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Travelocity review: quick to take your money, will not refund it

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I wanted to travel from where I am working, Naples, Italy to where my family is, Alabama. I wanted to go for my daughter's first Christmas.

I booked using Travelocity. I paid extra for paper tickets and more on top of that for overseas mailing address - even though it is a military post office and therefore, not considered overseas by the USPS.

My paper tickets did not arrive before my travel date. This is the first time I have arranged flight for myself, so I did not understand the significance of this. I had my itinerary and my reservation code. I figured they could print me new boarding passes and I would be off. I went to the airport early to take care of it.

I was told that I could not fly without purchasing new tickets. I couldn't believe it. I made them tell me three times. I finally believed the floor manager. I broke down, in public. A grown man crying because I thought I could not go home for my daughter's first Christmas. I explained that I could not afford to buy a new ticket, considering the price of the first one and what the last minute ticket would surely cost. The clerk explained that I would be buying the same ticket, same price. I could not really afford it, but I decided to risk it. Of course they wouldn't take my Discover Card. Italy remember? So I had to use my company travel card. So now I'm risking reprimand from my company, but they told me I could file for a refund.

Ok. I make the trip home. I find a quiet time and call Travelocity. I only had to wait in the queue for about 15 minutes and I spoke with a polite and helpful young man who informed me that I could request my refund through customer service and that I could scan and send them my receipt and an explanation of what happened, with my Trip ID number and that they would get me a refund.

So I sent them the scanned receipt and explained my problem. Ten minutes later a response. I couldn't believe it. On Christmas Eve too. Happy Holidays indeed! Nope. Just an automated message confirming receipt of my message.

Three days pass before I can check my mail. A courteously worded email with name and address and phone number requesting that I fax several things. I respond with a request for clarification and explain that I do not have access to a fax machine (costs 6-20 Euro to send a stateside fax from here.) Automated confirmation. Remarkably familiar courteously worded email with name and address and phone number requesting that I fax in several things (some are different from the first.)

So I made it really easy, I made a numbered list of my questions and sent it back. So far I have gotten about 4 different responses, mostly canned. The most recent telling me that they did not receive my scanned receipt and telling me that the Italian airline with which I traveled would take a year to process a refund.

I wept again. This time privately. Then I decided to respond, politely, and ask once again that they refund the FIRST ticket not the second one. Attached the scanned receipt again.

Then I went on the web to see if anyone else had had problems like this, and if so, how they got them resolved. Not an excessive number of hits if you consider the amount of business they must do.

But here's the common theme. Travelocity's customer service is very slow, extremely bureaucratic and they simply do not like to return your money. I did find another email address for their 100% guarantee department, and have sent an impassioned plea for help. I do not hold much hope.

Tomorrow I try to contact my credit card company to see if I can dispute the charge that way. Tomorrow night I will probably be posting on blogs across the blogosphere. Hmm, maybe if I pasted together all the email traffic and posted that on a Google page. (Yahoo Travel is where I started...turns out it's a front for Travelocity).


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Feb 02, 2009 8:28 pm EST
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On Tuesday Jan. 20th I booked a flight to go from Phoenix to Erie PA. for a funeral - the flight was bought and paid for - two days later the north east area was having the worse storm in history and the family had to change the funeral arrangements. At this time, I immediately called Travelocity and tried to explain the situation to them - I had an operator that was extremely in-sensitive and basically said that was just the way it was-she said she could change my flight for $550.00 above what I had already paid of $387.34. At this point, I was so upset thinking I would have to pay over $900.00 to get to this funeral of my dear friend since childhood that I didn't know what to do. I then in turn called Northwest Airlines where my flight was booked - I was able to speak to a kind agent and she really tried to help me and found that she could change it for $257.00 on top of the original price. At his point, I had to make the hard decision not to go the funeral being that I'm retired and live on a strict budget. Now here I am with a ticket that was paid for and not even used. It was extremely upsetting being I have booked flights thru Travelocity many times before and have been extremely satisfied. If someone could help me. it would be truly appreciated. My Travelocity ID is [protected] Thank you, Regina Eisweirth

