Truworthsproduct purchase

N Sep 05, 2018

Good Day,

I am writing to you to let you know my disappointment…

I purchased a pretty Ginger Mary dress from Truworths in Pinecrest centre in Pinetown in March 2018.
(you would know the price is not cheap… between R450 - R 500 - I can't remember the figure).

To my disgust, I went to the Chatsworth centre this Saturday 01 September 2018 and saw the exact same dress in a little store for R180.

Why and How are dresses made by / for the Truworths and subsidiary brands being sold to the little Chinese shops?
Apart from the price we pay at Truworths or any store, we pay for the brand we are wearing - -I don't want someone to be able to pick up the same dress at a Chinese store!

I would like for someone to address this please.
Ask the staff at your truworth's in Chatsworth to go to the little shop next to CNA ( I don't know the name) - its displayed on the window…it's an orange, brown dress.

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