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I have been using Turbotax as a military member for 8 years — this is the first year I had a problem. 1) Military receive separate W-2s to indicate payments for a PCS (and associated taxes taken out of those payments). Turbotax could not process my W-2 as written — it's software kept forcing me to create a 3903, which erroneously claimed additional income that it tried to tax me on. I ended up having to delete Block 12 information out of my PCS W-2 to keep this from happening — a first. 2) If I work outside of the state of PA as a military member, I do not have to pay PA state taxes — any state taxes I paid during the period I worked outside of PA for the military are reimbursed. For the first time, Turbotax would not let me submit a W-2 as non-taxable to PA; I ended up having to file by mail since it would not let me efile. I paid $100 additional to have the live support to fix the above issues, one of which could not be fixed. The customer representatives were extremely competent — it was not their fault that something changed in the Turbotax software that would not allow me to file my taxes as a military member. I paid $100 extra, spent 4 extra hours on my taxes, only to have to file my state taxes by mail in the end. Please fix the issues with PCS W-2s and non-taxable state income for military members!

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