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United Law Groupscam artists

this company solicted 2500.00 from me promising to do a loan modification. needless to say 5 months later they have not. they do not call me and if i try to contact them via phone or email they cannot be reached.they are profiting off peoples misery, what can be done about it ?


  • Oh
    ohiorising Feb 23, 2009

    you must not have returned your documents in time or something, i paid $3, 500 for a loan mod through them, and they stopped my forclousure and dropped my payement from $2, 100 a month to $1, 200 a month and they also negotiated my 10% fixed rate down to a 3% fix. i would highly recommend this law firm to anyone. i was skeptical, so i researched them on and checked with the california attorney general before i started working with them. if you dont believ me try it... -> look up a bussines or charity -> united law group .

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  • Ju
    Julia Feb 23, 2009

    I am in the same situation right now.
    I paid a retainer of $3000 and now I can't get in touch with them, my bank has never been contacted by them and they didn't show up to my court hearing this morning. Needless to say, the judge says the bank is taking the house.
    There are about 4 numbers I call to reach them at and they all say the same thing, that I have contacted United Law group after business hours even if it is the middle of the day!
    I think I just got scammed and now I am going to be out on the street as well.
    I returned my documents, they had me faxing so many things that I would receive from the bank and filling out all kinds of forms for a modification and forbearance and once I did that I never heard back from them again.

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  • Ma
    mark283 Feb 25, 2009

    These guy are great. They only charged me $3500 when everyone else wanted 5k. They reached a deal in only two months and my new payment is $700 less than before, fixed rate for the life of the loan extended to 35years at 3.5%

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  • Ma
    mark283 Feb 25, 2009

    You are probally the competition!! I know 2 other people who have used them and they are happy!!

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  • Mi
    Michael Morales Feb 26, 2009

    I worked with them before and had GREAT success. You either didn't turn in your documentation in time or you must have lied on the application.

    I am also starting to think you're a competitio trying to tarnish their name. I verifed their business with CA Attorney General.

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  • Kl
    klb Feb 26, 2009

    Hey - Who ever said they checked with Better Business Bureau ( is either giving you a bunch of bull, or just stupid as a rock, because the attorney behind this United Law Group was just admitted to the CA state bar in June of 2008 - so he culdn't have been [lawfully] in business long enough to have established a profile on

    I looked up United Law Group on the CA State Bar website (you can go ther at

    It's ran by an attoney named Sean Alan Rutledge. His bar number is 255938 and he was just admitted to the CA state bar as of June 2008.

    So if you have a complaint - you may want to start at the state bar. Or if you truly feel that this group is a scam put a complaint in with CA State Attorney General - Plus if you think the people working on your file (I think they call them selves "negotiators") have been giving you legal advice you may even want to contact the Orange County District Attorney's Office and file a complaint with them.

    You may also want to check out CA Rules of Professional Conduct ( which you can also find of the website). Here are a few rules that may be of interest:

    Rule 1-300. Unauthorized practice of Law: (A) A member shall not aid any person or entity in the unauthorized practice of law.

    Rule 3-110. Failing to Act Competently. (The duties set forth in rule 3-110 include the duty to supervise the work of subordinate attorney and non-attorney employees or agents. (See, e.g., Waysman v. State Bar (1986) 41 Cal.3d 452; Trousil v. State Bar (1985) )

    Rule 3-500. Communication: A member shall keep a client reasonably informed about significant developments relating to the employment or representation, including promptly complying with reasonable requests for information and copies of significant documents when necessary to keep the client so informed.

    Also just FYI: Evry attorney in CA have to have a special attorney trust account. Any money they get from clients has to first be deposited in their attorney trust accounts. In orther words whether you've paid $2, 00 or $3, 500 it cannot be deposited into a regular business or bank account. The CA State Bar strictly enforces this too -

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  • Mi
    Michael Morales Feb 27, 2009


    You are an idiot. If you look at this website you would know they are registered with the BBB.

