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United Law GroupBad business practices

There are no attorney's in any State except for California. They hire contracted attorney's in each state when the case comes up. If the attorney does not get on board in time! Then the BK does not go through. They do not send anyone to the court hearings and they do not answer their clients emails or calls. For the most part they tell the client to file bankruptcy to save their home, once they have filed, they do not even follow up on the BK cases. BUYER BEWARE, THERE ARE PLENTY OF LAW FIRMS OUT THERE WITH GOOD TRACK RECORDS, DOING YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE HIRING WILL SAVE YOU MONEY AND PROBLEMS DOWN THE LINE.



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    Terrilyn Lawlor Sep 04, 2015
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    Nice suggestions, I loved the information - Does someone know where my business could get ahold of a sample 2005 Bankruptcy 7 example to use ?

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    john Mar 07, 2011
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    I have "come clean" on this on so many blogs that is ridiculous (lol). This is because I am having to type the response over and over . At any rate, the reality is:
    1. I was a client and ULG: Fact
    2. I am client at Brookstone: Fact
    3. Because I have a high profile blog, the CFO and PR at ULG was my point 0f contact at ULG: Fact
    4. ULG went bk and I was no longer represented: Fact
    5. I was not represented for months after bk: Fact
    6. Damian called me and told me that Brookstone would represent me now: Fact
    7. Brookstone had taken other ULG clients too: Fact
    8. I have not worked for either ULG or Brookstone, as well as never received any money or been promised any money : Fact
    9. Damian and I are not friends or enemies: Fact
    10. I know nothing about Damian, such as where he lives, if he is married or if he has kids.: Fact
    11. ULG and Brookstone were good to me, but it does not mean that other people did not have problems with them. I am venturing to guess it was because I was a high profile client, so they made sure things were done right with me: my opinion
    12. There has been many law firms who have approached me since, who are willing to represent me for free because of my high profile blog. This is because any firm would like to address my supporters as potential clients: my opinion
    13. Real investigators investigated this rumor that I had some kind of connection other than client attorney with the firms, they were able to conclude that these rumors were unsubstantiated by the facts.
    With that being said, I have also read the things about Damian on-line. So I investigated such claims, and was only able to conclude that he was guilty of some kind of phone marketing thing. I confronted him on it. He admitted he did it and it was a mistake. The other claims about Damain were entered in by competitors or disgruntled x-employees from ULG. Most of them are competitors, who like install fear into people, in hopes to drive traffic to the attorney they are working for, so they can get a finder's fees. I do not get a finder's fee. This is a fact.
    My investigation: My investigation would show that ULG was a victim of a marketing firm. The marketing firm had turned ULG into a produce, rather than a law firm. It is my understanding that Damian followed the blue prints, but as an employee of ULG. This is why everything would be blamed on him. However, you are looking in the wrong place. What you need to do is see who the two guys were that were in charge of the marketing. Then you will find your true answers, instead of blaming Damian for being the master mind, when he was actually nothing other than employee. ULG in the end filed bk and did not tell him. He showed up for work to find the doors locked. So much for being in control. He had snoop dog t-shirts and other belongings locked inside. He walked past the Bk trustee and had taken his own stuff. This would later be reported as "he broke in and stole things from ULG." The reason I know? I was on phone with him because he was nice enough to call me and tell me that I was no longer represented.
    In conclusion, I can understand how you might think what you are thinking. However, your allegations are clearly unsubstantiated by the facts. The reality is that I have nother connection to ULG or Brookstone, other than a client attorney relationship.
    You are just wrong. I am sorry.

    John Wright

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  • Jim Rockford50 Mar 07, 2011
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    Wow John, seems to be an awful lot of negative press for someone who claims to be a consumer advocate. What happened to focusing on taking the high road. Seems to me like your motives are for knocking the competition to boost your guys. I checked out Brookstone and Damien and United Law; Davis and Kramer seem to be angels compared to your guys previous history. Looks as if they had a number of attorneys disbarred. I'm digging a bit deeper.

    Questions for you John: what is your relationship to the brookstone team or any members of the firm, that is apart from your name being on the lawsuit they recently filed.