Jun 04, 2011 5:32 pm EDT

I booked flight from Kuwait to the United States through Travelocity. Several days later Delta sends me an email saying my Kuwait departure flight has been cancelled. I was currently in Iraq in a location with minimal support, so no direct ability to call customer service and intermittent email ability. I had my wife call Delta to confirm this, and was referred back to Travelocity. Several calls and emails later there was still no resolution so I asked for a partial or full refund. Travelocity would not refund anything of the $1800 fair. I explained that this was a business trip that I had to fly on the dates I bought the ticket for, but this did not matter to Travelocity. I was forced to book tickets with an airline that could get me from Kuwait back to the United States on schedule. Still Travelocity keeps my $1800 without so much as offering any concession or any type of refund. It should be fraudulent for them to charge a fair, then through no fault of your own the airline cancels the flight a little under two months before show time. My first time ever using Travelocity and my last time. I assume they knew I was in Iraq and nothing I could really do about them keeping $1800.

Jun 14, 2010 4:04 pm EDT
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The inground pool located 50' from my door was under demolition preparing for rebuild. Besides the noise of commercial air compressors and jackhammers starting at 7:00 in the morning the contractor made it unsafe for travel between our door and the street. Compressors feeding 100 psi of air into two 1" frayed and damaged airlines running 7 jackhammers were strechted from the parking garage, past my door, down the steps, to the main entrance and across. Before I left, damaged lines resulted in one breakage. Additionally none of the iron couplers had any safety clips that they were designed with. Now try to leave with your wife and three kids.

May 03, 2008 1:45 pm EDT

Travelocity are liars, cheats and thieves

I booked a cruise with Travelocity, I confirmed the price three times and then three weeks later I confirmed it again. Five months later I was told the price was twice what I was quoted.

The customer service is someone in India and will not help you.

Travelocity Executive Resolutions Coordinator Douglas Keonning thinks I made this up. All he can say is "I can’t confirm what you are telling me". A Travelocity employee told me that they decided to reduce the two for one price, and cut it in half after the promotion.

Stay Away from Travelocity.

Jan 21, 2008 12:00 am EST

I am a part time driver for yellow Checker and a student. Today i was flagged down by 02 ladies at Marriott River walk. At the time my passengers got into the Cab, the driver for Quality Cab #4 pulled ahead of me, got to my window, yelling at me and calling me an as... and all kind of bad words. he said i stole his fare. I told him this is an open load. He was so aggressive that he really scared the two ladies. He said he will kill me and that he had a gun. He shouted at me that i am x foreigner, that i needed to go back to my country and that our prophet is a " very bad word" also insulted my parent and my religion. I told him what did my religion had to do with me? I am from Africa and i know my origins not a ### like you and if you wanted me to leave you have to leave too according to the way you look and where your ancestors came from. I came back to meet him later because he said meet me somewhere to fight. I had him fellow me until i got to a police station. I told him ok let's fight now.then he took off like a Coward. I made a Police report against him. So this is just to warn innocent people against this Evil monster who drives a Cab. Sorry for the length of this text.

Apr 15, 2014 7:16 am EDT
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Thank you for receiving me. I would appreciate a full refund for Confirmation number [protected].

Agent NEVER TOLD me I was booking 3rd. party...TRAVELOCITY... I thought I booked with the hotel chain! . .TRAVELOCITY did NOT inform me La Quinta was a Pet Shop HOTEL My beloved is highly alergic to DOGS!
A resolve was not reached with Customer Service when I ask to Change on the phone, and my Beloved is suffering...

Again, Thank you for all you to ensure outstanding Customer Claims and Refunding my 441.08.
Sandra Lynch

Apr 26, 2010 9:29 am EDT

They are either idiots or crooks. My daughter in Italy wanted to extend her stay by 6 weeks. The original $1100 round trip ticket was purchased through Travelocity. They were going to cancel the return ticket, then charge me the one way ticket price of $2403 minus the return ticket value $690 for a whopping total of $1993 additional! I would rather just eat the return ticket and book a new round trip. So I called Lufthansa and they changed the ticket for just $250. Go figure. I will never do business with Travelocity again!

Jun 28, 2007 12:00 am EDT

After over 1 ½ hours on the phone most of it on hold with Travelocity VIP customer service which is in India I had no assistance.

I was notified by phone after printing out my boarding pass with American Airlines that my flight was canceled. I called Travelocity and on another phone my husband called American Airlines. When I finally got a Travelocity person they informed me that my flight was not canceled. But in viewing my stuff on the Travelocity it showed the flight canceled. After finally getting them to look at the Travelocity instead of where they were looking they were able to see the flight canceled. They assisted in no way in trying to get us another flight. We did this on our own with the American Airline Represented.