    KLB, you are probably a sleaze bag attorney that got beaten by their group of lawyer and now you're sour.

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  • Ab
    ABC Feb 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please do yourself a favor and do not use this company. They wanted $2000 from me without any paperwork. They asked for my checking account information (they don't accept credit cards) without anything in writing. When I insisted to get at least a piece of paper that would specify the amount I was going to pay, they said that I would get paperwork from the salesperson, within 5 minutes after giving them the payment information. This is BS!!! Every time I had to pay a deposit or retainer fee, I had at least a piece of paper from the vendor describing the service and the deposit amount. How do I know that they wouldn't take $5000 from my account! No reputable law firm would take money from the client's account without a written agreement. I'm in a very dire situation but I had to refuse working with them. The person from "Compliance" will try to intimidate you saying that "he's thinking to deny" your case if you ask too many questions. He will say that if you don't trust them now, how are you going to work with them in the future? Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense... All I asked in the end was a piece of paper stating how much the deposit was going to be. He said that the company is not going to change its protocol for every client. I also asked earlier in the conversation for some kind of stipulation saying that my money will be refunded if there was no modification achieved as a result of their efforts. The "Compliance" guy said that he's in no position to modify the contracts and that the lawyers are too busy to do that for every client. I am so angry that these guys are getting away with this. I will report them to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ya
    Yanrisse Feb 27, 2009

    Consumers needing help with their loan modification are exposed with this rampant and insidious scam. If you are someone out there who is trying to figure out whether you should use United Law Group or not, the answer is --research and beef up your knowledge on how to safelychose a firm that will help you best with your loan modifications. I learned the hard way, I decided to trust and use them. It was too late by the time I discovered this website. Attached here is a link being maintained by a non profit group with one and only one main objective- " to fight against bad people and to fight for good people." Obviously, when you have someone like Michael Morales who will call someone like KLB an idiot who is only out there trying to help makes it harder to decide. Please read the attached link and see for yourself. You will not find United Law Group on their hit list. But I promise you will soon. United Law Group operates exactly the same as the illegal firms you will find there listed on their site.

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  • Al
    allen c Feb 27, 2009

    i am 4 months behind on my mortgage... my lender sent me a letter of intent to accelerate... at this point i am very scared of 2 things... loosing my house, and attempting to get a loan mod and being ripped off. after reading this forum i decided to do my own research on this law firm. i used the website to look them up and this is what i found...
    BBB Reliability Report for
    United Law Group, Inc.

    A BBB Accredited business since 11/26/2008
    Company- United Law Group, Inc.
    Rating B+ -- Our opinion of what this rating means:
    A very high rating. A company with this rating would not have a significant number of complaints or other considerations that could pose a problem to consumers.

    The following grid displays the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:
    No. of Cmpl Type of Response
    1 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
    0 Making a partial refund
    1 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
    1 Refusing to make an adjustment
    0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
    0 Unanswered
    0 Unassigned
    3 Total

    everyone is entilted to their own opinion, and my opinion is that only 3 complaints in the last 36 months tell me that this is in fact someone who is NOT frauding people or ripping anyone off... if they were eligedly ripping all these people off, you would think the gov run bbb website would def know about it, and wouldnt be awarding them such a high rating. those responses above me do not sound like they came from actually customers but more like other loan mod companys trying to talk down their competition.

    i was also contacted by a American Mitigation Group, llc. who was promising me everything everyone else has at this point, and they sounded legit in my conversation... however, i also checked them out on the and this is what i found...
    BBB Reliability Report for
    American Mitigation Group, LLC
    Rating C -- Our opinion of what this rating means:
    Average rating. We would expect consumer transactions to be satisfactory. Since each transaction is individual, read our full report to determine if you have questions or concerns.

