Toyota Motor Corporationtoyota rush 1.5e

I have just been informed at the first service of my Toyota Rush that the installed Air Conditioning System does not contain Particulate Filtration and demonstrated to me the fine particulate matter being blown into the vehicles cabin to be inhaled by the occupants.

I consider this to be a breach of Product Safety with potential to impact on the health of occupants respiratory systems. Could you please provide a copy of the relevant Hazard Log associated with this component part of the vehicle.

This will be a Product wide issue and I am sure the Toyota Corporation would not wish to be subjected to any future potential health claims.

Simple fix is to install the filter at no additional cost to owners during the next Maintenance period.

NB: I have just retired from a Product Safety Engineering role with a Global Defence Company.


Graham Abram BSc DipPol MIET

Oct 07, 2019

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