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I submitted my TurboTax return, on time, and included my debit card information to pay my $400 bill. TurboTax accepted my return but 7 minutes later, the IRS rejected it.

My complaints/questions are as follows: First, why didn't TurboTax inform me the IRS had rejected my return? You accepted it but never informed me the IRS had rejected it. Why wasn't I notified? Second, the IRS said my AGI from the previous year's return did not match what they had on record. Since this number is populated on the Return based on the numbers I submitted, how did the amount reported for 2017 change by the time I filed my 2018 return. How can that be since Turbo Tax populates some of the numbers on a current return from the previous year's return? Finally, why is it impossible to get answers to these questions unless I buy an upgraded Turbo Tax edition? I wasn't looking for tax return questions to be answered, tax advice, etc. I was trying to get answers to my questions about how come Turbo Tax did not inform me my return had been rejected by the IRS and how my previous year's AGI could have changed? I understand I did not pay for an upgraded Turbo Tax edition when filing, but again, I had no filing problems and my issues only started when I was not informed my return had been rejected.

I had to pay a late filing fee with the IRS as I only learned recently, on my own, that my bank account had never been debited by the IRS. Having been a loyal TurboTax customer, and advocate for years(my adult children both use Turbo Tax on my recommendation), I am very disappointed and hope I can get some answers.

Thank you.

John Morgan

Aug 19, 2019
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      Aug 21, 2019

    OMG THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME!!! And apparently for last year too so Im not getting my child care benefit yax (canada). I dont know what tondo. I paid 60$ for self emploed both uears. They got their money...whats the problem

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