    Complaint Closing Statistics
    The following grid displays the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:
    No. of Cmpl Type of Response
    0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
    0 Making a partial refund
    3 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
    0 Refusing to make an adjustment
    2 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
    0 Unanswered
    0 Unassigned
    5 Total

    this does not take a rocket scientist to figure out... this law firm everyone is tryin to talk down on... actually has a B+ rating which is very high among loan mod companys... i looked up the attorneys on the united law group site and was very pleased to find out all the attorneys have gone through alot of law school and even tho they have only been on the bbb since 11-08 doesnt mean that they are not legitamate law firm lol, i mean dont you think the BBB would have recieved more complaints by now if they were in fact " ripping people off" ? ... the american mitigation group does not seem to be fraudulant either, however comparing the conversations between the 2, i am going to move foward with the united law group, they sounded very proffessional, and the other company didint sound very confident .

    i hope all who reads this will have common sence... use the BBB they are a gov run operation, if you cannot trust them, then you have personal issues .

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  • Ma
    Mariam Feb 28, 2009

    I hope Allen C is not a real consumer otherwise he will be singing a different tune in about 4 weeks. However, if you are just someone sent by United Law Group to further fool consumers, then the question for you is how can you people sleep at night knowing you are profiting from these people who are hurting and needing help? Here are some insights from the website Yanrisse posted that can truly help you out figure if a company such as United Law is ligit:

    According to BadBIZFinder: Sneaky and unethical lawyers saw their chance to cash in by forming loan modification companies under a law firm name. Why? So that they could get away with charging advanced fees that are prohibited for loan modification companies under the CFCA.

    What is CFCA?The California legislature wrote the California Foreclosure Consultants Act (CFCA) (California Civil Code Procedure [protected].11) to protect consumers from loan modification scams.

    4. They saw this little loophole below and went gang busters and started scamming anyone and everyone they could:

    “A foreclosure consultant does not include any of the following:

    (1) A person licensed to practice law in this state when the person renders service in the course of his or her practice as an attorney-at-law.”

    YOU SHOULD ONLY WORK WITH AN ATTORNEY. Loan Modification Companies with no lawyers, just foreclosure consultants should be regulated by the CFCA and therefore cannot charge advanced fees.

    According to BadBiz Finder here is what you should know if attorneys can charge an advance fee for loan modifications

    Again more tips from BAD BIZ FINDER:


    YES ….. IF:

    1. The lawyer is currently licensed to practice law in California.


    2. The lawyer is offering legal advice and legal expertise to assist the homeowner in the ENTIRE loan modification process from signing the Retainer Agreement to discussing your options, to creating a legal strategy, to implementing the strategy – from start to finish.


    3. The lawyer already practices relevant legal services that include:

    ● Stopping or postponing a foreclosure sale.

    ● Obtaining a forbearance from any beneficiary
    or mortgagee.

    ● Assisting a homeowner to exercise their right
    of reinstatement.

    ● Obtaining an extension of the period within

    which the homeowner may reinstate their financial


    ● Obtaining a waiver of an acceleration clause contained
    in a promissory note or contract secured by a deed of
    trust or mortgage residence in foreclosure or
    contained in any such deed of trust or mortgage.

    ● Assisting the homeowner to obtain a loan or advance
    of funds.

    ● Avoiding or ameliorating the impairment of the
    homeowner’s credit resulting from the recording of
    a Notice of Default or a Foreclosure Sale.

    ● Saving the homeowner’s residence from foreclosure.

    OTHERWISE ….. NO!!!

    Thanks to Bad BIZ Finder, they do not ask for anything in return just "pay it forward".

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  • Ab
    ABC Feb 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks Mariam. Now it all makes sense. These people are not even legally allowed to take a retainer fee because they are not performing full legal services:

    "The lawyer is offering legal advice and legal expertise to assist the homeowner in the ENTIRE loan modification process from signing the Retainer Agreement to discussing your options, to creating a legal strategy, to implementing the strategy – from start to finish."

    In my case, the lawyer was not even available to sign ANY retainer agreement. They wanted my checking acct. info without any paperwork, just over the phone.

