UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhdpoor technical service at umw toyota kuching

J Jul 12, 2019

Car Owner: GVE Metal Sdn Bhd
Car Plate: QTP 7288
Chassis No: PN1DB8FS400110035
Engine No.: 2GDC049274
Model: Toyota Fortuner 2.4 AT 4x4

Problem Faced:
This car brake system is jamming this morning after I left it at home for 2 days. I informed my Toyota salesman, Mr Allen Lim and he had arranged the towing service to tow my car to UMW Toyota at Jalan Pending, Kuching. After 2 hours, I received the call from UMW Toyota Service Centre @ Kuching said that my car's brake rotor is dirty and that's the reason why my brake system is jammed. Obviously, this answer is unacceptable for me. I only drive my car on bitumen road. If the brake rotor dirty will affect the brake system then how about those car users who using their cars for off road? What if I'm driving on the road and suddenly my brake jam again? Toyota Service Centre should really look into this case. Thank you.

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