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I have been exclusively shopping at Trader Joe's for over 12 years. Over the past year, however, I have repeatedly had problems with food that is for 3-4 days pre-expiration date (ALL their refrigerated foods are only good for max 4 days from date of purchase), but when I bring the food home if it's not rotten already, it goes bad and is smelly/stinky/rancid/rotten by the next day! I have lost count how often I have had to take salads, veggies, dairy products, and meats back. I even had to take a plant I bought there back the next day because it had plant lice (aphids) and one of the staff said that's normal!! Really?!!

What has happened to this company? The store I shop at is one of the busiest in the area, so products should move quickly, which only leaves me to believe that Trader Joe's is putting out rotten product for profit, regardless of consumers' health.

I'm never shopping at Trader Joe's again!


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    Kashavarniskes Sep 19, 2013

    I was so excited to have a Trader Joe's near my home. I shop there once a week. In the past six months, nearly every other trip results in a spoiled good product that I either throw away or bring back to the store. Last Thanksgiving, I ended up returning a turkey. Last week, I threw away most of a bag of apples. Tonight, it was $16.00 worth of salmon that was spoiled. Interestingly, the sell by date is still 4 days away. I'm wondering why this is happening so much and if Trader Joe's is being honest about their dating of food. Or maybe it is their food storage? Not happy. And really,

    Used to be a Big Trader Joe's Fan

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    Anonomous Person Dec 29, 2016
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    I have been a loyal Trader Joe's customer for over 20 years and have always had a positive experience until I moved to the Arlington, VA area. Over the past 3 years I have purchased spoiled food I have had to return...Chicken twice, a rack of lamb, bagged Kale/Cabbage salad and yesterday fresh corn on the cob purchased Dec. 27th with a package date of Dec. 12th...the corn was packaged for over two weeks!

    I returned the corn today Dec. 28th and complained to Captain 'Johnny Lawless' The captain was not apologetic and suggested perhaps I should shop somewhere else since their store handles thousands of items every day and it was impossible for his staff to ensure everything they sell is fresh. ** This explanation was not acceptable to me since I have not had this Trader's Joes experience at other locations.

    The Bailey's Crossing staff has had no problem recently reorganizing their shelves and frozen goods. Every few months they move shelf stable seasonal items. (I would think fresh items should take a priority over the shelf stable and frozen items)
    I seems to me there are enough staff members. The Bailey's Crossroads Management Staff is the problem. If the Bailey's Corner Management staff cannot take responsibility for ensuring expired foods are removed in a timely manner then Management retraining is necessary. Mr. Lawless should be made aware of my complaint and take action in the future regarding to rotate and restocking the fresh produce... and particularly fresh meats daily. Note: The Reston Trader Joes location donates their nearly expired breads, flowers and vegetables to shelters! Use to be a Big Trader Joe's Fan

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  • Su
    Sulphur7 Mar 01, 2017

    Trader Joe's is too expensive to be pulling that nonsense.

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