    Allen C is NOT a real customer, this is for sure. Re Better Business Bureau, this company is too new to have a lot of complaints yet, but they will have soon. Thanks to me, as well.

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  • Br
    brian lewis Feb 28, 2009

    tell me then... who is a legit loan mod company or law firm? to the people who wrote everything negative about this law firm, tell me sir... can you provide me with a alw firm or company who operates 100% legit and who has been posted on the bbb more than a year? and also someoen who will not collect a fee up front? i am very intersted in finding a fanatsy law firm as such. good day

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  • Mi
    Michael Morales Feb 28, 2009

    Brian Lewis,

    There is no point in trying to reason with people who are not educated. Either they have no idea on how to research a company, or they are the competitors.

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  • Bv
    BVD Mar 01, 2009

    I used them and got my rate reduced from 5.9- 5% fixed. I'm one of those people that have a $300, 000 house which probably would sell for $225, 000 right now. I had a good rate before, but any reduction would help, especially if I'm stuck paying on this house for a long time. Also, I'm a carpenter, whose work is sporatic right now, a little more help would be nice. However, when I contacted ULG, they were telling me that i could get my principal lowered and probably get into a 4-5% loan. This lead me to believe I could get about a 4.75% loan and alittle principal reduction, so I tried them. Probably not the best move I've made. Don't get me wrong, the 5% is good, but I didn't get a lower principal which I hardly expected anyway. I believe I could have saved $2500 by submitting a hardship package myself. I believe that they didn't fight hard for me. They just had me fill out a hardship package and they submitted it, I could have done that. I would try to work with your lender firsthand, because if you are trully worth helping and it looks like you have a chance to maintain payments on your home, your lender will probably work with you. They don't want your house but they're also not going to give you an out of this world rate and principal reduction, maybe to a select few, but not many. Also, it's not true about how the account will be "frozen" from payments for the 3 or so months that they negotiate. First of all, the law firm probably isn't doing a forensic analysis on your loan. They are giving your info. to your lender who puts it onto a pile of loan mods and refi's that could choke a horse. That's a big reason it takes so long. When you get your new terms, the 3 months you didn't pay is added onto the principal of the loan. For instance: balance as of Jan.1st $280, 000 now $286, 000. on April 1st. It's not frozen at all, you just get a three month break in paying, but your house loan will increase, adding a higher total to factor into your lower interest rate. On top of that, you'll probably get hit with a $1000 fee for modification due when you sign your new loan. Aren't these games fun? You get to pay a law firm and get your principal raised and your credit messed up all for a little bit lower interest rate, which the government is telling them to do anyways. Banks and other lenders caused this mess with bad lending methods, the gov. bails them out, then they go back to shady methods once more. They don't care about you, this country has turned into a me first, how can i get ahead quickly and a "sucks to be you" soap opera. Any way to make a buck is the new motto. My advice is to call yourself, the lender will most likely help you without the lawyer tag on your shoulder. After all, it's just another attempt, this time by ULG, to take advantage of a situation, unethical or not. All told, you can get a lower rate on your own, if your not a lost cause but, you'll probably get taken for a little ride at the same time. Hope this helps.

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  • Ri
    Rip Prevention Mar 01, 2009

    #1 Attorney in CalBar for less than 9 months... He is the one and only attorney listed wit the state bar under United Law Group
    #2 Attorney is not member of California State Bar...
    #3 Attorney - a con artist with several disciplinary actions with California State Bar. Admitted to Bar in 86 but ousted several times.
    #4 Attorney - Admitted to State Bar in 2002 - 6 Years experience

    This is not a LAW FIRM. Law Firms are legitimate. Every attornet in a Law FIRM is registered with the state bar. This is a GROUP of names and titles PERIOD.

