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F Nov 20, 2017

TK 2466 | Nov 03 | Istanbul - Adana |Ok
TK 2451 | Nov 12 | Adana - Istanbul | Ok
TK 1881 | Nov 12 | Istanbul - Thessaloniki | Terrible Experience

Arrived from Adana to Istanbul at 6:50am on Nov 12 enough time to make it to my next flight to Thessaloniki.
Moreover, my sister arrived from Cairo on TK693at 6:55am. Planned to meet and head to Thessaoniki together.
We purchased some hairbo from the kiosk at the Ataturk Airport and went sat at gate 310. Then an announcement
of a delay until 9:30am, then at 9am another announcement of a delay until 10:30am, then at 10am another delay
until 12:30pm. Went to the conductor standing at gate 310 at the time and asked him he said for sure it won't be
delayed a fourth time and it will leave 12:30pm. I took my sister who is very ill to have some food and coffee.
We returned at 11:25am and the gate was closed.

Then the journey started. No representatives in that area at the time. Also, I must add, English doesn't seem something
Important for an Airline spending millions on advertising and focusing on international and transit as one of their
main sources of income. We went upstairs to ask and they sent us next to gate 215. Then there they said no go down
stairs and go to Turkish airline gate 215. Then there they said go to gate 219. Then there they told me to go out from
somewhere and my sister who is ill to go out from another place as she came international and me domestic although
we both are Canadian. At that time it had already been over an hour of your team sending us to different places. Had my
sister sit down and rest and I went outside where they sent me to change tickets. First I followed what the representative
told me at 219 which of course was a disaster and outside they sent me from a counter were I stood in line and took
a token to another counter at B15 where the supervisors are. They sent me back to take another token and then again they
sent me back to supervisor which in return sent me one final time to the token counter were a nice lady finally helped me
But just tickets and hotel and rest is on us - at that time I really didn't care (noting all this my sister is alone). Then I went
to supervisors at counter B15 so they can print the new ticket for me. After 2 hours I managed to finish so the representative
who was kind enough to tell me he will wait for me so I don't have to wait in lines again of course no longer waited so I had to
do entire passport control and security checks again which at the time was very crowded. No flights same day and they didn't
offer a hotel so I made a visa for my sister 70 USD and then booked a hotel near by as the flight was same time following day
which was also delayed but this time it left from gate 312.

The way representatives past us from one counter to the next and how they didn't want to deal with this issue
Was the major disappointment. Few years back I was gold on Egyptair star alliance, then was impressed with Emirates
So became Gold on skywards program and recently opened up two offices in Turkey and now I have my family and
Employees use TK but how they dealt was a shock.

TK 1894 | Nov 17 | Thessaloniki - Istanbul | Ok
TK 762 | Nov 18 | Istanbul - Dubai | Ok

The past one month tickets purchases from my side;
Gokay G (colleague) 4 Trips
Hoda S (mother) 8 Trips | TK 691, 1893, 1894, 690 | Entire Trip Twice
Amy A (sister) 4 Trips | TK 1894, 692, 693, 1881| Entire Trip Twice
Fadi A 5 Trips | TK 2466, 2451, 1881, 1894, 762

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