Truworthsbad customer service

H Jul 26, 2018

A few days ago I got a call from a lady saying she is from Truworths. She then proceeded to ask me personal questions such as ID number, Street address or date of birth. We are constantly warned about SCAMS so I refused to answer her! As much as she demanded to ensure she was talking to the correct person - how do I know I am even talking to someone from Truworths!!

She then advised that if I was uncomfortable giving out my info she would never the less continue the discussion and advised me my account was in arrears. I advised I would go to the shop at month end and make payment when I do my instalment as I could speak to the cashier and ask for a printout of my statement.

She obviously disregarded what I was saying because she wanted banking details to organise a debit order - what part of I will go in at month end did she not understand?? I told her I would make payment at month end and am not giving banking details.

Subsequently I have received numerous messages advising me that my account is going to be handed over!! Why?? I told you I was going to make payment at month end when I pay my instalment so what's with the threats??

Anyway, I am aware from my previous statement that it looks like I only have 2 more instalments to pay - I am done with Truworths - they have no customer service and no listening skills!

Looks like they choose soft targets who they can see generally pay their account!! I am closing my account and will definitely not recommend people open accounts or shop here!

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