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Buyer beware!!! If you're planning on having any work done by a company called tuff shed through your local home depot, or even tuff shed directly, do your homework and make sure you're not getting a substandard subcontractor and their unqualified help (Which by the way their website say's they don't use those but oh yes they do!) you'll be left with a custom cabin that is nothing short of a custom nightmare with it's crooked walls, crooked foundation, broken truss, leaky roof that creates a huge mold issue, shingles falling off, bucked roof, wavy hardie plank siding, crooked floors, rickety staircase, and oh my the list does go on. They started work on our cabin 11-26-07 and said it would take about 3-5 days initially.. Yes that left us scratching our heads.. But then were told it'd take about 2 weeks because afterall it was a shell.. It's now june 2, 2008 and our cabin still isn't fixed correctly and we are left unable to completely finish out the inside of our cabin. After the first subcontractor did such a horrible job, and 3 attempted "repair" jobs which just made the problems worse, tuff shed finally sent a second crew of capable contractors out here to repair the problems and what was supposed to be a 4 day job turned into 8 long weeks and there are still problems that can't be fixed because it was done so bad in the first place. We've still got wavy siding and bows in the outer walls (Exterior framed walls crooked) still have an unlevel upstairs floor, have a post that sits off the front of the porch by a good 2"because the contractor that had to come fix the shoddy work of the first subcontractor they sent out here said the only way to fix it was to rip the whole porch off and start from scratch. Our foundation, we've got several piers that are leaning and crooked on a load bearing wall.. They had an"engineer"come out to render his thoughts on the situation and he gave them a report on it, which I was told on 4 separate occasions they were going to get that report to me but surprise they never did and when I put them on the spot for it, they conveniently didn't have it with them. Guess what else we've still got a problem with.. Mold.. Yes, mold. We had the state health agency out here to look at the problem initially and do air sample tests which came back moderately eleveated, but the tuff shed person in the longview office lied and said it was less than a 2% contamination.. When I talked to the state agency they said the ts guy wasn't given any percentages and that it didn't go by percentages.. The agency told them the entire roof decking and all had to go, trusses were to be scrubbed down to clean good wood, cellulose insulation had to be reblown on entire tainted area, etc. They were given a protocol to follow by the state health agency and did they follow it? Of course not! We still have a mold issue, tuff shed has had their reps out here off and on and know there was a problem but they didn't seem concerned and still don't. They have done nothing but lie to us, deceive us, and take every cheap alternate route they could find to get out of doing something right and saving a few bucks here and there. I even had a higher up in the tuff shed chain come to our property to assess the cabin and he wanted to know why didn't we call someone before things got any worse than they were and I looked at him and said I did call someone, I called you and you told me you were going to be out within 2 weeks and here it is over 2 months later you finally decide to show up. Yes they did replace our carpet, and furniture, but not without a knock down drag out having to take place to make it happen. They were trying to get"the best price possible"for what they were having to replace and were delaying it as much as they could. Home depot has had one of their reps out here, nice man but haven't really had much success with that either. When these tuff shed people were told what had to be done with the mold removal, they had direct instructions on what to do, afterall they said they were able to do it, rather than send a remediation specialist in to do the job right. They had full instructions and still didn't do it the way it was told to be done and in the process they ruined our brand new carpet, our furniture and several of our other personal belongings. We're still in the process of duking it out with these people because rather than fix the entire mold problem, they're still looking at the cost and they just want to fix a few of the molded trusses.. We were also told that with that happening, the remediation specialist can't sign off on our cabin, we can't get a 100% mold remediation certificate to verify that our cabin is free and clear of any and all mold that was here, which means our insurance won't cover any future problems that could arise, and if we ever decided to sell, it would be near impossible. We've been more than patient and worked with these people to allow them time to fix the problems and they have failed in every way humanly possible. If you are considering doing business with these people, please make your choice wisely.. If you want a cabin, take your idea to a reputable contractor and tell them what you're looking for and let someone who has the credentials to back up their work do the job. I'm sorry I know there's some rambling but just trying to cover all bases and make all aware. After all has been said and done, we're still having to fight with them and they are still trying to squirm out of doing the right thing and are being jerks about the whole issue just because they're ready to"put it to bed". These people have made our lives a living hell on earth and it hasn't ended yet. They have turned our lives upside down and we are not willing nor for one second are we going to be swept under the rug. Make certain you do your homework on whoever is doing your work, make a daily account of the goings on no matter what they are and take pictures of everything!! That's one thing that is going to help us, we've got over 521 pictures documented, 2 notebooks full of documentation of daily accounts, eye witnesses to the shoddy work that has been done, and the living conditions we were being subjected to because of these people and their severely gross negligence. We won't even do business at hd anymore because they represent these people.. Consider yourself forewarned.