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  • Br
    brian lewis Mar 02, 2009

    i am still waiting for someone to tell me of a loan modification company who operates better or more than legit than the companys discussed in this forumn... where can i go to find out who IS trust worthy to help me with a loan mod... obviously these deals work, maybe alot better for some people and not so much for others but regardless... they work. but who is the best? who can i trust? or is this justforum to talk badly about everyone else...

    it would make much more sence to me to discuss who IS legit and who DOES operate legally, that way this forum will actually be benificial and help people choose the best path, rather then make up stories like high schoolers.

    ao again... will anyone be brave enough to step up to the plate and throw out a few names or companys of someone or place who does these loan mods in a legit and legal manner? OR will everyone continue to spread rumors and talk [censored] ...

    he who is without sin, cast the first stone

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  • Li
    linda Mar 03, 2009

    I was considering this company to do business with but at this point I will not their are too many questionable reviews and complaints to turn over any kind of money over to them. THIS COMPANY HAS ONLY BEEN IS BUSINESS FOR FOUR MONTHS WHICH IS NOT A LONG TIME FOR COMPLAINTS TO BE POSTED OR ESTABLISHED TO AFFECT THE RATING AT BBB BUT THERE ARE NEGITIVE REVIEWS AND POSTING FOR THIS COMPANY IN JUST FOUR MONTHS OF PRACTICE NOT ALL OF THIER PROGRAM SEEMS TO CHECK OUT. Home help has great reviews and will not cost you [protected] or [protected] folks

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  • Br
    brian lewis Mar 03, 2009

    there are 135 search results for " home help " on the BBB . would you be so kind as to give the full company name or post a link of their review with the BBB ?

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  • Bv
    BVD Mar 04, 2009

    Look out brian lewis a stone is headed your way. Don't get huffy, I realize your going down just like the rest of us. Trust me, if we knew we'd tell you. At least you won't go with United Law group, since us 'HIGH SCHOOLERS' warned you of them. Sorry for wasting your reading time and good luck to you.

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  • Ja
    jamal saint simmons Mar 06, 2009

    I HATE people that lie. your full of ###. If it wasnt for united law group my life would have been destroyed. me and my family were in chapter 13 and very close to my auction date of losing my home. my wife was about ready to just give up on me and our family and united law group got a hold of me and presented an oppurtunity of a life time to me. of course at the time i was very unsure and distraught but did not have a choice. i had a jumbo loan of about 450, 000 with a payment of 3500. my home was not worth what i owed and i was 7 months behinds. by time everything was said and done my payment dropped to 1925 a month and my new balance was at 366, 000. that it is what i call a miracle. i thank you all everyday for what you have done for me and my family. i couldnt of paid you less for the services you gave me. anyone who says anything bad about this law firm is either full of ### or too scared to accept the offer and there now pissed.

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  • Da
    darian vang Mar 06, 2009

    i cannot begin to express my gratitude to United Law group for saving me and my family from ending up on the street. i was in forclosure and 6 months behind on my payments, i have bank of america as my lender and they would not call me back inregards to modifying my loan, and i could not get ahold of anyone when i made my own attempts. i was palced on hold for 30 mins and got no-where. i spoke to a gentlemen at united law group and to be honest... after i heard everythin on the news about scam artist ripping people off who are in my situation i told them i did not trust them enough to give any information. they directed me to the BBB wesbite and their own website . i felt much better after realizing they have a A rating with the bbb and i actually called them to make sure. the lady at the bbb explained to me that a company has to perform ina excellent matter to be able to recieve a high rating like that. she told me all companys or orginizations start with a C rating .

    i do not know what everyones deal is... if you need the service, dont be stupid!! do the research, call the bbb or atorney general, check their website out. this service worked great for me and i would highly recomend that you 1st... go look at the bbb for yourself rather than trust these random people in here. and i would highly recomen them for loan modifications.

    the gentleman also explained that ULG will help anyone who has lost money from a fraud company. they can file lawsuits against them and get 3 times the amount they took from you . i find it hard to belive that a company who is supposidly ripping people off wopuld offer to help anyone that HAS been ripped off.

    hope this helps

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  • Ma
    mark283 Mar 09, 2009

    United Law Group saved my home and Marriage!!!

