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Complaints & Reviews



Holding money

I have been using RBS Worldpay for 5 months now. I have not had any issues with them until last week. I noticed that I did not get my deposit, so I called on Friday. They said they are going to hold around $6000 because I had a couple chargebacks, which they already collected out of my bank account. Why do they have to hold more money if they already got the money back? They told me they would hold it for 30 days and I would get it back. Fine. I played along. He did tell me a couple more were coming in as well totalling $1100, which they also took from my account. He then told me no more funds would be held.

I ran a big sale and had great results and charged about $25K this weekend. Well, I check my account and nothing. I call up and now they elevate me to another risk department that now says they are closing my account and will hold everything in there (about $30K) for 6 months!!! I need that money to operate. I can't have that money tied up. Also, they gave me no notice and just did it. They said they mailed me a notice that I should get within a couple days. So, does that mean they wanted me to keep charging so they can hold more and more until their letter gets to me? These guys are a bunch of crooks and I have already reported them to the BBB and I will not stop here. I am going to make sure everyone knows who these crooks are.

Finance charge

I had a "life of the loan" agreement with RBS at a low rate. When RBS decided to "change" their agreement and triple raise the rate I decided to pay it off and cut up my card. After a fight, I called for the total amount due and was given the pay off amount and paid them off ($3700) on line that same day. I just received an additional bill for a finance charge. Very small amount but a principal issue. I refuse to pay it!! I am retired, could care less if they send it to collections (if they are stupid enough to do that and I think they are) but I will not pay it.

RBS is a company who preys on good customers. I paid relegiously more than the minimum payment due.

They can take their Finance Charge and stick it where the sun "don't" shine.

I sent them back the invoice, paid the postage relunctly, and told them exactly that.


Ref : ABY/NRI-ACCT/[protected]/04
My name is Mr. Elvis Edward I am the auditor and head of computing department of Royal Bank of Scotland Liverpool Branch here in United Kingdom .There is an account opened in this bank in 2003 and since my inception into office on 2nd Jan 2009, I then found this account and when I investigated deeply by contacting the assigned next of kin I also found that the next of kin to this account was an american who lived in London for over 63Yrs and nobody has operated on this account again after 2004.

I took the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable for this important transaction. In order to transfer out $100, 000, 000 (One Hundred Million U.S Dollars)After going through some old files, I discovered that if I do not Remit this money out urgently, it will be forfeited for nothing and the Royal Bank of Scotland management might divert the funds to their own accounts.

Please respond immediately I will use my position and influence to effect the legal approval and onward transfer of this fund into your account with appropriate clearance from foreign payment department. You will stand to get 40% while 60% will be for me.Kindly quote the reference (acct) numbers above when responding to this mail.I will fill you in with further details upon your reply pkease reply with the following information.
1 your full name
2 your full address
3 your age and occupation
4 your phone number

Sincerely yours,

Mr.Elvis Edward

Complaint for netbanking

RBS Netbanking service not working from last 6-7 months, it's creating negative impact on RBS customers.
This is suggestion to you guys pls improve it and start it ASAP. due to this most of RBS account holders are going to open the account in others bank, me also within months.

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unfair business practices

In December 2010 I signed with Worldpay for a 3 year contract that I expected to cost me $25 a month maximum since business has been slow. The cost with less than $100 in transactions was $46.78. I called and complained and they refunded $9.99 of the fee although I was told that $15.98 would be waived. The following month the fee was the same
($46.78) I called to cancel the service and was told it would cost $495 to cancel. Nowhere in my agreement or in any conversation with Worldpay was that figure mentioned. I had a superviser call me and he appoligized for the mistakes in billing and told me the $495 fee could not be waived even though I was never notified what the fee was. That disclosure was supposed to be faxed to me after I signed the contract. But since I didn't have a fax, they didn't mention it. bottom line, it's a scam unless you do enough business to go above the minimum billing (which they knew I wouldn't from the sales figures I gave them on my business)


