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Toyota Motor Corporationadvertised price not honored

I requested a quote for a new 2018 Tundra SR5 4x4 that had the option I wanted and Lone Star Toyota would not honor what they had quoted. The manager called and said they would honor it but would have to pay for items that were listed on their site under that vehicle description of a cost of $1800. Those items are listed under that vehicle and quote that was sent. I will not buy a vehicle from that dealership. I'm curious as to how many other people have been ripped off. They said that the wheels, tires and leveling kit wasn't put on the site but they advertised this vehicle. Bad business

advertised price not honored
advertised price not honored

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    Toyota Motor Corporation Alabang — no single feedback provided for car fix for 2 months

    Date of Incident: July 17, 2018 Client Car Plate Number: YU4780 Incident Description: No single feedback...

    Toyota Motor Corporation — worst dealing ever seen by a toyota dealer

    My Company Plymex Timber Pvt Ltd, Kolkata has booked a Toyota Innova Touring Sports Model on 16th July...


    Toyotamy toyota prius v 2013 engine; failed to honor warranty

    When I buy used 2013 toyota Prius v in August 2015 the same day I bought platinum warranty to cover my repier cost. Now my car consum more engine oil so July 17 2018 I call toyota financial services they told me to take the car any Toyota deler when I go toyota of sandiego.thytold me go to Toyota of el cajon, Toyota of elcajon inspect the car & they told me back after 3 day and put the car under oil consumption test after 1, 000-1300 mile drive by 8 /8/2018 the car faild oil consumption test and dnied to fix when I call toyota financial, they told me the reason is that car is used us a taxi, when I bought the car contracts briefly show thes car is used for taxi all party know, so now when my car is under active warranty &the Delar dignos the problem. So after 3year what dnied my warranty. I need help thanks

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      Toyota Motor Corporation — oil seal leakage toyota avanza after (3-4 years buy new brand)

      After done service i got feedback from the service center about my car got leaking oil seal engine..but...

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      Toyota Motor Corporationtoyota 86 malfunction

      Good evening Toyota,
      I am contacting you in regards to my Toyota 86. The vehicle shut down completely losing power and the ability to be steered while being set on cruise control at 110klm per hour. I have had to take the vehicle back to Black Toyota Roma, this is were I bought the vehicle new in 2015. I have had to return to the dealership weekly to get a status on the vehicle because no one contacts me. I presented at the dealership once again on Friday only to be told they would contact me that afternoon, that has not happened unfortunately. I have since done some research and read about the Toyota Prius and am now terrified I'm going to be stuck with a vehicle that could potentially kill me and my family. The dealership also told me that I would need to possible pay for the labour of replacing the engine, but they can't actually tell me what went wrong with vehicle to start with. The dealership has current had my vehicle for 4 weeks, my husband asked if we could possibly use one of their secondhand vehicle in the interim but we were sharply turned down. We also expressed our concerns about the safety of the vehicle and said we weren't happy about having a vehicle that could potentially do this to me again and asked what they could offer as a trade. My current outstanding amount on the vehicle is 30k and we were told once it was fixed they would only give us 16k. I can't not express my disappointment in the Toyota dealership here in Roma, this was my first brand new vehicle and I bought a Toyota because of the outstanding name they have, only to be treated like I'm a lair and a complete nuisance to the dealership. Any assistance would be so appreciated. Please help me :( kind regards Wendy Juniper

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        Toyota Motor Corporationhorrible customer services

        There are a lot of sleazy salesmen here. It doesn't surprise me that they have a 2.5 rating on Yelp. I am surprised that it's not any lower than that. These guys will do whatever it takes to get you to their dealership. So it started it off when I had emailed the internet sales person there and we agreed on the price but they said that they do not have the car in their possession. They told me that they have to do a dealer trade. They then told me that I first have to come in and they will trade it with another dealership. So I agreed to come in...

        Once I got there the internet sale person (whom I was exchanging emails back and forth) pond me off to a different sale person. The new salesperson then asked me to run my credit and also wanted for me to commit to buying the car before they can bring the car from another dealership. I respond and asked them why do they need to do that? Why would I commit to buying when I haven't gotten a chance to test drive the car? So they bought in the sleazy Sales manager (Tony Nguyen). He tried to tell me that's not how it works here and that I need to commit to buying it or else they can't do anything else for me. He went on about how in Australia (which is where he was originally from...) you don't get to test the car and that they wouldn't even sell it to me. I told him that I don't live in Austrailia and I am in the U.S. so I don't have to deal with that. I then cut it short and told him that "it doesn't look like you want to sell me the car so I will bring my business elsewhere."