  • Ge
    Geezak Nov 28, 2012

    The company is nothing more than a sales outfit, cashing your check before they do the work and then have to live up to their commitments.

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  • Ft
    [email protected] Sep 12, 2013


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  • Ri
    Ripped and Abused Jul 08, 2014

    I feel your pain. This company should be out of business. And to have Home Depot backing them has not been a help in my case. A custom building was ordered and there have been nothing but problems that they refuse to address. Like it not passing inspection!!
    I too have the same leaking roof and all the insulation and drywall will have to be ripped out. We need to do a class action.
    I feel for anyone who goes through the nightmare and stress we are going through.

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  • Ri
    Ripped and Abused Jul 08, 2014

    I have every problem you have except the furniture and carpet. It was bad from day one and when I tried to stop the install because they shipped the wrong design I was told too bad- check was cashed - I should have called Home Depot that day and demanded a refund and Had them take the junk back.
    Time for a class action. This company needs to be out of business.

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  • Rd
    Rdvl280 Oct 14, 2014

    I would like to say that I have had worse customer services
    experience but I can’t. Long story short I would never buy or suggest to
    someone I like to buy a tuff shed. Around every interaction the company tired
    to mislead or flat-out lie to me. I would have taken them to court but for a
    $3, 000 shed seemed to not be worth the time nor the added grief. After 2 months
    of emails and phone calls I finally gave up on having my issues corrected. Largest
    of which they built my shed on my concrete patio and cracked it right down the
    middle. I was told all concrete cracks and the 3, 500 pound shed didn’t cause
    it. You might be asking why did they build the shed on the patio, well because the
    measurements the sales person took were wrong and caused them to build it to
    move it back under the deck…they also damaged the siding when moving the shed
    back under my deck…GM told me there was no way they caused the damage to the
    bay window that sits 9 feet over the patio…(Shed was 9 feet tall) if that was
    the only problem I might have gotten over it but the other all shed is also a
    pile of boards and nails.

    Some items that I find with the quality of my shed and how
    it was installed:

    The shed leaked within two weeks of being installed
    and damaged the floor.

    In less than a month I already have two roof
    shingles come unglued and pop-up

    The large door frame has many sections where the
    cripple studs don’t even touch the door header

    The large door itself is not level, leaving a
    large opening into the shed and the doors not to lineup

    Many of the nails holding the plywood didn’t hit
    the studs ( I found over 78 nails missed their target)

    The newly
    installed door trap was installed two different ways on the doors

    Because the shed was moved into place after it
    was put together the shed is not level causing the door to swing shut and flex
    in the flooring

    Do yourself a favor and don’t deal with these people…there
    are many other companies that can do the job and do it right. I didn’t do my research
    and I am paying for it.

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  • Gr
    Gregg Rothermel Sep 12, 2018

    I bought a Tuff Shed a couple of years ago. I was happy with the installation and cost, but shortly thereafter half of the shingles fell off of one side. There's a warranty and someone came out and fixed them. This year several more fell off the same side. This time when I called, they insisted that it must have been storm damage. (It wasn't, there were no storms around the time they fell off). I told them that, and they said "that's your opinion". Which sounds rather nasty and unprofessional. So, beware the warranty that doesn't hold for the full 5 years as stated. Note that I'm in Lincoln Nebraska and the Tuff Shed outfit here is located in Omaha; that's where this particular nasty person works.

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  • Mu
    Muddpupp99 Dec 18, 2018

    We had same problem with our $8, 000 Tuff Shed! Horrible costumer service and we bought it through our local Tuff shed store. Rude, didn’t follow through, didn’t give us the product we ordered and then refused to refund for stuff they didn’t add that we had special ordered like more expensive windows and doors... fraud all around and the contractors they sent to build it didn’t put our shed together right- door doesn’t close or seal, windows are sticking out, the deck is attached to the house when we had asked for it to be separate so we could remove it if needed... they treated us so terribly when we asked for stuff to be fixed after spending our life savings on it... refused to send out people to fix the problems. Even got threatening calls from the boss... intimidating women and asking to only speak to the man of the house since it’s a mans job... horrible people and company!! Will never recommend them to anyone!! Stay away! Ours is covered in mold as well and all our interior work is ruined... no help from Tuff shed. The warranty is a joke!