Dear Sir,

I am a credit card account holder vide card No.[protected] for the past two and half years. I have been regularly paying the due amount. My credit limit was fixed upto Rs.30, 000/- while issuing the credit card. Initially everything were gone smoothly, but later I am facing levy of extra charges on different heading namely over limit charge, late payment charge, interest and service tax etc., It was duly informed to you’re your bank by email on several occasions. In one occasion one of your executive threatened over phone while requesting the details of the levy of extra charges in the statement of accounts. I made a complaint to the Police Station as well as your Bank. Since you had given assurance to take action against the delinquent executive, I withdrew the complaint before the Police Station. Believing the words of the Bank, I withdrew the said complaint with good intention to continue the banking relationship with Bank. I further believed that I will not be targeted by taking revenge against me. But after the above said complaint, I am continuously harassed by way of levying the different charges against me on different headings. It is clearly reveals from the statement of accounts that the levying of different charges on different headings.
Since, I am very busy in my work I do not have time to verify the credit card statement. When I saw the monthly statement from February 2010 to November 2010, to my shock and surprise you have levied extra charges in different headings like over limit charge, late payment charge, interest charges and service charges. I am deeply disappointed with the charges levied by you without following the banking procedures. I have a grievance in my statement about the levy of different charges in my card. Hence, Kindly take the matter as serious one and look in to my credit card account from the statement dated 07.02.2010 to 07.11.2010.

In these circumstances the following monthly statements to show how I am facing the extra charges levied in my credit card account, though I did not avail anything from this card either purchase or withdrawal of money.

1. Statement Dated 07.02.2010

08.01.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
01.02.2010 LATE FEE 650.00
07.02.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 1100.70
08.01.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 59.20
08.01.2010 SERVICE TAX 248.21

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.02.2010 - Rs.2658.11
Amount paid on 07.02.2010 -Rs.2000.00
Hence without purchase anything the charges in card -Rs.2658.11

2. Statement Dated 07.03.2010

08.02.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
07.03.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 1009.50
07.03.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 55.38
07.03.2010 SERVICE TAX 171.47

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.03.2010 - Rs.1836.35
Amount paid on 01.03.2010 -Rs.2000.00
Hence the extra charges levied in card -Rs.1835.55
Purchased from this card on 07.02.2010 -Rs.294.00
3. Statement Dated 07.04.2010

08.03.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
07.03.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 1106.09
07.03.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 61.48
07.03.2010 SERVICE TAX 182.05

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.04.2010 - Rs.1949.62
Amount paid on 30.03.2010 -Rs.2500.00
Hence the extra charges levied in card -Rs.1949.62
Purchased from this card on 04.04.2010 -Rs.512.50

4. Statement Dated 07.05.2010

08.04.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
07.05.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 979.49
07.05.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 56.65
07.03.2010 SERVICE TAX 168.51

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.05.2010 - Rs.1817.15
Amount paid on 28.04.2010 -Rs.10000.00
Hence the extra charges levied in card -Rs. 1817.15

5. Statement Dated 07.06.2010- not received. Though I have not received the statement I paid the due amount based on the message to my mobile.
6. Statement Dated 07.07.2010

08.06.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
02.07.2010 LATE FEE 650.00
07.07.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 921.59
07.07.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 69.58
07.07.2010 SERVICE TAX 261.73

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.07.2010 - Rs.4, 041.17
Amount paid on 11.06.2010 -Rs.2, 500.00
Hence the extra charges levied in card -Rs. 2502.90

7. Statement Dated 07.08.2010- not received. Though I have not received the statement I paid the due amount based on the message to my mobile.