Since our new flight was not getting us to our location on the same day we had to try and redo the vehicle booking through Travelocity/Alamo. Well the VIP representative for Travelocity did this for us by we lost the day rate we received months prior. The VIP representative could not explain this and when we asked for a supervisor, she informed us they did not have one now but if I left the number one would call us in 24 hours. Since we will be gone to our destination this was no help. I called Alamo direct and they will honor the rate.


Oct 16, 2009 12:09 am EDT

I booked an exact flight (same airline, times, days, etc...) that two to three days later sold for $418 per ticket x 2 as opposed to the 471.80 I paid. When I called Travelocity to request a refund of the difference, they said there was noting they could do. They suggested that I call Delta (the airline) directly even though both their phone recordings (I was on hold for over 15 minutes the first time I called them and on the line for another 15 minutes or so) and their written promises of advocacy. I contacted Delta who indicated that had I booked directly with them the would have honored the lower price. Also Orbitz guarantees that if at any time another customer purchases an identical flight they will monitor such purchases and automatically send a check for the refunded difference. Delta suggested I contact Travelocity again, which I did. Again I held 15 minutes for one representative (who lied about the current price being displayed), 15 minutes for another, who then had me on hold for nearly another 30 minutes. Ultimately, nothing was done to correct the price differential, nor was anything else done as a gesture of positive customer service.

Beware of Travelocity and avoid booking with them whenever possible.

Aug 18, 2016 1:34 am EDT

Yesterday I made for my family reservations for a roundtrip flight to Madrid out of JFK, and after few hours they cancelled my trip, so I called and they changed the return day to a day earlier. After a few hours I called to ask about the trip, and they told me that they have to change to higher price. I agreed to $125.00 dollar price increase, and they confirmed my ticket. After few hours they called me again to inform me that the price will be much higher if I want to fly. They mislead people, and try to sell out tickets according who is going to pay more.

Do not use this company!

Aug 16, 2016 3:32 am EDT

I booked a flight for my wife Ruth r. Clarence to go from Seattle, Washington to south Korea to Japan and then to her final destination on Guam. She was suppose to leave Oct 17 2009 at 2:25pm. We go to the airport and check in with Asian airlines but the ticket agent does not find any reservations under my wife. I booked the ticket online with My wife did not go on any flight and in my bank statement states that you taken $968. 91 from me. I have called the customer support line and explained what had happened. The representative gives me this web site to make a complain. Now i have been patient enough and all i want is my refund! I will take legal action if you continue give me the run around! I have all the documents and attachments you need. . Please give me a call. .

Aug 05, 2016 7:49 am EDT

booked a Disney vacation thu Travelocity. Hotel, flight and parks. Took hotel transportaion to parks, presented paperwork and was informed that no tickets were purchased. spent HOURS upon HOURS on phone with Travelocity and they wanted us to pay for the park tickets AGAIN. They finally used their corporate card the next day and bought tickets but we lost 2 days of what we paid for. They said we would get a refund of $400 and now are refusing to pay.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

Those folks at Travelocity are either idiots or just plain crooks. My daughter in Italy wanted to extend her stay by 6 weeks. The original $1100 round trip ticket was purchased through Travelocity. They were going to cancel the return ticket, then charge me the one way ticket price of $2403 minus the return ticket value $690 for a whopping total of $1993 additional! I thought I might just eat the return ticket and book a new round trip. So I called Lufthansa and they changed the ticket for just $250. Go figure. I will never do business with Travelocity again!

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

This company is a nightmare to deal with. They promise you a refund and will make you go through hell for it. It's been three weeks since they promised us a refund for a cancellation on a hotel, the hotel refunded the money back to them but they won't refund it back us. They make you go through the same procedures for weeks, you call they keep confirming that they will issue you a refund in 7-10 business days, you don't get a refund, so you call back, nothing yet, call back again. You're better off booking hotels and flights individually and not through a site such as Travelocity. They're really dishonest and a nightmare.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

Stay away from Tavelocity. Travelocity rates 2 star hotels as 3-star hotels so you think you are getting a bargain. Every other site on the internet rated the hotel I booked as a Top Secret Hotel 3-star hotel as a 2 star. When I saw the hotel, I immediately called Travelocity and pointed out this was not a 3-star hotel. I got someone in India who took about 10 minutes to tell me that Travelocity doesn't follow anyone else's rating system adn it was not refundable. I consider this fraud and a violation of unfair and deceptive trade practices. I would never book anything else through Travelocity. They should be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and state attorney generals.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

