Truworthsclothing return

D Oct 08, 2019

I wanted to return a white dress. I had almost R2500 worth of new clothing that I wanted to buy, however, after this unfortunate incident I left it at the counter and returned to my vehicle with my white dress that the lady, Mabuni, working at the counter decided not to exchange for me because of a stain. I know its policy not to exchange clothing with stains, but seriously? I will attach 2 photo's of "THE STAIN" and then you can decide if it is worth treating a customer of 25 years like this. I will NEVER, EVER buy anything from this Truworths branch in Lichtenburg ever again and I will not hesitate to tell this to all of my friends to avoid this shop. When you look at the photo, "the stain" is on the left hand side on the V-line. What is was actually was a little bit of blusher the brushed off as I pulled the dress over my head to fit. The mark is so light that it is not even clearly visible to the eye?????


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