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Complaints & Reviews

fraud and scam

I am an auto mechanic and have loved cars for my entire life. I grew up on Fords so i love the Mustang. I...

scam and lies

We purchased a Siena Van and let the salesman and finance person talk us into a lease. We had never leased a vehicle and told them so and explained we were very unfamiliar with leasing. We were told three times we could bring the car back in two years and get another one. However, the lease is for five e=years and if we pay it early there is a $10, 000 penalty. We are stuck with the car until the lease is paid out.

We asked the dealer about this three times and were told it was not as it read. We received a letter about bring the car in and trading it as they needed our type of vehicle but when we did we were informed of all the above d that we were lied to but nothing could be done about it now. All the people involved then are now gone. We will never even consider buying another car through them in the future and now feel they are a bunch of fraud artists..

sold a bad car

My girlfriend recently purchased a white 2002 Altima. The car appeared to run fine, and after test driving...

company with holds funds from employees

This Dealership STEALS!!! not only from its customers but also from its employees. I'm a former employee...

low fuel consumption rate

I am from sri lanka. I am a customer who bought a brand new corolla 141 model car which has send sri lanka...

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manufacturers defective parts

I bought a Toyota Hilux Pickup in June 2007, by March 2009 i had the following problems
1) No Clutch (Clutch worn)
2) Clutch Cylinder worn
3) Airbag warning light appearing
4) Hole in Oil Filter causing oil to leak from engine
5) Seals in other areas worn
The veheicle was taken to Toyota Jamaica and they repaired the veheicle and i had to pay for everything except Clutch Assembly.I think this is unfair and i got a Veheicle which is not typical of Toyota Manufacturing Standard. I am dissatisfied with the performance ofthis veheicle

terrible service

I took my 2007 Toyota 4 runner in for a 20, 000 mile service and tire rotation. When I got it back it was out...

I have not been able to get any resolution from m/s toyota in saudi or tmc in japan.

I am a client of your esteemed company and bought a Camry GLI 2004 car from your agents M/s Abdullatif Jameel, Khurais Road, Riyadh, on [protected] under installment scheme under which transfer of car is done to the client at completion of the installment payment. Unfortunately, I was obliged to discontinue payment of the installments due to the following problems with the company:

* The first problem:-
The car had several mechanical defects including oil leakage from the engine. I had to take the car to the maintenance department time and again, but instead of fixing the problem, they just told that it was minor problem and was not dangerous. The said problem got worse during the next 4 months of my using the car. On 26.7.2005, I took the car again to the maintenance department and I was told the oil leakage was of serious nature and the engine needs a complete overhaul. It was really upsetting due to the fact that before this, the maintenance had always said that the problem was minor only. In the earlier instances, either the car was not checked thoroughly or I was given a wrong statement.

* The second problem:-
The window glass of my car was broken by some thief, and it got the window temporarily fixed from an external mechanic due to the reason that the incident happened on a Friday and Toyota maintenance department was closed. The next day, I took the car to Toyota maintenance and I was informed the window machine needed to be changed and its cost would not be covered under warranty. I was puzzled to know that only engine was warranty covered and nothing else in the car.

On 06-08-2005 I sent a complaint to the manager of Khurais branch but unfortunately no solution was found. Instead, the complaint was referred to the rental department manager but I was not able to get any response from him.

On 29-08-2005 I sent a fax to the company general manager but ironically found out the fax number give to me by the company employee was wrong!

On 04-09-2005 I sent the complaint to the general manager of the company by the mail and next day a person name Mr. Hassan Yamani called me and said that he was the sales general manager in rental department. He asked me a few questions and then said he will talk to the Khurais branch manager about complaint, but later on, there was no contact by him whatsoever. I sent the complaint to the general manager, central area, but to no avail at all.