    So how about you coming clean...

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    john Jan 23, 2011
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    Hi Tom:

    I have read the complaint, as you requested. Thank you for bringing it to my attention :) I will also be posting my answer to you at the site you mentioned.

    I do have past experience with dealing with Mr. Kutzner, so I already know this is going to upset people, but I like Mr. Kutzner. Now, I know that I am a target the minute I say that, such as there were a few crack pots back then that said that I worked for ULG (lol), but the reality is that I did not work for ULG. Neither has anyone ever told me what to say online. The simple fact is that Mr. Kutzner was one of the very few at United Law Group that I liked working with. This is because he was always honest with me, and even at one time even admitted that they had this CEO that had terrible social skills, and that the whole firm was suffering because of it. He seemed never so relieved, as when that CEO resigned from United Law Group. Nevertheless, Mr. Kutnzer was only the COO, which is ridiculous to claim that he was in charge of United Law Group. It would be as ridiculous as claiming that Bank of Destroying America's COO was responsible, when we all know that the CEO (Brian Moyniahn) is the responsible one. I think that Mr. Kutzner was an easy target, because he was one of the few at United Law Group that would put all of his efforts into helping people, while he constantly had the clean up the mess of the previous CEO there. The funny thing is that people are claiming that Mr. Kutzner is the one in control, but he would actually end up being a victim in the end. You see, Mr. Kutzner called me one day, after he showed up to work at United Law Group and found out they field bankruptcy. He was very upset because United Law Group filed Bankruptcy on a pay day, and he had not been paid for some time. Does that sound like he was in control, but had no idea they were going to do it on that day? He was apparently all dressed up and nowhere to go. At any rate, he told me that he thought he should call and let me know that I was no longer represented. I think he did this because of the fact that I have a high profile blog, and that I was using it to talk about my lawsuit, which I was now not represented in. Nevertheless, If it was not for Mr. Kutzner, I would have found out too late, because nobody contacted me from United Law Group. I guess when you file BK, nobody can contact you, as it must be left up to the Trustee. Which incidentally, has still never contacted me. Now, I remember Mr. Kutzner being very upset that he showed up to work to find out that he could not even go in to get his personal belongings. He spoke about some promotional t-shirts that a high profile rap artist (I choose to not name) had given him to promote his music. This was Mr. Kutzner's personal property, which I am not sure that I would have reacted any different, say it be that it happened to me. So when I read the complaint above, I kind of started laughing, because I realized what the person above was thinking (I would have thought the same), but the person did not know that it was Mr. Kutzner's personal property that the Trustee was speaking about. This is evidence of how the story gets bigger and bigger in the game of telephone. So I hope that I was able to dispel this rumor. Nevertheless, I was devastated when Mr. Kutzner called me, because now I was also dressed up and nowhere to go, and I was out any money that I spent to represent myself. I really did feel like that picture of the hawk coming down on the mouse that I display on my blog (lol). Now I was kind of looking at Bank of Destroying America, while saying "Just kidding?" (lol) At any rate, Mr. Kutzner has always displayed a very admirable passion for saving people from these banks. He even told me "John, one day the truth will come out about what these banks were doing to United Law Group." I always just viewed United Law Group as the lamb for the slaughter, while it was at the forefront of this fight against the banks. I do not know much about Vito. Therefore, I cannot really offer much comment on this part of the complaint above. I can say that he appears to have a clean record with the Bar Association, and therefore one might want to consider that. . As far as I am concerned, Mr. Kutzner is one of the very few silent heroes in this fight against the banks, but certainly has not done so without injury

