Turkish Airlinesabout my experience with turkish airlines

K Sep 15, 2018

Assalamu alykum warahmatullahe wabarakatu-> to be honest with you I don't know how and where to start from I had fly with the airline from jfk to Istanbul to Dhaka, my family got worse service, luckily one of the flights attended was great she handled it at the end my experience I share with many people already I walk out masjid or work I tell people what a disgusting service my family Received, also returning time Disgusting service from the few airport stuff as well as one of airport police officer, on the airplane my 2.5 yrs old had high fever so I asked for help in English as soon as they hard me talking in English they had discriminated me I feel like or because of my skin color I will look forward to her from some one inshaallah I had also fill out survey on airline (kazi s Alom ) [protected]

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