8. Statement Dated 07.09.2010

01.09.2010 LATE FEE 650.00
02.09.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
07.09.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 949.27
07.09.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 77.53
07.09.2010 SERVICE TAX 234.50

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.08.2010 - Rs. 2, 511.30
Amount paid on 07.09.2010 -Rs. 2, 500.00
Hence the extra charges levied -Rs. 2, 511.30

9. Statement Dated 07.10.2010

08.09.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
02.10.2010 LATE FEE 650.00
07.09.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 932.37
07.09.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 75.02
07.09.2010 SERVICE TAX 232.50

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.10.2010 - Rs. 2, 489.89
Amount paid on 06.10.2010 -Rs. 2, 500.00
Hence the extra charges levied -Rs. 2, 489.89

10 . Statement Dated 07.11.2010

01.11.2010 LATE FEE 650.00
02.11.2010 OVERLIMIT FEE 600.00
07.11.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 951.42
07.11.2010 FINANCE CHARGE 77.99
07.11.2010 SERVICE TAX 234.77

Total Charges levied in statement dated 07.05.2010 - Rs. 2, 314.18
Hence the extra charges levied -Rs. 2, 314.18

In the above four months statements it is well known to you, I have purchased Rs.294.00, Rs.512.20 and Rs.1500/-, which reflects in the statement dated 07.02.2010, 04.04.2010 and 07.07.2010 respectively.
From the above statement, I have disclosed the details that how the charges were levied in my card from statement dated 07.02.2010 to 07.11.2010. Since I don’t have the statement dated 07.06.2010 and 07.08.2010, but based on the previous statement it could be approximately Rs.2, 500/- each and hence Rs.5000/-could be charges for the above two months.

Hence, the above statements from 07.02.2010 to 07.11.2010 (i.e for the period of 10 months) the total charges levied in my card is Rs.22, 987/-, but I have paid Rs. 24, 000/(with out including the payment made in statement dated 07.06.2010 and 07.08.2010). Though I paid this much amount the outstanding still shown as 31, 213.45/-. It is also pertinent to note that the extra charges levied in my card on the heading of late fee and over limit fee, it’s comes about Rs.13750/-.
How the late fee was levied in my card is that the bill has been generated on every month 7th day, but the late fee was levied even the payment made on 7th day of the month( see statement dated 07.02.2010 and 07.09.2010). Sometimes without verify the account the late fee levied in my card mechanically( see statement dated 07.10.2010, the payment made on 06.10.2010, but late fee charges levied, which is reflected in the statement).

How the over limit charges have been levied in my card is that my original credit limit was Rs.32, 000/- and as usual the over limit charge of Rs 600/-levied in my card and hence I made a request to enhance my credit limit to avoid the over limit charges. In stead of enhance the credit limit, you have reduced my credit limit to Rs.28, 700/-(see statement dated 07.07.2010). The credit limit was reduced for the reason to levy the extra charges as over limit fee.

In the above statements the extra charges levied in my card is Rs.22987.50/-. In these statements you have used to levy the extra charges namely over limit charges, late payment fee, finance charge(retail) and finance charge(cash) etc and corresponding service taxes for the same.
Question: The finance charges (retail) are Rs.59.20, Rs.55.38, Rs. 61.48, Rs.56.65, Rs.69.58, Rs. 77.53, Rs. 75.02, and Rs.77.99 levied on 07.02.2010, 07.03.2010, 07.04.2010, 07.05.2010, 07.07.2010, 07.09.2010, 07.10.2010 and 07.11.2010 respectively. The above charges levied towards the interest for Rs.300/-. As per this finance charge the interest amount was paid more than the principal amount. Assuming you have charged these charges as interest towards principal, why can’t you deduct the same from the payment made by me?. For the last ten months I have paid Rs.22000/-.You would have given the debit the cash loan first. But in my statement without debit the cash loan you have debited only interest from the payment. In other words for the purpose of levy the different charges you have not given debit to cash loan.
Apart from this I have received the message from your bank stating that my credit limit is reduced as Rs.28000/-from Rs.32000/-. When I availed credit card the maximum credit limit was Rs.32000/-. Now you have reduced my credit limit without given any prior intimation.