    Caroline and Adam Taft

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  • Ri
    Richard Wojno Jan 17, 2019

    Purchased a 24'x30' shed from tuff shed. Roof shingles lifted due to "high nailing" of the shingles. Window installed upside down causing the glass to fall out of the frame. Door installed out of plumb causing water to rot the frame. Customer service never called back after the shingles lifted off the roof, shingles with a 30 year warranty if installed properly, which they were not. When you pay $16, 000.00 for a building you expect the work to be done in a competent and professional manner, in this case it was not professional workmanship. I filed a complaint with the BBB and each response from tuff shed was filled with lies from the company.

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  • St
    Stacey Blair Jul 11, 2019

    I have had the worst experience of my entire life, the customer service is absolutely horrible, they never call you back and always say they are busy. It took three months to schedule a install and then they never showed up that day to install the shed. Trying to get my money back now, do yourself a favor and stay away from tuff shed, you will regret it.

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  • Sc
    S. Christensen Sep 05, 2019

    I wish I would have read the other posts here before I spent nearly $7, 000 on my custom Tuff Shed for my 60th birthday present. It took me months to decide what I wanted and was very excited to place the order. I had a couple of questions and couldn't do that online so contacted the Home Depot salesman. He made an appointment with me and placed the online order for me so he could get the commission. He didn't answer all of my questions, but I thought I was buying the best so I didn't worry. Until...

    My install was supposed to happen in one day on August 20th, just two days before my birthday. Perfect right? Wrong. The installers were great but I didn't receive the product I ordered that day. The shed was painted the wrong color for starters. The front transom windows were not on the trailer. One side vent did not fit the opening and when the installers tried to enlarge it they noticed the framing was done incorrectly so the vent I ordered would not fit. They brought out a plastic roof vent instead of the metal one I ordered. I have a front door but the door knob and deadbolt lock were not on the trailer so the door would not stay shut. Quite a few nails in the siding were not secured in the studs. The builders left off the two top plate 2x4s. Luckily the installers brought extras but the siding does not cover them so that piece needs to be redone. The installers also had to use an extra piece of sheeting as not enough had been included. Since the wrong paint was included I was unable to put on the second coat as I planned so it looks really rough.

    Obviously when the load left the warehouse the company knew everything was not included and the shed would not be complete but they did not contact me to schedule another date to finish my order. I contacted them by email the day of the install and reported everything, but did not receive a response. The installers said they would also report it. They took photos and so did I. I called them six days later and asked how they were going to make it right. All they could offer was to come back out in 2-1/2 weeks. That is tomorrow. I asked if they could at least mail me the doorknob and lock so I could lock up the shed. They did not even respond. I also asked if they could get me the correct paint color from Home Depot so I could paint it the correct color while I waited. Again, no answer.

    I have been considering asking them to remove the shed and refund my money, but I will see how tomorrow goes. I have to take off work again to complete this project that I paid for back in June (three months ago)! By the way, I had to contact them today to see what time I can expect them tomorrow. They did not contact me. Terrible, no, nonexistent customer service!

    Happy Birthday right?! Not!

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  • Is
    I should have Known Oct 17, 2019

    I also wish that I would have read the complaints prior to getting my shed, its not even here yet and its been 6 weeks, I was promised 3, they have been in constant contact with me but only computer generated responses. Of course, they received there payment on time.
    Today I received a called letting me know they are on there way, woo hoo, only 1.5 hours late. I guess I should charge them for my time.

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  • Be
    BewareTuffShed Jan 28, 2020

    We are dealing with our own Tuff Shed disaster here in Washington State. In the spring of 2019 we started working with Tuff Shed for a 20x30 garage. Plans were made, engineering fees paid - all good. Got through the building permit process just fine. Had my own contractor do the foundation and slab (authorized by TS) work. Had electrical contractor all lined up.