        At this point, you can tell he was not happy with that comment, so he kept on saying you're that I was making a big mistake as I was walking out of his office. I told him "don't worry I will make sure you get a good review on Yelp". He then claimed that I was threatening him and started being very unprofessional by making comments about how I won't get a good deal elsewhere. He started bad mouthing me in front of his team as I was walking out of the building. I was in shock and I was asking him "What the hell are you talking about?" So his team starts to come around and surrounded me (about 4 to 5 of them) was getting in my face and telling me to leave or they would call the police and they said they have all my information. To me, that was more of a threat then what I said. These people are sleazy as they come. I left the building and they were all making comments to me about how they gave me water and that I am ungrateful for their generosity. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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          Toyota Motor Corporationfoggy headlights

          Toyota support
          I have reported foggy headlights for my corolla 2016 to Toyota CFC service center 2 month back but "unfortunately it was verbal discussion" and the head of engineers mentioned that i should check with main branch in Abbasyia for Body repairs.
          I have visited the Abbasiya main branch today and the service engineer mentioned that my car is out of warranty at 27/07/2018 and he refused event to make tech support checking my car, although the issue is cumulative and for sure it didn't happen just in one day, and service engineer himself at reception admitted that this is his first time to see that issue.
          my car is now at 29k KM and I knew that Toyota usually change faulty parts like this .
          attached is images for the headlights
          visit occurred on: 2/09/2018

          foggy headlights
          foggy headlights
          foggy headlights

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            Toyota Motor Corporation2006 access cab sr

            I purchased this truck with the intention of keeping it for at least twenty years. I followed all maintenance requirements. I have less than 60, 000 miles on the truck. I took the truck in for inspection and was told the frame was rusted and needed a lot of expensive repair. Over the last twelve years I was never told anything was wrong with the frame. It fact, there was a recall inspection on the frame (don't know when) but I took it in for inspection and was told the frame was ok.

            Since that bad report I have spoken to a few people including a local repair shop. I was told Toyota Trucks were notorious for bad frames hence the reason for the recall inspection. That said the local mechanic said he never saw a frame as bad as mine and he thought a new frame was needed.

            Anyway based upon this information I would like toyota to repair my frame.

            Richard Beam - [protected]

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              Larry Miller Toyotavehicle door panels warpping on three vehicle door panels

              I tried to get this issue resolved but no one at Larry Miller toyota and Dodge would not resolved the issue pretty much said it was my problem and I would have to pay $900 for each panel one dealership told me to gerilla glue your panels which was Larry Miller toyota pretty much the same at Larry Miller Dodge I should not have to come out of the pocket for this cause I purchased the vehicle in January February I think that the panels are defective from the beginning. My vehicle is a 2016 300c with only 43000 miles on it . The vehicle at time of complaint was only at 36000 miles.so I say you got to be kidding me right seriously. My next point of remedy this issue is BBB. Please help me or navigate me to resolve this issue

              vehicle door panels warpping on three vehicle door panels
              vehicle door panels warpping on three vehicle door panels
              vehicle door panels warpping on three vehicle door panels

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                • Updated by James Vassar jr · Aug 30, 2018

                  Not only that the door's are warpping the AC condenser coil went out and could not get service for two weeks in 1113degree weather again are you kidding me seriously

                Toyota Motor Corporationbroken promise from toyota.

                My name is Jorge Odelin. I bought a Toyota Corolla 2016 on August 22 2016 and Agent in Courtesy Toyota in Brandon told me that if I liquidated the car before the year of purchase, Toyota refund me the Down payment I gave for this purchase.
                My car was purchased complete on April 24th 2017 and I never received the refund for my Car, and the money for services and GAP, those last two I received after present my request in Courtesy Toyota, and they send me 2 check for this issue but never for my 1500 downpayment promised for the Agent it will be refunding me if car was purchased before a year.
                Financial Manager in Courtesy Toyota says there is nothing in the contract about it.
                Okay, there is nothing about it in the contract he says, but I claim for the promise made for Agent because I suppose If one Agent makes that kind of promise is because there in the dealer is a custom to do it and The PROMISE WAS BROKEN.
                I am claiming and REQUEST A REFUND for THE BROKEN PROMISE and I feel mocked and deceived by the Toyota because they do not keep their promises, something I have decided to take to social networks so that everyone knows that Courtesy Toyota can not be trusted.
                I work like a Customer Service for one International Company bringing services and we never treat customer in that way and never broke our promise.
                Thanks for your assistance.

                My name is Jorge Odelin
                Phone Number [protected]

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                  Toyota Motor Corporation — my hybrid car, prius 1.8l (a) was encountered an alarm error display of brake system failure during city road driving on 16aug2018. I can’t brake.

                  I am Toyota Car User From Penang, Malaysia. I can't brake proper with very hard lock on brake system. It i...