All these ten months I have purchased Rs.294.00, Rs.512.20 and Rs.1500.00/- on 07.02.2010, 04.04.2010 and 07.07.2010 respectively. Whereas you have charged Rs.22, 987.50/-, but Rs.24, 000/-has been paid towards the credit card outstanding. These ten months statement placed before you as only example. You have to see the last two and half year how much amount I have paid so far without purchases anything.I could not bear these type of extra charges levied in my credit card.
Sir kindly consider the following points I have raised for your kind consideration.
1. The total extra charges levied is Rs.22, 987.50, assuming the admitted towards principal is taken in to consideration the extra charges levied in my card on the heading of late fee and over limit fee, it’s comes about Rs.13750/-, but the outstanding still shows as Rs.31, 213.45/-.
2. I have paid Rs. 24, 000/(with out including the payment made in statement dated 07.06.2010 and 07.08.2010). After the deducting the payment of Rs. 24, 000/-the balance would be Rs.7, 213/-. If the over limit fee and late fee of Rs. 13, 750 is adjusted, so far I have paid the extra amount of Rs. 6537/- in the card. As a multinational company it is not a great loss to your bank if you make the above arrangement of reverse the above extra charges, on the other hand I will be put irreparable loss and hardship.

Hence I kindly request you to refund the extra payment of Rs. 6537/- and close my account in card No.[protected] enable to start a new account for which I am grateful to you. If you want any clarifications, please arrange a meeting with your officials to explain my stand.
Thanking you, Yours sincerely,


Misbehaviour of customer support executive

ever since RBS has taken over ABN AMRO there has been a huge change in the attitude of the customer care...

Kolkata Credit Cards

Harassment from RBS collection

RBS UAE is really harassing me like anything; I have 3 Cards from RBS and one loan, even in this recession not a single check of my loan payment has been bounced I always manage payment and deposit in my account before due date, yes I delay credit cards bills but not more than a month, before recession I was always on time I never delayed my cards payments, but for last 9/10 months since my salary is got reduced and I am not even getting it on time my cards payments are getting delay but not more than a month or 20/25 days, but these people really behave very badly I feel I will have a nervous breakdown because of them, to harass me they make me talk to some local Arab and send message that Mr. Abdullah is on his way to meet your employer and take the all outstanding amount. This is really very immoral attitude. I don’t know who can help us to get rid of these harassments of everyday, I have full intentions to pay all their dues but it cannot be happen in one day time I am paying them but with a little bit delay, but they are not cooperative at all, I feel I will end up in a mental hospital.

These are the numbers from where I get harassment messages: +971 [protected] / +971 [protected] / +971 [protected]

Is there any solution of this, can anybody help? I am really in pain

  • Ua
    UAE2011 Sep 30, 2010

    My Friend, there is no Abdulla or Mohamed - These are duped names of used Arab or Indian donkeys working in the collection centers. You better ask him to visit your office and meet your manager. He ( Abdulla Never comes! ) instead he will call you mother/wife in your home and threaten them.
    We no choice- Pay the dues without fail- Keep the last amount and wait this guys to come to your door .

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  • Du
    Dubayy2010 Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I strongly agree to both of you, RBS collection department is one of the most unprofessional and unethical in their trade. I witnessed this when the 'Arab or Indian donkeys working in their collection centers' made similar phone calls to my employer who had similar problems with payments.

    They are so shameless that if the call a company, they start making the monetary demands to whoever answers the phone be it a receptionist or anyone & make sure that the whole company knows that you haven t made your payment. I was harassed once when I do not have anything to do with RBS and spoke to a similar abdullah who even told me that he was coming to meet me with a box of sweets. It has been 3 months and there has been no abdullah and no sweets.

    However, the best option is settle the entire amount immediately or else ask the Bank for an easy installment settlement and pick a date so that you would be sure to make a payment beforehand so as to avoid unnecessary harassment.

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  • Za
    ZakiHasan Oct 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi friends! Is it possible join all of us in DUBAI, U.A.E. and sort out things to take legal action against the way bank and their legal agent abusing the clients! If we are late in payment bank to charge us AED 179.00 after that what is the role of collection agent? Then why bank charge us AED 179.00? Was there any clause in credit card agreement that clients will be harassed in this way once a payment is delayed? Can not we go to court instead of paying to them (Until a decision from court is there we can continue paying to court). Please suggest if anyone is there to form a FORUM or something like that so that we all can join to take legal action against their abusive nature.