    United Law Group was the original firm that I used to file my lawsuit against BofA. Though I had heard that they had a lot of problems, I just always went with my own experience with them, which was drastically different from the others that I had read about online. For example, there were many people who said that ULG told them not to pay their mortgage, just so they could qualify for a modification, (which if they did, THEY WOULD BE RIGHT) or that they promised them a modification. This was drastically different from my experience, because they told me the opposite. In fact, they even recorded the call to cover their [censor]. So I did not believe that they told these people all this, but I thought that they might have heard what they wanted to hear. Besides, how are we going to trust clients that willingly admitted that they were engaging in a conspiracy to not pay their mortgage, as a means of defrauding the banks. The reality is that no court would consider this kind of person as credible testimony, and I do not really either. Nevertheless, I cannot really speak about other people's experience. With that being said, I was very concerned about the complaints that I was reading, but it was my personal experience that told me that Countrywide was denying people the use of an attorney because they lied to me and said I was not represented, but only proved they were lying because they would send me a letter that said "You are not represented by United Law Group." However, this fact caused a trickledown effect with the law firms, who were trying to help represent people with these banks, such as Bank of Abusing America. United Law Group probably told their clients exactly what the banks were saying, such as "We have nothing yet, " but you United Law Group was at the banks mercy, just like us. Who would have thought then, that the banks would be arrogant enough to give law firms the finger? Is there anyone here that does not believe that Bank of Destroying America was not telling United Law Group that they never received the paperwork? Of course they told them that, in which United Law Group was forced to tell their clients the very same thing. Now I know that people are upset that they lost their money, but you tell me where you paid a retainer and the attorney guaranteed you win? They only guaranteed that they would represent the client, which United Law Group certainly did. Therefore, I see no fraud, but consider the claim as ridiculous as the claim itself. If this is true, we can anticipate the FBI storming into every law firm, simply because they all charged a retainer (lol). Which by the way, laws in California said that they could no longer charge upfront fees, which left California with no representation, simply because there is not attorney that is going to work without a retainer. The banks must have been celebrating on that day.
    Therefore, it is my belief that the media used United Law Group as scapegoat, while it deflected the attention of the American people away from the real potential criminals, which was Bank of America. . The banks were potentially guilty of the very same crimes that they were claiming that ULG was guilty of, such as:

    1. BofA had taken an upfront fee for the consideration of a modification (three month trial period_
    2. BofA contracted answering services
    3. BofA did not give the modification
    4. BofA did not call the customers back within a reasonable time.

    I do not see the FBI raiding Bank of Defrauding America? Why?

    In conclusion, it is my opinion that Bank of Destroying America will stop at nothing to try and discredit any firm that tries to represent the American people against them. This is why I feel it is important that people do not allow these banks to use their long stretching arm, as a means to deflect the attention away from who the real enemy might be, which is the banks themselves.

    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK

    John Wright

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    John Greifen Dec 14, 2010

    They are actually on to their next scam under Brookstone Law. Their address is now 4000 MacArthur, Newport Beach, CA. They are subleasing office space from Conexant on the 11th floor. Damian is the "brains" behind the operation once again, out to scam people. The FTC is aware of this and are hot on his tail. My guess is that his operation will be shut down and seized once again by the FTC within the next 6 months. Vito is the managing attorney and will eventually lose his license.

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  • Wa
    warrentx2 Oct 07, 2010

    Documents filed in BK court show that Brookstone Law subleases space and operates out of ULG's offices and Vito Torchia runs it.

    In ULG bankruptcy CAC 8:10-bk-18945 the Chapter 7 Trustee on 9/27 filed an Emergency Motion that states records seized show:
    ULG subleased a protion of their space to Damian Kutzner and Serious Pimp
    Kutzner and Serious Pimp paid no rent and may have gotten rent credits (?)
    Kutzner is COO of ULG.
    Kutzner was paid $28, 000 per month from ULG !!! "while attorneys were paid significantly less"

    Trustee also states that Kutzner has been removing property and has filed an Adversary case against him to get that property back.

    Vito Torchia, Jr filed a declaration opposing so he is certainly part of the mess. In it he states he's managing partner of Brookstone Law, and also subtenant of ULG. So the Brookstone 1999 Avenue of the Stars adress published on the website (and at the CA bar) is not the real one. The way Vito tells it they are still doing work so they may still be filing BKs, could be doing work on ULGs existing cases. If you have questions about BL or ULG Vito's email is [email protected] or try his asst Daniel email [email protected]

    This is all from public records.

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  • Wa
    warrentx2 Sep 14, 2010

    Now that the full bankruptcy petition has been filed we can see the kind of company that John Wright has been defending.