PAGE 2 unless I had the proper code, which I should have received before ordering the tickets. I then asked him why the $20 was offered to me AFTER I had paid for my tickets. He then suggested I contact you at this e-mail address.
Yes I'm aware that this is a minor annoyance, but if you do respond with a pre-written form letter, I will know that I had justification for hesitating to trust the efficiency of your company's customer service.
Question 1: How long must one wait when clicking on a $20 discount offer before you deliver it?
Question 2: After I purchased my tickets, why did you offer me the $20 discount again, and then leave the screen blank? Patti Handley...1411 E. Fairmont...Fresno, CA [protected][email protected]
TRIP ID: [protected]

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

I recently had reason to use Travelocity. It was a moment of weakness that was a powerful, if unfortunately expensive, lesson.

I am not a neophyte when it comes to online ordering and scheduling of travel arrangements. I am a great fan of the good airline sites like Southwest and Delta, sites that are easy to use, always up and running, and backed by well trained, friendly telephone service agents. All elements that are sadly absent at Travelocity.

Recently, I had cause to fly to Spokane, WA, to visit an ailing family member. As far as the San Francisco Bay Area is concerned, you would think Spokane is the other end of the earth. Unfortunately, airlines that I use heavily either do not go there from here or go by such a circuitous route, I would have to plan extra days on th trip. So I wandered over to that well known brand name Travelocity, who proudly advertises “We look out for you all trip long and even before you go”. I think they actually left a couple of words out, they mean to say “We look out for your wallet and try to rip you off at every step of the way”.

Here is the process:

(1) I research packages. I find a 2 day, 1 night package deal for $505 dollars per person. Seems high. Same hotel, same airline, for some reason I click on an extra day: 3 days, 2 night package - $315 dollars per person. Now that is interesting!

(2) Purchase 3 day / 2 night package for two people: $630. So far so good.

The institutional care facility calls and indicates that the family member will be moving to another facility and that necessitates that we stay an extra day to assist. So back to Travelocity, feeling good knowing that they look out for us every step of the way. So:

(3) Return to the Travelocity web site, only to find that it is down. [Wednesday April 23, around 4 PM PDT]. Check periodically all the way ti midnight and it is DOWN. Nothing.

(4) Next morning, site is back up. But reading the instructions, you cannot change flights on the web site. You have to call a toll free number. This is not feeling quite so good.

(5) Call the 888 number, and of course get the automated attendant that puts me smoothly through a menu system that ends up with “please enter your 12 digit trip ID so we can pull up your records”, I enter the 12 digits, the auto attendant confirms the input and tells me “I have found your record, I will put you through to the next available agent”…. get to listen to more Travelocity propaganda.

(6) Agent Jason comes on the telephone, insists on repeating my first name over and over, mispronouncing it every time to make sure he really annoys me as much as humanly possible on the telephone. He is in Bangalore or some such place, pretending to be “on the west coast”. He asks me to give him my trip ID [see step 5] which he repeats back to me and then carefully, slowly reads out my entire itinerary to me, pausing at every line to ask me “is that correct Jack?” Finally he gets to the end [we are now about 10 minutes into the call and I have not even asked my question yet] and he says, what can I do for you? Ah, at last! I would like to extend the trip by one day, come back on the same flight the next day, stay one extra night at the same hotel. He dutifully repeats back to me almost verbatim what I have just said, adding “did I understand that correctly as what you want, JACK?”. I affirm, fighting an increasing desire to ask him to stop calling me JACK.

“Oh good. I will now place you on hold for a few minutes while I transfer you to the department that makes changes to reservations. “…. more Travelocity propaganda. F***!

(7) Several minutes later: new person gets on phone from “changes” department.

“I understand you want to make a change”


“Can I have your trip ID number?”

Repeat Step 6 in its entirety…. another 7-8 minutes having him repeat the existing itinerary with the exact same “Is that correct JACK?” every line. The only improvement with this second person is that his pronunciation of Spokane was vaguely recognizable as the city in Washington.

“So, what change would you like to make?”