After passing of two months, I started another effort to get the problem resolved. I received a call from the company’s collection department. A person named Mohammed said that repayment of my 2 installments was overdue. I tried to explain to him about the car problem but he said he was not concerned about that, and I must pay the installments. I told him that I will only pay the installments when a solution was found for my problem. That person started threatening me, saying that if I did not pay, he will file a case in the court against me and he would eliminate your functional future, and he would get me terminated from my job, and he would get me imprisoned. This person’s attitude was extremely rude and insulting which does not suit at all for an employee of an esteemed company like yours.

On [protected] I sent a new complaint to Mr. Saad Al-Ghamdi by DHL (consignment # [protected]) but there was no response to that from the company.

After passing of 6 months of suffering, I received a letter from my employer’s HR department that they had received a complaint against me from Toyota about non-payment of installments, so I should either pay the installment of it would adversely affect my job career. This was like jeopardizing me image in the eyes of my employer. At the same time, I received a letter from the company about hearing notification in the court on 17.11.1426. I appeared in the court but your company’s representative did not show up. I got a confirmation letter from the court to this effect.

On 27-03-2006 I sent a complaint by e-mail to the company and a person Mr. Tariq Al-Shawa called me and said he would set a meeting between myself and the rental branch manager and the maintenance branch manager for the solution of the problem. I went for the meeting but unfortunately, no solution could be reached. Mr. Tariq suggested a solution to satisfy both parties that a 2006 model car could be given as replacement but a payment of SR 16, 000 was to be made. I offered to pay SR 10, 000 then and SR 6, 000 later with installments. He agreed and said he will raise the issue to the public administration in Jeddah. After a week, Mr. Tariq contacted me and said that the administration department agreed on the solution. I express my thanks for the cooperation extended by Mr. Tariq. Later, I was contacted by the branch that I should approach them to get a new car as all formalities were complete and the car was ready to be picked up. I went to the branch, ready for payment through credit card, but on reaching there, I was told that the car was at the port and will be delivered to me as soon it was received. This was repeated 3 times, wasting my time and adding to my agony. Finally, I was told that it was not their business and I should go and see the rental department.

On 13-10-2006 I sent a complaint by mail to Mr. Faisal Abdulla the General Manager of the in the Kingdom and Mr. Tariq Al-Shawa contacted me again and said he would fix a meeting with quality service department manager. In the meeting, the service quality manager said he would find a solution for the problem but two days later, Mr. Tariq informed me that my request was rejected by the administration department.

On 20-11-2006 I sent an e-mail to [protected]@toyota.jp and on 28-11-2006 I already received the following e-mail from TMC CR Division.

“<[protected]@mail.toyota.co.jp> by Mr.Kazunori Harada (General Manager of Overseas Operations Dept.) as per the below his massage:

Dear Mr. Al Ghamdi:

Your e-mail message of November 22, 2006 addressed to
[protected]@mri.co.jp has been forwarded to us for reply. We are sorry to learn of the situation you have encountered.

Please be advised that ABDUL LATIF JAMEEL IMPORT & DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LIMITED whom you may have already contacted is responsible for servicing all of our products in your country. In order to ensure a thorough review of the situation as described, your concern has been referred to ABDUL LATIF JAMEEL IMPORT & DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LIMITED. You will be contacted by that office in the near future.

Thank you for taking the time to write and bringing this matter to our attention.

Best regards,

Kazunori Harada
General Manager
Overseas Operations Dept.

On 28-11-2006 I already received e-mail from ALJID-CRM (Customer Relations Management) as per the below massage:

Dear Mohammed Ghamdi,

To-Day only we receive letter from TMC which you send Complaint on 22nd Nov 2006 by through Ur email.

We would like to know your mobile no and which place your and which car, which model etc... Where you make a service your car.? We need some details from your side appreciate if you can.

Waiting for your reply and of your above request. Thanks.

You can reach us through
ALJID-CRM (Customer Relations Management)
Jeddah – Al Kumrah (South Chorinche)
Tel No: 02 – 6083333
Ext: 5709 and 5710 or
Toll free No: [protected].

