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Z Aug 04, 2019

3 August 2019
Dear Sir/Madam,
Regarding lost luggage - Ref [protected]
I would like to make a complaint regarding the way my issue is being handled. I traveled back to the U.K on Saturday the 13th July from Istanbul to Manchester on flight TK1995 and we checked in 12 pieces of bags (there was 7 members including me in my family) and when we arrived in Manchester only 11 pieces came to us.
In Manchester we checked our tags and realized that the lady had only given us 11 tags which means she did not tag one of our bags. The lady at the lost luggage at Manchester airport was not helpful to us and said because our bag was not tagged at Istanbul she could not do anything for us.
We then got in touch with your luggage irregularity department online and explained everything to them including sending them all the relevant information i.e. tags, boarding passes, passports and description of what was inside the suitcase. It has been nearly two weeks and your department is still asking for the value of the items.
It is not the value I am interested in, it is the fact that the department dealing with this is not understanding the situation, how hard is it to find a lost suitcase? The items inside included my cousin's sons medical reports (which we need) as well as other items which where we bought as gifts, we are all deeply upset that we are unable to get the suitcase back.
We even sent a picture of the suitcase so why did no one take ownership of this lost luggage by locating it, opening it and seeing that our description of items match what is inside it and then to send it back to us.
We took this trip to Turkey after a long hard couple of years of personal problems and we needed a well-deserved break which has now turned into a complete nightmare and due to the incompetence of the lady who did not tag our bag at Istanbul airport we are suffering. This had left me being very distressed and nervous and I feeling like no one is willing to help.
I have called many times but no one is taking this seriously and I'm fobbed of with silly excuses which is getting me nowhere.
Eagerly waiting your reply.

Yours Faithfully

Ms. Homaa

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