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  • Ma
    mark283 Mar 09, 2009

    This company has been in business for 2 years and Attorneys there have been practicing law for over 15 years!!! A rating with the BBB! Whats your problem? You must be one of those ### ambulance chasers trying to hurt their reputation. Are you?

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  • Ju
    JUSTINB Mar 10, 2009


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  • Ju
    JUSTINB Mar 10, 2009

    This place is a scam look at there bbb "C" rating and 5 complaints...THERE a scam dont get taken look on the BBB for mod companies with "A" ratings!!!

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  • Ma
    Mary Mar 13, 2009

    Do you know what this United Law Group is up to now? They have these solicitors/ negotiators under a company called Bergstrum Group, all their calls origining Corona, CA. at [protected] John W is right, you cannot get a hold of United Law Group directly, so now they spun this new group-makes it feels like all communications are legit (you can actually talk to a real person when you call) so they continually scam more people. God knows how many more little groups they have posing as sales agents. I entered into a contract with United Law Group through Begstrum Group, needless to say got scammed like the rest of you.

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  • Ct
    ctg1981 Mar 13, 2009

    i was wondering if any of you have tried to get your money back.

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  • St
    stephanie Mar 15, 2009

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your diligence posting and updating the public your experience with United Law group. After reading all the comments in this complain board, I decided to no longer use their service. Unfortunately, they've already solicited $1500 down payment (they wanted $4500). I was stupid enough to respond to a solicitor's call from a company called Bergstrum Group. I, too, fell to their promise of "fixing" our mortgage crisis. When I asked to speak to my lawyer (who I thought I had hired) Bergstrum Group stated that that Sean Alan Rutledge is busy why not let him handle my case and let him do the work? How can he handle my case when he hasn't even spoken to me? I started gettin suspicious and this was when I started asking around. I found out that many of these "law firms", do not have any lawyers, except in this case, Allan Rutledge who formed the “law firm.” The service is being performed by non qualified 20 something individuals. These non-attorneys are paid a commission (or a straight $400 for every loan modification fee they collect) paid from attorneys’ fees collected by a Legal Retainer Agreement.

    I immediately fired United Law group and since I haven't really spoken to anyone from United Law, I've contacted Bergstrum Group (which i believe under the control of United Law Group)for my full refund. Bergstum Group came back to me and said that they will arrange for me to talk to Alan Rutledge. I asked for what? He isnt handling my case? But if by talking to him will get me my refund, then by all means arrange Counselor Rutledge to talk to me because I havent changed my decision in firing him. I am getting ready too to send a complaint letter to the CA State Bar. So far I am getting the run around. I too will continue to post what happens next to warn others.

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  • Su
    sunbirdalt May 03, 2009

    I agree. I had to pay 1800 plus and still I did not hear anything from them and now it is more than 4 months. I spoke to someone and they continue to say it is being handled... yet my morgage company haven't heard anything from them. Go figure..

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  • Ev
    evelyn May 06, 2009

    I am currently working with ULG and I was told from the beginning that I would not have to pay my mortgage during the time of negiotiating the loan mod. and that it will not hurt me because whatever I dont pay will be added in the end. Well, It has been 7 months and I am still waiting for something to happen. So far, I've gotten notices of sale and foreclosure, also I received today a forbearance letter from my lender wanting me to pay a higher payment with a payment of nearly $16, 000.00 for one month to catch up on what I owe. Let it be known that if I had not lost my job, I would not need the service of ULG. I have had to pay ULG $2500 for a retainer fee up front and seven months later, I am in the same situation, but worse once again because I am trying to get a payment reduction, not an increase. The negotiator doesn't seem to fight for me but seems to just let the lender make the moves and call the shots. I am very disappointed and mislead by this company. The negotiators are not attorneys and it shows that this is not what I paid for. I have an ailing father and a neice, plus my three children I care for, where could we go? Who really Cares?