“Add a day” …

“OK, I will put you on hold while I study the rates and see what we can do” [another 5 minutes of propaganda].

“OK, we can do that. The additional cost is $768.

“You have got to be kidding” …. same airlines, same basic fares, 1 extra night at a hotel is $768? The whole trip started at $630!

“What is the cancellation fee if I just start over?

“I will put you on hold while I bring up that information JACK”

[gone for a good 10 minutes this time]

“If you cancel your existing trip, you will get $96 back”.

So I am screwed.

But I am not going quietly, stay tuned. Travelocity is now one notch above Comcast as worst consumer company to deal with. I will make sure everyone I ever meet who plans to travel will be told to avoid this cesspool of a company.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT
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False price quotes on their website. They had a price of $354 round trip ticket from Manchester, NH to Phoenix, AZ for the last several days. I went to book and when I did they came back with - sorry the price has changed it's now in excess of $500 per ticket - that's bait and switch and reprehensible. Stay away from that company!

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

I booked a ticket through Travelocity’s website on Friday. I received an email confirming my reservation. Then I received an email the next day stating “the revenue protection department” needs to verify more information. Which by the way, the email looked like a Nigerian email scam and didn’t look like it was an official email from Travelocity in any way. No one from that department ever called to verify this information with me at the numbers I provided, instead they somehow called my family (which I was surprising by flying over for Christmas) and questioned them about my flight. I have no idea how they got their phone number and why I was not called at the numbers I provided. I then received another email a few hours later that my reservation was canceled. So now flying over to “surprise” my family is ruined all for nothing since I don’t even have a ticket anymore. I’ve booked countless airline tickets through various websites and have never encountered this. After reading that this same situation has happened to a lot of other people I regret ever using this website and will never make that mistake again.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

Horrible experience! Never again! Travelocity is a pain in the...back! I booked my flight through them. They did not provide me the right info at the time I booked the tickets. I supposed to travel from Denver to Washington, DC in the morning and arrive at the destination in only few hours. Instead, the flight was stopping in Dallas and then going further to the final destination. A 9 hours travel time. But this information was not available when I booked and by the time I realized that something is wrong, it was too late… they refused to make any changes. I called United Airlines to change the flight directly through them and they would have done it for me free of any charge, but because I’ve booked the flight through the stupid Travelocity, they refused to help. Travelocity doesn't care about customers, it cares only about money. It will flight you from NC to SC through Texas, Alabama and Georgia (or maybe even Alaska ), changing 4-5 planes. A lot of fuel consumed, and polluting just for them to make money, while you can simply flight from one point to another with only 1-2 plains and the same costs. They are the only one doing booking in this way. They do not provide the right information! If you do not pay attention, you will regret. It is the worst travel website out there. I called Travelocity...terrible experience! The agents are spiking English very bad and it is obvious that they operate their calls from India. The agents lack any respects and you can hardly understand what they are talking with their bad Indian accent. I asked for a manager...I never had the chance to speak with one because my call was never put through. Take my advice: if you don't want headache, do not book anything through Travelocity or you may regret it, as I did. But I learn my lesson: NEVER AGAIN!

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

To who may concern:
I am summiting a complaint due to 3 extra tickets charge to my bank account. I booked a ticket from SJU-PHL on the 21 May 2012, using the Internet. Everything was perfect until I try booking an ticket from PHL- SJU for the 27 May 2012, I booked the ticket by Internet and the send and email referring that the card didn't go threw i call travelocity and booked the flight via telephone using the telephone numb [protected], the thing is they booked the flight and the person did travel and I'm being charge 3 ticket so call the person did not travel and this person did travel. I've call the airline, call travelocity and no one has yet re-found or replayed to any of my reclaims. I have the id for each extra booking charge to my account the following are [protected], [protected], [protected].