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wish, i can turn back the time and deal with some other bank instead of choosing rbs bank because i want to save my dignity, personality, sanity and the most my life.they will drive you to commit the worst thing in life just for them to get what they want, no matter what consequences the defaulters will face.they are so inhuman.i even asked 1 of the agent what he feels at the end of the day after all those foul words from him to the they can earn their living through these;harassing, intimidating, crushing people to the lowest level.they have family of their own feeding their children or helping their parents these way.THAT'S myself, i'd rather work the lowliest job available than earn my living by harassing and worst, driving them to commit illegal act.i never turn my back to my credit from this bank because i consider this as an honest debt and am trying my very best to pay this out as soon as i can.i don't want to loose my sanity just for them.

desperate 2010

Hidden Charges & Interest Charges

One of the Most stupid Bank i have seen in my life time is RBS .I took a CC from them and later i had applied for Smart cash Loan .when the spoke to me on this regards they said you have to pay Dhs, 420 only .But i had received the statement of Dhs, 475/- with Smart protection of Dhs, 85.Unfortunatley i havent seen the statement and i paid only Dhs, 420/- .For the outstanding of Dhs, 84 .The had put a interest charge of Dhs150/.Also if you pay thru UAE exchange the ere is a processing fee of Dhs 3/- which you need to pay other wise it will affect your outstanding amount on the card .Againg you will endup with paying extra intersest for the outstanding of dhs 3/-.SO guys pls never go for RBS Card ..There are money suckers ...beware of these RBS guys ...

demanding account number

Royal Bank of Scotland Plc,
Registered in Scotland No. 90312.
Registered Office: 36 St Andrew Square,
Edinburgh EH2 2YB
United Kingdom
Our Ref: ABN.TFIN31OZ15.
You’re Ref: DR.HS192184.
Dear: Customer
Thank you for contacting Royal Bank of Scotland. It
is always our pleasure to receive
New Customers and our assurance is that of reliable
and professional services at all times. We hope to
give you satisfaction in our services.
Pursuant to your Email to my attention, please
find information in the manner below.
This is to officially inform you that we received
and acknowledge the receipt of your email.
Attached is the Bank Form, you are demanded to fill in
the form and send it back with the option, a copy of
your passport attach, out the requirement and send to us.
All this information should be filled and sent to us
via Email/Fax. This information will enable us do
our officially verification via our deposit database.
Please fill in the appropriate information in
the space below:
DATA First Name.
Middle Name.
Last Name.
Month Of Birth. Day: Year:
Marital Status.
Home Address 1.
Office Address 2
Zip Code.
Mobile phone
No.: House
Phone No.:
Fax No
Email Address.: * eg.
This is to verify that the information filled in
this FORM is a valid particular of me. Yes:
You are required to reply this email in less than
24 hours from now.
I thank you once again for choosing to bank with Royal
Bank of Scotland, we assure you of satisfaction with
us at all times...
Yours Truly.
Mr. Simeon Saxe
Director Foreign Transfer Department
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc,

Charge to my account

Im not for sure but i think" rbs netherlanga" is "RBS Netherlan GA" and is connected to the royal bank of...

not understanding my situvation

hello sir. i join to work dubai at 2004 as a labour that time my salary is 950dhs. then after 2years i went to india i study cad and i join the same company as a draughtman. salary is 2000dhs. then i got one offer from other company 4500dhs. so i resign my job. company put 6month band. that new company gave me a vist visa to work. i came back and work at dubai.then i reseve one call from old company. they need me to join again that same company. they offerd me 7000dhs. so i join that old company again. i sing that contract 7000dhs. then i apply for credit card. i used it. after 2months i reseve 2 letters from my company. one is termination letter and other is salary detectation letter.then i take salary 3000dhs. i sign second one. after that still now i am paying minimam amount only. now last 3 or 4 months company giving the salary after the date of 20. sometime salary is not coming for one i cant pay my dues on says they r going to file a case on me.i dont know what i have to do. please sir give me a idea to solve my problems. if bank file case on me. what the police can do. i dont have money to pay so what is action from police. my credit card total amout is 25000dhs. please replay me soon sir. mail me sir please [protected] . if police put me into the jail then how i will pay the bank amount without working in office? please help me