    From the Form B7 ...
    in MA Bk 10-1152 they were suesd by the US Trutee and lost and we required to return $7500 in fees plus fined $30, 000. They signed up a person for Loan Mod and got $4500 from them. No mod happened, they told victim they had to file bankruptcy. For another $3000 they prepared the BK and sent it to them. The case was prepared from just a questionaire, the victim never spoke to an attorney at ULG. No attorney at ULG signed the petition, they did not fill up the preparer info either. All not legal so the judgement to return fees plus $30, 000 in fines. None of it paid.

    In GA Middle pretty much the exact same deal as case# 10-70527.

    Similar complaints in
    GA North 10-67870 judgement $2100.
    AZ 10-10322 fined $5300, 10-6597 $2600
    Also in KY; NY; WA; OH $202, 205; PA, IN, FL, AL

    The story in the case proceedings I read from MA and GA-M matches up what the original poster said. They file your case but then never represent you. They actually don't file the case, they send you the papers to file Pro Se. All this prepared without talking to an Attorney. None of these victims will ever get any money.

    I wonder if these companies with big claims on the ULG bankruptcy (Brookstone, Black Gold Leasing, Zec Management, Century Law) are just there to suck up all the money so victims cannot get it.

    So John Wright I'm glad you had such success. The bankruptcy points to suits that details just how bad ULG was to debtors and loan mod people.

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  • Ch
    Chad ludwig Jul 27, 2010

    Great information on the connection and how these types of companies just try to change it up and then take your $ - looking forward to your website, so I can get in touch with these crooks
    How about all the addresses, including home addresses - that may help as well
    If they dont answer MY calls, then maybe I can send some mail to there homne address

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  • Ag
    Against ULG Jul 25, 2010

    Brookstone and United law group-
    What research did you do that says they are not connected? HERE'S THE CONNECTION JOE-
    Here is the connection-
    1st they both occupy the same office- I dont care that the address for brookstone is listed different- The address lsited is yet again another address for mail.
    Here's the connection-
    The very same attorney listed shares the same facilities, and answers to ULG owner.
    Here's the connection-
    According to PUBLIC RECORD, Brookstone is listed as a creditor of ULG- Why is that? I bet it will be for legal services, but in reality it will be for work directly connecting both of them to a failed business
    Here's the connection-
    ULG will file BK (as It did, back in June, and WOW- BROOKSTONE IS LISTED as a creditor- IMAGINE THAT!
    Here's the connection-
    Employees will go from ULg to Brookstone at a moments notice- again another PUBLIC RECORD (see EDD filiings-if you really know how to research, this will be easy)
    Here's the connection-
    Black gold Leasing- That's who pays Brookstone ! WOW what a coincident that BLACK GOLD is also listed as a creditor. Waith till the checks and the account is fully investigated, that they all are one.
    Here's the connection-
    I can assure you WHEN THEY PRESS BROOKSTONE, they will get the real answers- You can't deny valid public records, as well as video of who comes and goes EVERYDAY to the office. I will forward a NEW website that will allow you to watch this. Again, I will take my free time and gladly spend my $ to get this explained
    The same people are calling my parents and trying to sell them a report, that will help them save their home-
    I call BS- I had to pay at auction full price to save my Mom's home. I understand that not every case will work out, but they did nothing- Never ONCE NEVER ONCE did they ever call my Mom with an update- NEVER- The only time they would call is to see another service-
    I honestly dont think the attorney listed even knows what is going on- There is a pattern forming- The same thing that happend with Sean Rutledge will happen to the existing attorney- That's sad.
    I am almost done investigatng what other businesses these cats are in to and will post accordingly

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  • Jo
    Joe Barusco Jul 22, 2010

    I have done my research and Brookstone and ULG are not connected in any way.
    Joe Barusco

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  • Jb
    JBJB Jul 14, 2010


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  • Wa
    warrentx2 Jul 12, 2010

    On 6/30/2010 United Law Group filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Central CA case number 8:10-bk-18945-RK. Robert J Buscho is ULG's Attorney. Chapter 11 lets them file a plan and reorganize. It can delay things a long time if they can't get the creditors to agree to a plan.