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

We bought round trip tickets from San Juan, PR to Denver, CO. To Denver we flew Airtran, to San Juan US Airways. On way back US Airways told us we never paid for ticket, we had paper tickets in hand, payment confirmation and online flight check in papers. US Airways would not talk to travelocity when we called, nor would they believe us we paid. Husband is in the military and was being recalled 24 hrs from then and we had to get home, we paid $1, 108 for two one way tickets so he can leave for work.We got home, husband left for 2 weeks on recall, it took me 30 min to explain to Indian representative that we were home & paid for new tickets bc we NEEDED to be home!we could not wait for a flight 10hrs later. Travelocity does not know where the money is, wont refund us until they get feedback from Airtran and US Airways. they told us it would take 15-30 day, day 32 came and they told us bc multiple airlines are involved it will be 60-90 day!WTF it is not our fault that someone lost our payment info for tickets. worst customer service and customer skills by the representatives.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

Travelocity has been the worst example of customer service that I have ever dealt with. We were supposed to go on a vacation to Portugal October 28th. The hurricane Sandy was about to hit the New Jersey Shore so therefore I tried on Saturday, Oct 27th to reschedule our trip. We had taken out trip insurance which means absolutely nothing when you try to actually act upon that insurance. After spending hours on the phone, and paying an additional $363 to change our tickets ( a fee which should have been waived since it was a hurricane and flights were being cancelled) now it turns out that we have no hotel room and no help from travelocity in trying to solve our problem. For one week we have called Travelocity for help, we spend hours on hold and no one ever calls us back or tries to help us. We have now spent close to $3000 on a vacation that we can not go on since we have no hotel room. We have had damage to our home due to the hurricane and have enough stress dealing with that and certainly do not need additional anxiety from the lack of results from Travelocity. Do not use them or take the insurance because they have terrible customer service and communication skills.

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

I bought a ticket with travel insurance and had to cancel the ticket. The insurance is not worth a dam. They say you will get a refund they lie. You get charged if you change the flight, you can not put it in an others name, you don't get a full credit and you have to go through legal hoops for 2 to 6 weeks to see if you get a refund. This is a total rip off. Do not ever book with anyone other than the airlines. Travelocity will take your money and you will never have an option to do anything about it. They are a joke

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

I booked a round trip flight to Spain, and planned on coming back in May. My plans changed, and I needed to change my flight to sometime in Oct. There is the usual international flight change charge of around $300 + ticket price difference. I speak to the customer service department, and they indicate that because my original ticket used Ibera and BA, my new ticket absolutely had to use these airlines for my return flight. They checked for flights, and the charge to change my flight would be some where around $4000, yes that is four thousand dollars. I check on line for a new ticket, and the price was around $850. Clearly, they are trying to encourage people to throw away the credit associated with the ticket they already have, and make double that by making the customer buy a new ticket. Basically, I have a credit of ~$400 for my return ticket. By making me buy a new ticket, this money is effectively gone and they get the additional money for the new ticket ($850). This is absolutely ridiculous. If this is common practice in the airline industry, may their accountants cook their books and embezzle their pensions!

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

I was on Travelocity's site purchasing (2) Seattle City Passes and while purchasing the passes the site kicked me out and when I resumed the activity it completed the purchase without my authorization and when I proceeded with the purchase it ended charging me for (4) passes instead of (2). I have called Travelocity immediately to correct the issue and did as they instructed me by faxing a copy of the incorrect purchase with a large "X" on it and wrote that this was not authorized. After dong all as directed by Travelocity...they refuse to refund the $108.00 payment even after they were informed within 15 minutes of it being discovered. I also have been dealing with my bank "NATIONAL CITY" to get this settled and it is a pain in the ###!

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

I ordered flight ticket from Travelocity to Cairo (it was before Egypt protest happen), and recently I called them to ask about cancel my flight since Egypt in such a bad situation, but they told me besides the airline cancel the flight, if I want to cancel I have to pay $280++ the cancellation fee & penalty . I called directly to airline, the airline willing to cancel without any penalty, but airline told us they can't do anything because travelocity hold my flight ticket. Travelocity just want to make money, they don't care peoples safety. Now besides I pay $280 ++ penalty or go to Cairo EGYPT..

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

Sometime after 5pm on Friday 8th of November 2013 I tried booking a vacation package to travel to the USA in December, however the funds I had deposited onto my prepaid mastercard hadn't been released to the card as yet so therefore the transaction wasn't completed, At about 1am November 9th, I came across a cheaper deal from Expedia and tried to purchase my vacation via them and it wasn't completed. I called my card company and was told that Travelocity had deducted $133 and change from my card. I need to know what the deduction was for, as my transaction with them was never completed. I need my money to be put back onto my account so that I can purchase my tickets.
I can be reached at [protected]

Aug 05, 2016 7:47 am EDT

After stranding me and my wife in Manila, Philippines by voiding our tickets, Travelocity proceeded to take payment only to tell us that 'maybe' it would be returned in 30 days. It was impossible to contact them on their customer hot line and when I emailed them, they offered no explanation. The ### in their customer service department had the nerve to email me with the news they had voided our tickets and to thank me for allowing "...Travelocity to serve my travelling needs..." They are unethical and very adept at avoiding any responsibility for their screw-ups. I am disgusted at the way they totally misrepresent themselves and their service in TV advertising and I wish some consumer group would expose them for the charlatans they are! NEVER AGAIN.