On 28-11-2006 I sent to them the full details of the problem. From this day till 29.1.2007, I did not receive any response from the company.

On 29-01-2007 I received a call from Mr. Alaa of your Public Administration, Customers Relations Department and I wish to express my thanks for the same. Mr. Alaa asked me a few questions and then informed me that Contract of the rented car has been cancelled by the Administration w.e.f. April 2006 as the Company had the right to cancel the contract without knowledge of the client.

On 10-02-2007 I went to the head office in Jeddah and I met with Mr. Ahmed abuzar and he said to me send me the full details of the problem to his email ([protected]@ALJ.COM). I sent the details as per his request and from this day to 29.03.2007 I did not receive any reply from him.

On 23-04-2007 I sent a complaint to Mr. Saad Al-Ghamdi by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) and from this day to 12.06.2007 I did not receive any reply from him.

On18-07-2007 I sent a complaint to Mr. Faisal Abdalla by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) and the same day I received reply from Mr. Jun Avelino – Office of Faisal Abdalla by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) as follows:

Dear Mr. Mohammed,

Kindly be informed that Mr. Faisal is still out of the country until early next week. However, he instructed us to have your case referred to the appropriate department of our company to urgently look at the matter with the end view of resolving the same soonest.

Kindly note that as per our record, this is the first time that we learned about this case. Please be assured of our immediate action on the matter, as per instruction of Mr. Faisal.

Thank you and regards,

Jun Avelino
Office of Faisal Abdalla

On18-07-2007 I sent again the complaint to Mr. Faisal Abdalla by e-mail and the same day I received reply from Mr. Faisal Abdalla by e-mail ( [protected]@ALJ.COM ) as follows:

Dear Mr. Mohammed,

Please be advised that your problem has been solved, and we have delegated Mr. Magdy Hassan, the Central Region Customer Relations GM to sit with you to finalize it.

Thanks & regards, , ,

Faisal Abdalla

"من نحن بدونكم"
“What would we do without you”

On 12-08-2007 I already received a call from Mr. Tariq Al-Shawa and I set a meeting with Mr. Magdy Hassan customer relations general manager in the Central Region, attended the meeting was to discuss the complaint has been reached is that the company will be to take me compensation of financial, but the amount has been set, said Mr. Magdy hassan he will be send email to Mr. Faisal Abdalla to take to his approval for the compensation.

On 15-08-2007 I already received a copy from the email Mr. Magdy Hassan by e-mail ( [protected]@ALJ.COM ) to Mr. Faisal Abdalla as per the below massage

Dear Mr. Faisal

As the authority was given to me to solve the guest complain I would like to inform that it is already solved as the agreement with guest to have amount (20, 000 SR) only twenty thousand Saudi Rails. So your kindly approval is highly appreciated

Magdy Hasan
What would we do without you?

On 15-08-2007 I already sent to Mr. Faisal two ideas to solve this problem as follows:

The first idea to give me new car from your agency and discount 20, 000 SR From the car price and pay the total remaining amount as installments.

The second idea which increase the amount that you will give me to 30, 000 SR CASH.

On 16-08-2007 I already received e-mail from Abuzar Ahmed Syed by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) as follows:

Dear Mohammed,

The final is to take the amount of SR 20, 000 thru our Central Region office as I told you before, therefore please keep your communication with them only.

Thanks & regards,

Faisal Abdalla

On 18-08-2007 I already sent to Mr. Abuzar Ahmed Syed as per the below massage:

Dear Mr. Abuzar

Thank you for the wonderful style in the response.

I went to your office in the region and their demanded a new car, the opponent of SR 20, 000 and the installation of rest, but they said for me I in the Black list at the company and this because of the procrastination of company of me and they can not give me the car.

The wish the response to solutions offered to you before from my toward and ending the problem or that. I will force that I demand all of the sums and the compensation about the procrastination and the insult that it faced from the company in my giving my right.

Note: I cooperative with you up till now then. I hope the response before you as soon as possible.


