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Truworths - Staff member at eyethu

I wanted to open a Truworths shopping account and I went to Truworths orangefarm eyethu mall as it is the nearest mall. I spoke to one of your staff members about it but he later said that my ID was fake and labelled me a fraudster. He further said that Truworths doesn't associate itself with fraudsters. I suddenly became defenceless and hurt as I know that my ID isn't fake and I have NVR associated myself with fraud or any other illegal thing.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated on this matter.

My email address [protected]

Truworths - Missed payment

Account Number: [protected]
Name: Sylvia Nomthandazo Mnguni
Payment Date: 27 November 2020
Amount Paid: R530.00

Good day,

I received a message this morning at 8:26am reminding me about the missed payment for my account. All my payments are done according to the statement that I receive from Truworths. My statement for November stated that I need to pay R524.00, then I paid R530.00.Please rectify as this will affect my credit score. I don't understand the R60.00


Truworths - Billing

Thruwoths keeps charging me cellphone plan charge for the cell phone that I paid up in august 2020.

The first time I queried the account on 13 october 2020, I was told there has been an error on my account and that it will be corrected and an amended statement sent to me however no one ever sent the corrected statement, instead I have been told that the cellphone plan was transferred to 9 months.

Before all this, on the 02nd aug 2020 I was at thruwoths midlands mall and I asked to settle my account. The cashier told I had to pay r155. In order to settle the account, so I paid just that. Now I being told it r302.00 that I was supposed to pay in order to settle the account.

I had another follow up today and now I m being told that payments were not split correctly onto the cell phone plan. Please can you assist with this account as I am still not satisfied with the responses I get from truworths.


Truworths - Card

Good day. I filed several complaints at Truworths as I opened an accout, and did not get my Truworths card yet. They keep on saying that a new card will be posted to me. No card yet, and it is not worth complaining at Truworths, every time the same story with no results...

Nov 26, 2020

Truworths - Accident and injury in store

Good Day
My wife visited the Truworths store in Carletonville today, and got injured. She asked one of the store attendants for assistance on higher shelf clothing. The assistant used a ladder, whilst folding the ladder she dropped it and it fell on my wife's foot. It is swollen and very painful. I will consult the Doctor today as she needs medical attention. No one of the store management offer to help, I am sure that this is not according to Truworths values.

This incident should be attended to immediately

Hope to hear from you

Thank You

Nico Heunis

Truworths - Cellphone not working

I bought 2 cellphones at Truworths festival mall. few weeks down the line 1 cellphone stopped working. I went back to the shop to explain my problem. The lady - Lebo said Since the cellphone was in...

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Truworths - My account is slightly late and I have been contacted 6 times in 3 days

Hi there. My truworths account is slightly in the reares (only R500 in total) and they have been calling the wrong number from Wednesday (my mother's number) to get payment. They have called 6 times despite that I have asked repeatedly to call my number and that I will happily pay the pathetically tiny amount when I get the chance (it's literally R117!). How can someone be harassed this much for literally R100!

Truworths - Black bodycon dress

I bought a black bodycon dress at Canal walk on the 12 November 2020 I fitted the dress on at the store and it looked amazing and fitted perfectly. I wore the dress the following evening on the...

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Truworths - Service

I have been to the Somerset Mall Truworths branch and had an unpleasant experience. I bought a pair of flip flops that was advertised on the shelf for R140. However once I got to the cashier, it said...

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Truworths - Statement not received

I last received my statement in Aug and then today(Nov). In the statement received today they added a 12 months interest of which im on a 6motnhs plan with them, I called, spoke to Sino who said unfortunately they cannot reverse it now as its over 60 days, well had I received my statement in Sep or Oct I would have queried it then, so why blame me for the statement I received in Nov. I had never asked for a 12 months plan on the purchases I made, the last purchase in Sandton, then guy was chatting to his friend hence he did not pay attention when I said 6 months, not I have to bear the interest for an error done by Truworths. I received the statement today and queried today, doesn't that show if I had received it in Sep I would have queried it in Sep. Can this be resolved now before I take it to the media

Truworths - I'm complaining about my fraud case

In 2014 I lost my ID book and I claimed it and made a new ID book someone stole my identity book and opened and account at throworths and took clothes worth R2800, then I went to complain about that and I made an affidavit at police station and went to throworths store they said I should wait for head office to communicate with me until today I haven't recieved their call so today I received a call from dept collector they said I must pay or be blacklisted throworths didn't help me with my case... And I'm said because I'm not even working how did they open an unemployed account?