Aug 01, 2016 7:47 am EDT

I booked my family vaction with Travelocity. I had a problem on the website so I called th 800 number and spoke to a customer service representative. I booked a trip to forida. The hotel he bookes us in was called Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orlando, he told me about all the amenities it had, pools, a lazy river, and all kinds of things for us to do. Than we booked three theme parks, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Disney and Universal were fine, but when we got to Sea World we did not get the admission to the water park which I was told we had. We had a problem even receiving the voucher thru the e-mail for Sea World, so when we got there we had to contact Travelocity and wait for about a half an hour for them to fax the voucher to Sea World, than after all that he never gave us the water park, we were very disappointed. As far as the hotel, when we checked in we wer told that we could not use any of those amenities we were told we had, unless we wanted to pay for them, we were told we could only use the pool. Once in the room anything we needed like extra towels, toilet paper or tissues we had to pay for. I had to wash the towels, doing laundry is not of much interest to me while I'm on vacation. Well come to find out Travelocity booked us in a time share resort. Ane we were never told that. We are very dissatisfied with the way Travelocity handled our family vacation, and will not be interested in using them again. I would really like some kind of refund/

Jul 20, 2016 7:31 am EDT

Made a reservation with Travelocity. i am a seasoned traveler. I made a return flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas for 10:41 AM. Booked the flight and paid the fees and found out they switched my flight to 10:10PM. So i would arrive home at around midnight. Went to go on Standby and heard the SAME story from 6 different travelers. ALL used Travelocity. What are the odds of all seven of us being dummies and making the same mistake?

Aug 05, 2016 7:48 am EDT

After spending yet another hour on hold, being transferred from department to department, and getting disconnected multiple times, I have finally booked a ticket with a travel voucher. I had to cancel a flight due to work, which I promptly re-booked. There was a 151$ credit, yet I still had to pay a 125$ change fee, separate from this credit which was frustrating due to the fact that the first person I spoke with in regards to the potential cancellation failed to mention this fee. Also NOT brought to my attention was the fact that I was required to have this credit voucher federal expressed to me. This was the only way they said they would send it. This cost me 29.95. Once I received it in the mail there were instructions that in order to use this voucher, I was going to have to send it back to them. I called to set this up and spoke with a million different people before being told that I could not actually book my ticket, using the voucher, until I fed ex'd the voucher back to them! I was also informed that if I did not book my ticket within five days of the day they received this voucher, they would fed ex it back to me and charge me for this. SO, I called today and it took over an hour to book my new ticket. I don't usually yell at people on the phone, but the frustration I felt was enormous and i am absolutely convinced that Travelocity tries to make it as difficult and as trying as possible in order to discourage us from using the money they owe us. I will be honest, the time and frustration was not worth what ended up to be approximately 100$ after all of the fed ex fees. I told each of the MANY people I had to speak with that I would never use travelocity again. The last time I went through this I had to eventually ask to speak with a supervisor who CLEARLY did not care if she lost my business. My advice: stay away from travelocity. It could mean future headaches that are simply not worth your time.

Aug 30, 2007 12:00 am EDT

Travelocity should be ashamed of itself. It must be so big that they just aren't worried about pissing people off. Like others, I have waited on hold for countless hours to talk to an outsourced customer service representative who will promise the moon and give nothing.

We had to change the dates of our vacation package and although they changed the flight, they never bothered to change the hotel so that the day before we were to leave we had no place to stay. The "customer service" guy told me that we should go ahead and book another hotel through travelocity and that he would refund the original. Naturally this has never happened. I have received numerous emails telling me how my situation will be looked into and someone will contact me. What a crock! Let's get a class action suit against these thieves and put them out of business!