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  • Ju
    Juliana M. May 15, 2009


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  • Am
    amah May 22, 2009

    This is shocking. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Exploiting. Mike Smith/United Processing & Erika Gomez/United Law Group?
    FYI- MAY 2009 F RATING WITH BBB- They are getting popular in the negative quickly.
    Sleep well all the way up and down the chain.

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  • Ro
    robyyo Jun 04, 2009

    This company is a SCAM! Avoid these people at all costs. Do your due diligence and find a real company that will fight for you. I was SCAMMED by these people and nearly lost my home. I had to find a new attorney who would actually handle my case personally. These people don't give a ### about you. They will stroke you along until your home is either sold at auction or you find someone else to handle your mod. They do not do a forensic loan audit like they say they will do. They simply file paperwork with the lender and try to negotiate. It's like taking a knife to a gunfight with the devil. I don't give a ### what anyone has to say about my situation. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED U.L.G. IS A SCAM! The people here defending them have a vested interest in their scam.

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  • An
    Annoyed Jun 16, 2009

    United Law Group is a dishonest company at the very least if not a scam. An honest company would not call using an auto-dialer every other day every week. I do not have a home loan or any outstanding debt. Yet these people call me regularly. So far they have called me using John Phillips from section 408 and Brian CCS both claiming to have spoke with me about loan relief. Funny since they are both recordings and I have no debt. The phone number I am given to call is [protected]. The phone number and name from caller ID is Firstcall [protected].
    I have called them back and most times get a recording telling me the mailbox is full. I called again right after the phone call and was put through to a call center and was hung up on when asked to be removed from thier list. I was hung up on 5 times. I finally decided to "play along". The first time I did not appeal to them with my measly amount of 80k and was promptly hung up on. The second time I "played along" I used 140k home loan and an 80k credit card debt. Now that appealed to them. After a few questions I was put through to a "Certified Hardship Paralegal" by the name of Kelly Cowell. He is working for the company United Law Group. Since I did not want to give them my personal information, I came clean and told him, I do not have debt, I wanted to be removed for your call list and you keep hanging up on me. He of course, hung up on me.

    Does this company sound legitimate to you??
    I would highly reccomend using a company you call first and researched for your refinance, not a company who uses auto-dialers!

    I have since reported them to the FCC,, and put my name on the National do not call list,

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  • Ut
    Utah Upset Jun 19, 2009

    All you that had satisfaction and think we are the competition - SHAME ON YOU. We are homeowners like you who paid money but got nothing. Look at the F rating on BBB california (google it) and see for yourselves. Here is the link.. I paid $4000 in Oct 2008 and here it is June 2009 and nothing done. I am filing suit with ULG. Anybody else wish to do the same let me know at this posting

    F Rating

    HOMEOWNER not the Competition

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  • De
    deb1234 Jun 22, 2009

    They are scam artists! They said they would assist with lowering our mortgage payment and we paid them $2000.00. They did not help whatsoever and in fact I have proof that they never even attempted. When I call they continually hang up on me and will not refund my money. They also will not give me any name of the lawyers who should be working on my case. Do not use this company!!!

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  • Mj
    MJJj Jun 24, 2009

    If you want to contact them here it is:


    This phone # appears to be based out of New York City, although company is out of CA.

    Seems to be preying on the housing crisis.

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  • Te
    Terry Walker Jun 29, 2009

    who did you contact in this matter we are in the same place with this company. please email me at [protected]

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  • Bi
    BILLY RAY Jul 15, 2009

    I use to work their at the company. I as employer their, was told to lie to the costumers. I went home sad thinking of all the people they took money from. My job their was to call customers and tell them that their account was still being looked at, when their case was not even touched in months. Even when customers called stating they received a 30 day eviction notice, we were told to tell our customers that we would foward it to the correct channels. Meaning we lied once again. Their has been so much theft within that company that i my self was a victom. They did not only promisse a steady pay, but also compensation. I very much agree with the article. I my self will sue the company for all the money that i am owed.

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