender (thanks for nothing ULG). One lawyer, Robert Bousho, told me he would contact me about the house by August 31, 2009 and as of October 2, 2009, after many calls by me to his extension, 549, he has not returned my call. I have been ripped off by them. We need a class action suit started. I am going to lose in the area of $250, 000 + because of their lack of help.

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  • Sl
    s. lamphier Sep 11, 2009

    My experience with United Law Group is not good. They wanted my checking account number to take out $1850.00. I told them I did not have a check account. So, I had to send a money order. After that I received my paperwork. Filled all the paperwork out as told, gave them everything they wanted. When I got my papework my contract said up front $1500.00 not $1850.00. I told them about the contract of $1500. instead of $1850. Did not get a refund for the difference. For 4 months all I got was my paperwork was in review. They would not let me talk to my negotiator at all. Girls from the front could not tell me anything but it is being reviewed. This is 4 months. They tell me the bank can nnot foreclose while in review. The first time United contact my bank was June 27 telling the bank to quit calling me. Nothing else until known and still to date 9-11-09 nothing is known. All we get is it is in review. Wrote letters through email. get nothing from them. Now when I call I get hold hold hold. Never get anyone live. House is going on 6 months, no results. I gave them everything that they need and I get nothing from them. Please people be careful. This is not a good company. I got an email from another client stating he went to the business and Ruthledge was rude, hateful and would not refund him. He lost his house and now is in the process of try to get a class action suit against this company. I do not recommend them. We are going to stop dealing with them and deal with our bank. The bank said we should of talked to them in the first place. They have reduced our loan from 9.75 to 5.25 permanently. Payment went down $600.00. We are happy It took 30 minutes to get what we wanted from our bank. It is now 6 months and nothing from United Law Group.

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  • La
    Lakeshore Law Center Sep 05, 2009

    United Law Group has been sued in California in a national class action. Read the complaint here.

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  • Al
    Almost Homeless Aug 24, 2009

    I gave the company 4500 dollars for my two properties in January. To date nothing is done. I get no phone calls and they are too busy to call me back. I called the lenders myself and it was a good thing I did! I am modifying the stuff myself. However, I couldve qualified for a short sale refinance before because my credit was stellar. Now, my credit is ruined by not paying the mortgage as they indicate. I am very disappointed that a lawyer firm does not maintain better contact, maintain their website and just get the job done. Please everyone...I am a teacher and I got duped. Unbelievable! I hope I can save someone else by telling them DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. My neighbor did and a friend of mine all with similar results. It does not sound like a 97 percent efficiency rate as they claim...does it? Do yourself a favor and call your lender yourself.

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  • Gr
    Greg Sexten Aug 09, 2009



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  • Bo
    BONES330 Aug 02, 2009


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  • Gr
    Greg Sexten Jul 24, 2009

    please is there any one who can tell the truth about this company United Law Group? Has any one for real had a good experience. If so what did you do to get them to finish what we paid for?

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  • Bi
    BILLY RAY Jul 15, 2009

    I use to work their at the company. I as employer their, was told to lie to the costumers. I went home sad thinking of all the people they took money from. My job their was to call customers and tell them that their account was still being looked at, when their case was not even touched in months. Even when customers called stating they received a 30 day eviction notice, we were told to tell our customers that we would foward it to the correct channels. Meaning we lied once again. Their has been so much theft within that company that i my self was a victom. They did not only promisse a steady pay, but also compensation. I very much agree with the article. I my self will sue the company for all the money that i am owed.

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  • Te
    Terry Walker Jun 29, 2009

    who did you contact in this matter we are in the same place with this company. please email me at [email protected]

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  • Mj
    MJJj Jun 24, 2009

    If you want to contact them here it is:


    This phone # appears to be based out of New York City, although company is out of CA.

    Seems to be preying on the housing crisis.

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  • De
    deb1234 Jun 22, 2009

    They are scam artists! They said they would assist with lowering our mortgage payment and we paid them $2000.00. They did not help whatsoever and in fact I have proof that they never even attempted. When I call they continually hang up on me and will not refund my money. They also will not give me any name of the lawyers who should be working on my case. Do not use this company!!!

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  • Ut
    Utah Upset Jun 19, 2009

    All you that had satisfaction and think we are the competition - SHAME ON YOU. We are homeowners like you who paid money but got nothing. Look at the F rating on BBB california (google it) and see for yourselves. Here is the link.. I paid $4000 in Oct 2008 and here it is June 2009 and nothing done. I am filing suit with ULG. Anybody else wish to do the same let me know at this posting

    F Rating

    HOMEOWNER not the Competition

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  • An
    Annoyed Jun 16, 2009

    United Law Group is a dishonest company at the very least if not a scam. An honest company would not call using an auto-dialer every other day every week. I do not have a home loan or any outstanding debt. Yet these people call me regularly. So far they have called me using John Phillips from section 408 and Brian CCS both claiming to have spoke with me about loan relief. Funny since they are both recordings and I have no debt. The phone number I am given to call is [protected]. The phone number and name from caller ID is Firstcall [protected].
    I have called them back and most times get a recording telling me the mailbox is full. I called again right after the phone call and was put through to a call center and was hung up on when asked to be removed from thier list. I was hung up on 5 times. I finally decided to "play along". The first time I did not appeal to them with my measly amount of 80k and was promptly hung up on. The second time I "played along" I used 140k home loan and an 80k credit card debt. Now that appealed to them. After a few questions I was put through to a "Certified Hardship Paralegal" by the name of Kelly Cowell. He is working for the company United Law Group. Since I did not want to give them my personal information, I came clean and told him, I do not have debt, I wanted to be removed for your call list and you keep hanging up on me. He of course, hung up on me.

    Does this company sound legitimate to you??
    I would highly reccomend using a company you call first and researched for your refinance, not a company who uses auto-dialers!

    I have since reported them to the FCC,, and put my name on the National do not call list,

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