Sep 11, 2010 1:18 pm EDT

I booked my Jaipur Mumbai return flight from travelocity.
Unfortunately i missed my Jaipur mumbai flight.
Immediately i cancelled my Mumbai Jaipur booking.
I was informed by travelocity people that i will get my refund with in 15 days.
Now after 3 months & my 8 calls (45 min. To 1 hrs long) to travelocity, i did not get my money back.
Every time i call them they say your refund is not yet processed.
Every time i have to hold the phone for 45 min. To 1 hrs to finish the conversation & end up with no result.
I will not use travelocity again & will advice others also to not to use travelocity.

Nov 16, 2011 2:35 am EST

I think my story sounds similar to those dozens that I have learned on this website. I wish I hadn't bought those twelve tickets in the amount of $16000 from singapore to los angeles. I bought tickets, received email with e-ticket numbers, and I was glad. But, in the morning another email "unable to ticket your reservation". What kind of reservation if I already paid for the tickets. As they say they couldn't verify some information, thus canceled the tickets. OMG. Now I am in a big trouble, because I don't know when my refunds will be done. If anyone (lawyer or anyone else who had such experience) in the US I would be glad to hear your advice or comments how to get out from this situation asap.

Feb 27, 2012 11:50 pm EST
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HUGE let down on my Birthday! Got to the hotel and cried, it was nothing like I was promised or wanted! We checked out the next morning because I didn't wanna stay both nights and hit the road with hopes of finding something better. I will NEVER use Travelocity again!

Oct 11, 2010 3:58 pm EDT

I recently booked a flight for my fiance' with travelocity and they canceled my reservation because I missed there confirmation call. I received a email saying they canceled due to lack of confirmation. After I received this email sitting at my PC, I called and they had said they canceled because I wasn't available to answer. "After 1 attempt"! This to me is not a consumer based agency. Not willing to go the extra step to gain your business. I do not recommend this travel agency to anyone and would never rely on them. Just a Cheap *** ticket.

Dec 02, 2011 10:06 pm EST
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Yesterday, I attempted to set up a vacation for my family for Xmas on Travelocity. After all was completed, I transfered the amount of money neccessary to my VISA. When it cleared, I tried to book the vacation and the site kept saying "We are having trouble...etc., etc."

I started all over again and...nothing.

Well, I tried it two more times after logging in to their site. Same result.

After several hours of doing this, I shut it down, thinking I would try another route. Later in the day, I saw where Travelocity had held two separate payments from my account in totalling over $4600.

No email, no trip number...nothing.

I called. No, I did not have any reservations, no trip, nothing. Travelocity has several thousand of my very hard earned money tied up and I have NOTHING. I am not wealthy. If I am going to take my family away (first time), I need that $ reimbursed expediently.

It would be most inconvenient and aggravating if I lost that money or if we did not get to take our long awaited get away due to this. I cannot get a return email. When I call, I wait forever and get someone who can barely speak my language, assuring me they'll reimburse it. Its was supposed to be done within 24 hours. Still nothing. Meanwhile, I watch the flights and resort I wanted fill up with no vacancies.

I am not happy.

Oct 20, 2011 6:22 pm EDT

I was scammed when buying a ticket on Travelocity. I found charges on my credit card dating back to 1 year ago form shopping essentials and passport to fun which are the same company. The charged $19.95 each 2 times in the first month 9/2010 which is $79.80. After that they have charged me $23.95 each ($47.90) every month since then. This is a total of more than $600. The only reason I did not realize this before is because this year I have dealt with an illness and death in the family.
I have no recollection of signing up for this membership but when I called they said it happened through the Travelocity website. Shopping essentials and passport to fun are not willing to refund my money and Travelocity is not willing to help. I have found numerous reports of this scam through Travelocity online.

Oct 13, 2010 10:13 am EDT
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on may 3rd 2010 my wife and i book a vaction package through travelocity a few day lata we saw the same trip for $253.17 less so we took them up on there price garanti, they told me that when i start my vacation on june 8th that they would refund the money abouth 4 weeks lata, now on june 6th there was fraud on my bank account so my bank cancelled my old accounts includeing the car in which i booked the trip with i told travelocity but they would not listen they claimed to send the refund back to the old card which is closed i spoke to my bank and they told me since my account had fraudalent activity anything that was sent nwill be sent bak to whom ever sent it, i mkeep telling travelocity for months until august 2nd they agreed to send me a cheque but it will take 8 weeks its the same name on the account the same address, now they tell me that i wont be getting a cheque, my trip id is [protected] can someone please help me to get my money back.


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