Turkish AirlinesAirport Services for issue of boarding pass at Amsterdam and Istanbul International Airports

The issue that I have experienced was: Self, wife (Veena Malhotra) and daughter (Tuhina Malhotra) had booking for 4th October 2019 from Amsterdam to New Delhi with a changeover at Istanbul. At the Amsterdam International Airport, Turkish Airlines counter issued only one boarding pass for flight No. TK1958 leaving Amsterdam at 2-40 PM. Boarding pass for the next connecting flight No. TK4652 leaving Istanbul at 8-40 PM for Delhi was not issued. Flight TK 1958 was delayed and reached Istanbul at 7-40 PM. We were denied direct entry to flight TK4652 and were asked to get the boarding pass for the next flight from International Travel Desk. It was a pretty long distance to walk and it took nearly 20 minutes to reach the Travel desk. We requested the Turkish Airlines staff to help us in issuing the boarding pass. We were then directed to the Indigo check-in counter. On reaching Indigo check in counter, we were informed that check-in has been closed. Our repeated requests to Indigo and Turkish Airlines staff to help us in issuing us the boarding passes and arranging to board the flight TK4652 did not yield any result. Consequently, we missed the flight for no fault of ours.
Thereafter, the Turkish Airlines issued fresh boarding passes for the next flight leaving Istanbul after 24 hours, the next day. No arrangement was made by the Turkish Airlines for our boarding and lodging.
It occurred on: 4/10/2019
This meant that 1.Self and wife, both senior citizens and daughter had to spend the next 24 hours on 4th October 2019 sitting entire night and day in the Airport Lounge. It was a physical and mental torture.
2. We had to purchase from our pocket for drinking water to food for our dinner on 4th and breakfast and lunch on 5th October 2019.
Turkish Airlines must compensate financially for denying us boarding and lodging at Istanbul airport. This shall certainly be highly appreciated though it cannot compensate for the ordeal we went through for no fault of our.

Yours faithfully,

Oct 10, 2019

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