    The filing is missing the schedules so not a lot of information yet.

    The top 20 creditors lists Brookstone Law #1 owed $377, 366. Comment says "Services rendered on behalf of clients". I wonder if they are stacking the creditors committee?
    Old big interesting items:
    Zec Management, 1117 Desert Lane #1989, Las Vegas for $231, 769.32
    Black Gold Leasing, 1117 Desert Lane #1761, Las Vegas for $88, 159.10
    Search for that 1117 address and you'll find offering "Idenity Services" that include that address. Web searchs find nothing about those firms.

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  • To
    Toledoohio Jul 09, 2010

    Is United Law Group and brookstone the same company? Somehow my numbers crossed but they all end up at the same location. Who runs the show? Not the attorneys- This is a joke. It is no longer about the money. I will continue to investigate and spend $ to get to the real answers. Through my investigation, United Law Group has NO SUPPORT to accommodate the backend- NO SUPPORT. Rumor has it that they will file Chapter 11, if they haven't already. John Wright? WOW they are doing something for you- Lets see the end results. I will predict that this company will go away, and there will be a fallguy, possibly the Attorney- Its such simple investigation- FOLLOW THE MONEY. I will soon post how and where to sue and get your money back- I will spend 100K for those of you who dont know where to turn. ULG/Brookstone - be ready

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  • Br
    Bryct Jun 29, 2010

    John Wright- I see you on a lot of blogs- Congratulations that you got taken care of.
    I believe you. I an glad to here ONE SUCCESS STORY from that Firm.
    There are a lot of errors that can be blamed on the lender- But time and time again, every complaint is simply asking for a phone call or an email - THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT...
    you are happy that they are in contact with you. My investigation yields that the majority, and I mean the majority of people do not get tat type of service. I cannot find one other person that states anything good- Why is that? The only thing you can reply to is YOUR experience, and ONE solid experience doesn't make up for the Thousands that are not satisfied. Its real simple- If a service is not performed, get your money back.

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  • Wa
    warrentx2 Jun 23, 2010

    John you really post a lot of text that says many confusing things, and trys to twist what I said. I think that's your ploy, to post so much junk people stop reading.

    The topic at hand here is Bankruptcy and Brookstone Law, which is really United Law Group. Is Brookstone a good choice to file your bankruptcy when you are outside of CA? As I said in my first post, I agree with what the original poser said. And had web links to support it. I never claimed to be another customer.

    Is United Law Group a good choice for bankruptcy in CA? Maybe, got to visit them and see. Plus research them. If you don't mind the FBI raid, disbarments, OH and WA AG orders to cease and desist, plus civil fines of like $200k... well... none of that relates to bankruptcy, just loan mods.

    You (John W) said both that I pretended to be a complaining customer, and you said I am promoting my own firm. Anyone reading my posts (using 3 users bkatty7, warrentx, warrentx2) will plainly see I have done NONE of that. They will find weblinks and info about Brookstone and United Law Group.

    I did list 10 large law firms in CA that do BK, if one was my firm then I gave 9 alternatives. I also gave this advise:
    Before you use any firm check them out at the bar, seach the web for their name. Do a few free consultations where you visit the office and decide who feels right. Use someone with a local office and not some "network". Consider using a small firm where you deal more with the Atty. Price is obviously a concern, but also what you get for that price.

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  • Wa
    warrentx2 Jun 21, 2010

    So I setup anopther user because I forgot my login, again...
    I'm not advertising anything, I'm just here to establish a searchable record of who is Brookstone Law and the relationship to United Law Group as it pertains to bankruptcy. What I did was reference web sources.

    Searching the web I found that the CA Bar only lists Robert Buscho for ULG. And that's the only Atty on ULG's website. You said they had more Attys. Searching the Google cache I found that ULG had removed a page about Vito Torchia and Jerold Gardner. So for some reason they don't want to be ref'd by ULG, and no other Attys list themselves with ULG at the CA Bar.

    You John Wright, in my opinion, appear have an agenda here to defend ULG because you are the named plaintiff in a suit they have against BOA that could shake loose quite a few $

    I think I did find Jerold Gardner in Kirkland WA but as I ref'd above the AG of WA had issued a C&D order barring work by ULG in WA so could he be active? See ref's above.

