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Trader Joe's review: Resellers of food items from trader joe's

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6:23 pm EDT
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I am writing to say that I really do like the products from Trader Joe's. I have purchased food products from Trader Joe's for a number of years.

That is why I am so disappointed when a product that I usually buy was no longer available, a product that is considered as "seasonal".

I checked on eBay for that food product and noted that there are thousands of eBay stores that sell the food product that I was searching for at an extraordinary markup price. Not only was the product that I was searching for available on eBay and NOT available at the store, and it was no longer available for the rest of the season, but there were lots more similarly situated.

Thus, I would like to request that eBay should take down all the resale stores of food products. If a product contains the words "Trader Joe's" or "Trader Joes", then eBay should be notified or should AUTOMATICALLY deny the posting of resold food products.

There are liability issues if somebody gets sick, which includes the reseller and Trader Joe's. Does Trader Joe's really want to open itself up to lawsuits if a consumer gets sick from a resold food product? Also, consumers will remember that there were no products on the shelves, especially seasonal products, where it is no longer available.

There are literally thousands of entries for food products that resellers are selling to unwary consumers at an extraordinary markup price, and such activity does damage the reputation of Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's should take a proactive stance that ensures consumers that products are available on store shelves and that there are no consumers buying out food products so that those same food products are not available for regular consumers at the regular store prices.

Resellers should be completely shut down and blocked in perpetuity forever on all resale platforms such as eBay and Amazon. EBay and Amazon should take a very proactive stance against resellers of food products, and Trader Joe's should regularly monitor both eBay and Amazon for any resold food products.

Desired outcome: All Trader Joe's stores on and should be removed and subsequently blocked in perpetuity.

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