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Trader Joe's - rude clerks

Rude customer service. This store has to have the most adversarial clerks I have ever encountered. I was in the store today and got a cup of coffee. Upon realizing I didn't like it, I asked the clerk whether I should throw a cup hot liquid in the trash can (didn't want to create a mess) or give it to him to dump in the sink. Seems simple.

He frowned at me and said, "Why are you giving this to me? I can't reuse it."

Crazy. Who in their right mind assumes I want him to recyle the coffee. A simple, "Here, let me take care of that for you" or a "Please toss it in the trash" would have sufficed.

Typical of this store. I could cite at least 5 other inciidences when a simple question was met with over-the-top hostility and miscommuncation.

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Cary Cotterman
Oct 21, 2021 3:42 pm EDT

I was in TJ this morning. I've been writing checks there once a week for thirty years, but lately they act as if it's illegal or immoral to write a check. The clerk didn't know how to operate the check machine, so after about eight minutes of me waiting he finally called over a manager. After the manager got the machine to work, he walked up to the people who had been waiting in line behind me and told them he was "so sorry for the delay", then turned around and walked by me, the primary victim of their incompetence, without even looking at me or saying a word. As I took my receipt and turned to leave the clerk muttered "[censored]" and laughed at me. I flipped him the finger. This wasn't the first (or even second) time some jerk TJ employee has been rude to me for no reason. I've been thinking about it, and there's nothing I get at TJ that I can't get somewhere else instead. [censored] TJ.

, US
Jul 27, 2012 12:46 pm EDT

You live in the sunbelt, were you are naturally not suppose to live. You're entire existence is probably air conditioned. If you want people to baby you and satisfy your unrealistic expectations go shop at Wholefoods. Food without preservatives naturally starts to decompose and at TraderJoe's it's affordable because you get what you get when they have it.

Ana Thomas
San Francisco, US
May 16, 2012 12:53 am EDT

I hate Trader Joes!
I am so tired of buying spoiled dairy products and produce that only last no more than two days and horribly flavor-bland imported garbage! also hear that the dairy products are accepted at the warehouses at high temperatures and that they accept the product so they won't loose out on profits!
And what's with all the imported garbage that they sell. Product is contaminated and spoiled because these third world countries have no food safety rules that they follow!
And what about sourcing locally?!?! And not using excessive packaging and plastic!
Don't Shop TJs! Please! Go to American owned and respected grocers-even if you may happen to pay a little more!
Hey and what's up with the last product I ever purchased from those idiots? Meat stew was comprised from two different countries!
Disgusting! I hope I don't die from food poisoning.
Now I'm wondering if their facilities even have real, certified Quality Assurance employees?

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