Truworths - Clearwater mall, roodepoort store

We waited 10 minutes in a queue while there were 2 cashiers assisting. There were 8 customers waiting and waiting. No one seemed to care that customers stand and wait. Only after I demanded service...

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Truworths - Service

Date of incident 2020/11/02
I'm Nozipho Mkhize

I was buying a new pair of shoes at pinetown pinecrest with the month end queues it took long to get to a cashier of which that was not an issue for me although I was on lunch but the service I got from zodwa was the worst. I had fitted the shoes and because they were hard to take of I decided to wear them and pay while wearing them, zodwa made me take them off and even after pleading with her, another customer even assisted me in taking the shoes of after that I had to wait for her while she assisted other customers instead of me. Another lady (I did not get her name called her into order and asked me to come so she could assist. I was humiliated by zodwa in-front of the customers and other cashiers.

That lady should not be working at a service industry she does not have a clue on how to render service.

Truworths - Fraudulent purchases on my account

On the 22 October two different purchases were done at Truworths ladies and man stores in Rustenburg using a fake I'd document I received the sms to my amazement however I was in pietermaritzburg so I phoned the call center and lodged a dispute of purchase I tried to open a case of fraud at my local police station I required statements from Truworths which they refuse to release can this matter be resolved asap my I'd no is [protected] my contact number is [protected] if I'm not contacted with the next 48 hrs if Truworths can't be concerned I'm going to close my account and if you look at my purchases I should be a valued customer for the last 10yrs I need this looked at with more urgency

Truworths - Service

On Saturday 24 October 2020 I visited truworths in East London Hemingway's, got a very bad service there.. Had a letter from my husband to purchase a perfume. The so called manageress treated me so badly didn't even looked at my letter saying that signatures are not the Same I don't think will ever buy from truworths again.. bad experience ever


Truworths - sms new account

Good day,

I have now receive many sms's from Truworths. IOn the sms it says you my phone to opt out. But after 3 time that I phone, they still send me an sms. I would like to find out where did they get my number? I want to know who sold them my number, because I want some of that money, because I pay every month for that number to be on my name. So somebody is making money on my number.

Thruworths STOP sending sms's. People don't have money and don't want credit.

STOP sending SMS!

Truworths - Account not being updated with my payments

My name is Munene, I have bought 1 item to the amount of R1200 in February, I keep paying my account but for some odd reason Truworths keeps telling that I did nit fulfill their promise, which by the way I did, a lady called me in September to say that my balance is R1200 and we agreed that I will pay R100 immediately and then for the next three months I will pay R300pm, I kept my promise, I have since paid R400 and suprisingly my debt is not going down but up everyday, I need this resolved otherwise I might as well stop payoing completely and you can do whatever you want

Truworths - Maternity dresses purchased


My husband purchased 4 dresses for me from Truworths, all maternity. I have only worn each dress about 3-4 times and I've always hand washed these dresses. I have not put them into the washing machine.

Three of the dresses are all perished in the front. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of these garments, especially since they are from Truworths and one would think the Truworths brand is quality above all else.

Please can someone contact me on [protected] to discuss this matter.

Thank you



Truworths - Service

Please contact me on [protected]- dont get help - my mom is 75 years old - I the daughter handle all her afairs. She got cancer, Abnemia, and can't understand people over the phone is deaf partly.

We didn't receive a statement - my acc as you can see id nr [protected] always paid full. She nver behind aswell [protected]

Now we in arears they didnt want to speak to me she was sitting next to me but cant hear I repeat the question and then she told the lady. Kateyn Sasc. She wont help us we just want to get a statement and the amount to pay in full.

You upset my mom and she is sick. We are always good payers and will close our account now with you both of them'

Oct 14, 2020

Truworths - Customer service

Truworths staff are very unprofessional, they don't greet you when you come into the store and they don't even bother to sanitize anymore. they stare at you while you are shopping as if you will...

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