    So that's what the web tells me about Brookstone and United Law Group. It mirrors what the original poster said, getting them to do your BK outside of their CA area is probably a bad idea.

    If you are within CA then my suggestion is to evaluate your Atty choices carefully.

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  • Wa
    warrentx Jun 03, 2010

    More interesting searches...
    United site archive has "Irvine, CA - September 16, 2009 - United Law Group, the leading litigator of cases concerning abusive banking practices, breaches of contract and violations of state and federal laws of real estate litigation services, welcomed veteran attorneys Vito Torchia, Jr. and Jerold Gardner to the firm."
    CA Bar turns up Atty Vito Torchia that has Brookstone listed as the firm and that is the phone listed at Brookstone's website. Here's the info:
    Vito Torchia Jr
    Current Status: Active
    Bar Number 244687
    Address Brookstone Law, PC
    1999 Ave of the Stars Ste 1100
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Phone Number [protected]
    Fax Number [protected]
    Email [email protected]
    Searching the address "1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1100" finds a lot of Attys using that address so maybe its a rent-a-desk place.

    Vito's got LinkedIn Profile

    Can't seem to find anything on "Jerold Gardner"

    More searching ...
    Robert Buscho has got a page at the Evil Esquire Bar Assoc
    So does Rutledge
    I guess those sites mainly repeat what can be found at bar sites, plus add a complaining tone.

    I wonder if one of John Wright's plays here is to post very lonnnnnng replys in hopes people will stop reading.

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  • Bk
    BkAtty7 Jun 03, 2010

    I need to get back to life but this it is interesting to see what can be found searching the web. You have me wondering who is "Sean Alan Rutledge" and where did he come from?

    I did find an old ULG website page listing Sean Alan Rutledge as the priciple and it said "He spends his time in both the New York City and Orange County, California offices, managing the firms' Manhattan and Irvine offices."
    So searching NY Bar finds him as 4698098
    Year Admitted in NY: 2009
    Registration Status: Currently registered
    Next Registration: Apr 2011

    That info matches up with what it said on the CA Bar. So I'd guess he could be back in NY looking for clients.

    Hmm... State of Washington compaint against Rutledge and ULG. WA ordered them to cease and desist all work in WA, fines & fees $20, 000. That's a lot of smoke,

    I see Rutledge did file a civil rights complaint against the CA Bar CDCA District 09-cv-5475 that they wouldn't delay his Bar complaint proceeding more then once for him to get an insulin pump installed (all detailed in the complaint Rutledge v. Byer and online). Filed by Robert Bushco of ULG. The Fed court refused to interfere with a state proceeding and it was dismissed. There may be an appeal pending... So he didn't have time between 5/28 amd 7/7 to meet with the bar about his ethics complaint... but by 7/27 he prepared a 15 page ADA filing.

    > Wright said "What is funny is, right after the first person complains on the site, a person comes on and says almost verbatim the same thing. That I why I called it when I responded on here a long time ago. "

    I didn't say " almost verbatim the same thing" I just agreed and pointed to web searchs that confirm what the posted said, that ULG does do BK in CA and that they are trying to refer clients nationwide. Same way their loan mods biz worked and got them AG orders in at least OH and WA to stop working there.

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  • Bk
    BkAtty7 Jun 03, 2010

    > You said "Sean Rutledge is not there anymore. The firm agrees that there was problems with Mr. Rutledges personal health and felt that it was holding the firm back."

    Health Reasons? Funny! He was the founding member of the firm 8/2008. Only got admitted to CA bar June 2008, then CA bar involuntary removal of Law License Nov 2008.

    The OH AG's complaint has the complete CA Bar hearing report detailing his activity, no mention of health. Read it here, CA Bar report on pages 11-54:

    Also noticed by AG that ULG lists OH on website but does not have a license or Attys in OH.

    > You said "Now, I bet you there is more complaints about Bank of America."

    That is absolutely true. And sadly the banks paid off CONgress so they can only be handled by the Feds. No state AG's can sue banks. That is a big loss to consumers.