Maintenance Charge

Dear Sir,
A week before I have received a credit card from RBS which I have requested and it was life time free as agent told me. Without activating this card I have received an SMS as well as email to pay 10 dhs for the card. I have called to the call centre and enquire about this payment he stateway told me that this is monthly maintenance cost that i have to every month. I tried to explain about this card is free for life time, what the agent told me but he didn't listen and he registered my complain and told me after making a payment you can cancel this card. After making payment 10 dhs I have called again then I got to know the card sent to me is platinum card and there is no charges for this, the charge for weekend card which i havn't received yet andI have requested for that. Call centre guy told me to make payment and the card number provided by call centre agent because I have dont have weekend card. I have argued also with him how any one can pay without knowing a card number but again he didn't listent me at all.
So latest scenario I have to pay 10 dhs for the card which i havn't received and only after payment i can cancel the card. So please suggest me how i can sue them. If you want more explaination I will provide you..
Thank you



Dishonest bank tactics

Terrible, terrible terrible...avoid going anywhere near RBS...the most aggressive and ruthless bank which...

Cancellation Letter Fee

I went to RBS bank today at Buhaira Corniche in Sharjah. I requested for a cancellation or clearance letter for my RBS credit card and was asked to pay Dhs 50. When I asked why? I was told that it was part of their internal procedure. I requested them to be transparent with their customers so that they know why they are being charged and would have more information about prices. I did not get a reply from the assistant manager at the bank. When I demanded the bank to show me written policy I was asked to leave the bank and suggested to contact the legal authorities.

  • Th
    thajmahal42 Dec 21, 2009

    Dear RBS Team,

    This is a request regarding for clearing my black history from RBS credit card # 4330250502953007.which was closed on 12th Dec-09.I requesting you to change my history of payment in order for me to apply for personal loan.

    I had applied for a personal loan from RBS, but unfortunately bank has been rejected my application due to Black mark on my credit card.

    However I checked with RBS there were some insurance charges which were came up and became over due which I was not aware during the time. Actually this was not my fault; I don’t want to delay any payment for my card. I had changed my company to Agility at that time that is why I could not collect my statement during the time. I informed so many times to Dubai collection (RBS) department and directly went and explained to them but I have not received any response from them. I don’t have any liability with RBS at all.

    I humbly requesting you that to remove my bad history from my credit card bucket, so I can re-apply for new personal loan. I will be transferring my salary account also to RBS and I will be a good customer

    Appreciate your kind co-operation

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  • Ld
    ldf1982 Mar 13, 2010

    I had an outstanding of Dirhams 10.90 on one of my cards. Guess what I get slapped with a charge of 159.00.
    When i called and requested that this charge be reversed, they said I'm sorry but we can't. Inspite of me having a decent payment record.

    Take my word for it. I have banked with 3 or 4 banks in the UAE and no one else is better than RAK Bank.

    RBS is the most horrible bank not only because of this but now they charge you an AED 10 monthly fee on your Credit Card.