    October rolls around and the day of the build is here. Day one-the walls went up and started to stand up the trusses. High winds kept them from getting far on the trusses so they stopped for the day.

    Day two- Trusses get finished, roofing goes on, man door installed, the one window installed. Workers start to anchor the front of the building to the foundation for shear according to engineers instructions. This is where the fun began.

    More Day two- Workers could not apparently use two of the pre-installed concrete bolts used to fasten the front of the building to the foundation so they cut them off. Two bolts were installed on either side of the garage door opening but the outer bolts were not in correct spots they say. They were sawzalled off and new bolts were to be drilled and epoxied in the alleged correct space. During this event, the workers drilled for the two new outer hold down bolts but did not blow out or clean out in any way the dust/debris from the drilled hole. They then proceeded to install the new all-thread bolts with the epoxy into the holes. Being that the holes (a) were not drilled large enough and (b) were not cleaned out prior to the bolt insertion, both bolts would not go fully into the new holes. The worker then took a small sledge hammer and proceeded to pound them in(bolts like this should just drop in). I witnessed this part. When the bolt got to a point where it wouldn't go in any further(the sound changes when something bottoms out in concrete), he had the foreman come over and try a few more smacks on it. Seeing that it would not go in any further, they declared it satisfactory.

    Missing several parts, like the ridge vent and some other items, it was determined that a third day was going to be needed to complete. Not to mention to have the garage door installed later.

    The crews left for the day explaining that it would not be them returning to complete the work but a second crew would be there.

    Later that afternoon my neighbor was out looking at what they had done so I went out to talk to him. He pointed out that there were cracks and what looked to be broken section of the corners of the front of the foundation directly where they had installed the new bolts.

    Not cleaning out the holes per Simpson's instructions coupled with them pounding against the debris still in the hole caused the foundation to break off at each front corner, permanently damaging the foundation.

    I called my sales guy right away to report this. Their obvious mistake caused me to start looking more closely at the rest of the garage for errors.

    I found that when you opened the man door, it would swing open by itself, meaning it was not plumb. Not even close to plumb. That led me to grab my large level and check the walls. I found both of the 30 foot wall sections out of plumb by as much as 1/2-3/4 inch in 8 feet. I recalled that none of the workers had bothered to use braces on the walls as they were stood up in order to keep them plumb. Like you would do with a regular, stick built structure. Obviously, with out of plumb walls, the door was naturally out of plumb as well.

    Up on the ladder I went to discover that most if not all the trusses were not plumb either. Nor were there blocking between each truss near the top in order to maintain spacing and plumb as they were set.

    Among other items I found over the next could days were the ends of the trusses on one side of the garage were not evenly trimmed so that when the fascia board was attached, there were serious gaps and a wavy appearance to the fascia board. I found two pieces of fascia board with a good quarter inch gap between them. The roof sheathing on one side was not nailed down properly so that after a few weeks, the sheathing lifted away from the trusses causing the appearance of lines in the shingles from the from to the back. There is almost a half inch of separation in some spots between the sheathing and the trusses. I found a roofing nail exposed and not under the upper course of shingles.

    All this and more was reported to the general manager in the area. He came out about a week after the foundation was damaged and said that they would do what it took to make it right. This has led us on, so far, an almost 4 month journey. The garage shell is still there just like it was when they left that second day of construction. Their attorney has assured me that they will pay to have the existing structure removed along with all the useless concrete foundation as it is not feasible to try to have that repaired, which they originally proposed to do. They also said they would reimburse me for my building permit fees. I am, naturally, asking them to reimburse me for the cost of the original foundation that I paid for. They appear to not be so keen on that as they want a third-party contractor to come out and assess what the foundation might cost and then only give me that amount. To that I say no way. I want the amount I paid and no less.
    So this is where we are today - awaiting some contractor to come by to take a look at it.
    We are just wanting this garage gone and all our money returned to us so we can start this whole process over again with a normal building contractor.

    Maybe a nice love letter from our attorney will get things moving along.

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  • Cl
    Claudia Stallworth May 24, 2020

    Thank you all for listing all of your negative experiences about Tuffshed. I am in the process of purchasing a shed. Tuffshed was who I was prepared to go with, now I am not so sure. I am going to look at other companies, or have a contractor friend build me one, and I know for sure that it will be done correctly. So thanks again for your information.

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