    > You said "Once again, I can find actual news footage where they say that ULG serviced people in Colorado. So you can keep saying they only serviced California, but it is never going to make it true. "

    Are you referring to Bankruptcy? That is the topic at hand. The CO Bar does not list Sean A Rutledge or Robert J Buscho as members, niether does the CO BK Court.
    There is this TV news story of a CO couple that say they spent $10k with ULG for loan mods that did not happen.
    Is it true, no idea, but I would think a TV station would do some fact checking before they broadcast.

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  • Bk
    BkAtty7 Jun 03, 2010

    My comments are about the original posters issue of doing Bankruptcy with ULG or Brookstone Law. John Wright is very involved with them and loan mods, plus a class action, not the topic at hand of BK. So why is John Wright spewing so much off-topic content? He must be ULG's biggest fan, geeze you posted within 40 minutes of my post. John Wright even has aYou Tube video about ULG.

    I simply posted facts of info I found on the web that show this firm is trying to build an affiliate BK biz that confirm exactly what the poster said. Look at the heading of the ULG website, it says a "National Firm" that is in CA FL NY OH AZ NV CO UT. But the site lists no other locations and a web search does not find them. As the original poster says they are CA only.

    ULG is all over the web for complaints and the firm's founder Sean Rutledge has lost his license and left the firm, or not listed as active. Too much smoke for there not to be some fire. Hmmm the OH Atty General has filed a complaint against ULG

    If you want the names of some of the biggest filers in CDCA they would be:
    Allenbaugh Samini Ghosheh
    Borowitz Lozano & Clark
    Doan Law Offices
    Jennifer Aragon Law
    Price Law Group
    Simon & Resnik
    Torres Law Group
    Winterbotham Parham

    Big is not always best. At some you are mainly handled by paralegals and clerks. A small firm may have the Atty doing most of the face time with you. What's best is hard to say, there are some very qualified staff that really know BK prep.

    Looking at the ULG website they have one Atty listed and pictures of a lot of staff, they may have more staff Atty's, you would have to visit to know.

    Before you use any firm check them out at the bar, seach the web for their name. Do a few free consultations and decide who feels right. Use someone with a local office and not some "network".

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  • Bk
    BkAtty7 Jun 03, 2010

    Noticed the BBB gives ULG them an "F" with 254 complaints, 222 unanswered.

    Also Sean Rutledge of the firm listed on the CA Bar's site as under investigation and Not Eligible To Practice Law :
    11/9/2009 Inactive - Irreparable injury (6007c) 09-TE-15622 Not Eligible To Practice Law whois shows 12850 Stevens Dr, Tustin, CA 92782
    which is a home and not a biz

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  • Bk
    BkAtty7 Jun 03, 2010

    I've researched United Law and have to agree with the original poster that as far as Bankruptcy is concerned this firm only works in central CA. They want to do referals and make money at it.

    If you search the wbe for "Brookstone Law" you'll find in early 2010 that name was posted all over the web saying "Brookstone Law, PC is expanding our Bankruptcy Affiliate Network. We are a high volume, national law firm and would like to add Affiliate Attorneys in all areas. We are looking for an Affiliate Attorney in your area to handle our post petition Bankruptcy proceedings. Affiliate Attorneys receive a flat payment of $250 per file, to handle"

    They web links and phone numbers do not lead to a national firm, they lead to United. Those posting describe exactly what the poster said, just a referal servcie trying to make a fee. Plus the website has zero content, just an 800 number,

    Searcing the CA Bar only shows one Atty at ULG named Robert J. Buscho. His record does show he's been in some minor trouble with the bar. Searcing PACER shows he has filed BK cases only since March 2010, but has filed 35 in CDCA and NDCA.

    If you are looking for having a BK prepared there are firms with a lot more history that will get your case done in a timely matter. They also don't do these other "shady" affiliate deals and have not been raided by the FBI recently.

    John Wright appears the be their biggest fan. The website claims to have filed a class action and he's the named plaintiff.

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  • Jd
    J Drake Mar 30, 2010

    John Wright seems to be the only one that ULG has helped they must pay you well, with my money!!!

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