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  • De
    Deepz Sep 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was holding this ABN AMBRO Credit Card in Year 2003-2004, As per my knowledge I had cleared all the dues and then left the company whre i was working then. Recently I started getting calls from my parents, my mom is 68 years and Dad is 75 years old saying there are few people visiting home and telling her story about the overdue payment. My parents are repeatedly telling them that shez got married away and doesnt stay here from past 4 years, but the agent still kept on insisting in very loud voice and threatening them for the payment. Somehow agent took my brothers no and the recovery agent Named Neha Joshi is repeatedly calling him in this referance . After all this i tried to approach them on Email and asked to send all the details . I was shocked to see the statement. Card last swiped for Rs 1000 which i beleived i send the last cheque in year 2005..after that i never received any statements from the bank and to my surprise the bank has accumalated 23000 INR as part of Interest and now they are calling in year 2010 for the balance amount. .Last week When I was in India First Thing I upfrontly called this ### and asked for the settlement.Initially againt 23000INr she offered me 18000INR which I never agreed to ...then she again called up and lowered the amount to 15000 INR, I agreed to pay in 2 installments and close this matter. This time she did not agree and we both came on decision that she is free to file a case against me. This conversation I already had and later after that day her whole team is repeatedly calling my brother who is not at all in touch with me .I got the message from my parents and then I called up the REcovery agent Mr Santosh and warned him if he again calls up or by any chance disturbs my parents i will ask them to file a Police Complain against you and Neha Joshi for harrassing Senior Citizens...Well its after a week I have yet not received any update from my home. but i will really like to knw how to deal with these people .
    Issue is I dont even owe 2000 INR and i have still agreed for a settlement so that my parents dont get tensed and since they knw this they are purposely doing the same thing.

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  • Rv
    rvdxb Apr 17, 2011
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    It is unbeleivable to see so many similar horror stories with regards to collectors from banks and agencies harrasing, threatning and finally resulting in loss of peace, of mind, family relations and freindships going haywire beacuse of these uneducated employees. I am myself a victim of this nonsense but fortunately have found a debt consolidation agency who has come as an angel/blessing in disguise to put me through to right contacts within the bank to come up with a restructured payment plan. Let me remind here that again the full plan is as per banks terms and conditions and is not at all in the customers view point but at least in an years time the whole thing is over. Is there no forum/agency or lawyer who can collectively represent the minor bunch of customers to win any sort of peace of mind against these harrassing dumb collectors?

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RBS indeed is the worst BANK i've ever encountered.Agents were so rude, arrogant and monsters, they will threat you like some sort of criminal.I have been dealing with this for 6 months, from submission of the Insurance claim, up to the settlement, yet neither was resolved, they will just extort money, and they really dont care.
Until now my case is i no longer care if they would make an extra effort to meet their costumer halfway, all i know is theyre so greed to collect in order to reach their qouta, so they wont be terminated.Theyre HEARTLESS people.Hope one day all the things they did will bounce back to them.Guys, beware of RBS ABN AMRO.

  • Ti
    tinphish Nov 12, 2009

    RBS bought out ABN AMRO Bank. still their banking standards are so ABN like. volatile why dont u read up complaints on ABN Amro too. u wont be surprised by the amount of crap they've been upto.

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  • St
    Steveee Nov 12, 2009

    Banks cheat you cannot do any thing, they cheat for their lords make them rich when loose money public money save them to let them cheat public for ever.When profit only for few, otherwise curse for all. CITIZENS BANK cheated me we need a credit score for banks so that they cannot blackmail customers

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life threat

I would like to comment on the behaviour and dealing of this international bank name RBS. Which claims to be professional and provide quality products and services to their customers. I regret to mention here that it is not that, what this international bank claims.

I am a resident of Duba, living in Dubai for 23 years and employed by the govt of Dubai. I have a small amount of loan with RBS and unfortunetly due to sever emergency had to travel, during this time I missed my installments. To my surprise and knowledge now I have come to know that RBS have hierd a group of people in Pakistan who can contact your family and relatives in pakistan for recovery in a very illegal fashion, where the threat is very severe to ones life and also that the family members could be forced to detention without any legal procedures. The escape is only if one could deal with these groups on some percentage to get rid off. Is this how the international banks portry professionally. Is this how they will do recovery by using gangsters to threaten the whole family of the individual. I strongly take this matter up with the local authorities and with the international media. Life is first and over and above any price. 40, 000 dirhams is not more than any humans life. RBS must look into this serious situation as this is not the job of an international banking institute.