                  Toyota Motor Corporationtwo used cars

                  My 2017 Jeep has trouble starting and the dealer knew as he had trouble starting it and said if anything bring it to get fixed and now when I call him he's never around also my 2017 Corolla tires just exploded and the tires don't look new and they're still not answering me and I bout both these cars last month and no seems to be able to help but can sure take my money. If this continues I'll take legal action.

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                    Toyota Motor Corporation — deceptive sale on brand new cars>

                    Dias antes de la fecha de compra del vehiculo Toyota Yaris IA 2017 vin#3MYDLBYV2HY152689 inicie una busqueda...

                    Toyota Motor Corporation — toyota corolla 2012 model

                    Dear sir, Greeting from Musca, Oman. I am using a 2012 model corolla car. Recently i have noticed that it...

                    Keith Pierson Toyota — car sales

                    Buyer beware. Do your research before buying and compare to other dealers you will see why. Tried to put a...

                    Toyota2013 rav4

                    This vehicle was purchased used in 2015. Was no indication there was a problem with the paint until a year later and paint starting peeling in various places on vehicle. Checked with 2 professional car painting companies and was told the car was NEVER properly primered from the factory.

                    The first paint peel was on the door. I finally had to pay to have this situation remedied as it was a terrible eyesore. After having this door painted, several other places started to appear and peeling is now out of hand

                    This car is a rolling joke. I can't begin to tell you the inquiries I have had over the past two years. It certainly has reflected a poor quality product that Toyota has produced.

                    I feel this vehicle had a problem when it rolled off the assembly line but did not show the poor quality until it had a couple of years wear. I was the unfortunate victim, having purchased it. I am asking for Toyota to look into this issue and make this right. I have had several Toyota products but this will definitely be the last, I'd i have to lose money by having this problem fixed.

                    I am attaching photos of the problem areas. Please call me to discuss this situation as soon as possible.

                    2013 rav4
                    2013 rav4
                    2013 rav4
                    2013 rav4
                    2013 rav4

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                      Toyota Motor Corporationsales service

                      I am currently looking to purchase a Toyota Hilux.
                      There are several items that are not available on the top-spec vehicle (which i would consider almost standard in this era).
                      The local dealer has tole me that they cannot add any accessory that is not sold as part of the vehicle (they nasically told me thay cannot do anything that involves electrical systems -including changing the stereo unit).

                      The country agent (TAM) is also unhelpful -returning a similar prewritten line that they only sell vehicles of Indoensian Specifications. The fact that i have received the same response multiple times indicates that this is a common request.

                      I have asked 5 times to speak to a manager of TAM -however I am still waiting.

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                        Toyota Motor Corporationtitle deed on a vehicle I paid in full.

                        Good day. I am in a situation that I cannot get the title deed for a vehicle I purchased from a Toyota Franchise in South Africa. Bidvest McCarthy Toyota I paid in full for the vehicle.
                        They knew about the faults on the vehicle and is sueing me for the repairs. I cannot register the vehicle on my name to drive it legaly on the road. I am being forced to drive the vehicle illegal.
                        If I am to be in an accident my insurance will not payout because I cannot register the vehicle in my name.
                        Can someone assist me. No one is listening to the problem I have is South Africa. It is been 8 months now. Please help me.
                        I have spoken to Steve Keys of Bidvest Automotive. He is the head of the department.
                        Attach is the offer to puschase dated on 08/12/2017
                        Attach is the notes the dealer recieved the faults that need to be done 31/10/2017
                        Attach is the letter from the lawyer

                        I need to get the ownership papers on the vehicle to be legal on the road.

                        title deed on a vehicle I paid in full.
                        title deed on a vehicle I paid in full.
                        title deed on a vehicle I paid in full.
                        title deed on a vehicle I paid in full.
                        title deed on a vehicle I paid in full.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Toyota Motor Corporationdamaged car battery service and no support provided

                          Date: Aug 9, 2018
                          Customer No. 311994
                          During normal maintenance service to Toyota Beaverton(OREGON), i asked to clean some corrosion accumulating over battery. The advisory (Christ Scott) suggested to opt of Battery Service.After completed battery service when car was handed over, it did not start.
                          Advisor jump started it and asked to keep it ON for 10-15 min. After driving 20 min and restarting, CAR did not started, and need jump start again.
                          Called service center, and it was told to me, service center is closed.
                          Called service center next day, it was told to me to bring the car back to service station. I told the car cannot be started.
                          No help is provided, No towing was offered.
                          When i bring the car back to service station on my own arrangement, i was told to install and pay for new battery.
                          My battery was in good condition before being given for Battery Service, I need to pay for new battery and was not able to drive and use Car for my own use as it was rendered unoperational.

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                            Dealer agreed to compensate for some part of monetary loss in future transactions.

                            • Updated by [email protected] · Aug 24, 2018

                              Dealer agreed to compensate for some part of monetary loss in future transactions.

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