On 18-08-2007 I already received e-mail from Abuzar Ahmed Syed by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) as follows:

Dear Mohammed,

Please be advised that this story is over, and we do not have any thing to add. So kindly finalize your issue with our Central Region Office as per agreed and please consider this as the final closing of your problem.

Thanks & regards, , ,

Abuzar Ahmed
For Faisal Abdalla

On 18-08-2007 I already sent to Mr. Magdy Hassan as per the below massage:

Dear Magdy,

Till now we didn't solve the problem, kindly reply your decision with accept or reject about the solution I have provide you with.

Best Regards,

On 20-08-2007 I already received e-mail from Mr. Magdy Hassan by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) as follows: (Is this the way is a threat?)

Dear Mr. Mohammed

The final call is yours as Mr. Abuzar say before to except our maximum limit to delight you and today is final time limit for you

Magdy hasan
What would we do without you?

On 12-09-2007 I sent a complaint to Mr. Mohammed Jamaal by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) Copy to ([protected]@ALJ.COM) and from this day to 02.11.2007 I did not receive any reply from him.

On 03-11-2007 I sent the same e-mail to Mr. Ahmed Oman by e-mail ([protected]@ALJ.COM) and from this day to 16.12.2007 I did not receive any reply.

On 17-12-2007 I sent a complaint to the Japan Office by e-mail and from this day to 15.03.2009 I did not receive any reply from them.

I have been sending complaints and chasing up to get solution for the problem. I have been visiting Toyota agents in Saudi Arabia but without any positive result. For your information, during this period, I spent more than SR 100, 000 on rental cars...

I will be looking forward to receiving your response and I would highly appreciate to your support to resolve this long the pending issue.

Best & Regards,

Mohammed Al-Ghamdi
Email: [protected]@shb.com.sa

  • Rz
    rzq Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am Hani Al-Mazmumy from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I had purchased Camry car from Toyota as a first hand in 20/10/2007. It is Camry-GLX 2008 with frame number: 6T1BE42K78X459108. I follow up the scheduled maintenance.

    I chose a Toyota car because it is one of the best companies in the world with high technology. Unfortunately, I had crashed two pieces of concrete from the front in 20/07/2008 at 3:00 am. This caused a huge damage to the car and the engine had moved from its place. Even though of all that, the AIRBAG did not work. So, the driver and the passenger had injured in their faces.

    I am looking for a proper action and urgent reply.

    Hani Al-Mazmumy
    Mobile # 00966553379300
    E-mail: [email protected]

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japan toyota lottery scam

Toyota lottery scam

A lady call susan lee will contact you and ask you to call the following person
Mr vander bourgh

But when you call mr vander bourgh, you can know immediately he is a african. he cannot tell you where he is located, except he is in guang dong, and tell you in order to receive the funds you need to pay for clarence documents. he also tell you, you can come to guand dong.

The truth is guang dong is a vity and has many district. you can check on the internet where the location of citic bank. do not believe the mr vander bourgh. he is a scammer. he do not know anything about guang dong.
Here his contact

Desk of mr vander bourgh

Fund manager
> telex transfer section
> citic bank of china
> guang dong
> china
> email; [protected]@citicbk.net
> tel; 0086-[protected]
> do updte me please when your payment is effected
> susan lee
> national trustee finance
> guangdong china
> tel= [protected]

save your company name at egypt

Managing director toyota motors
Dear sir,
As a senior owner for toyota cars, currently I had toyota corolla 2008 purchased as a new car from toyota egypt. iam proud to be an owner for toyota prestigious car and I encouraged many of my colleagues to have toyata cars. as a medical doctor I need a heavy duty car and no doubt that toyota corolla was my perfect choice.
Recently I visited one of your service centers at cairo at your new centre (al qahira al gadida) for a gear box hanging –mmt - (more than 5 times). my current meter reading is 25.000 km as of 15th february 2009. this was my 5th visit for the same problem, I own the car for 6 month, and more than one month the car was in the service center for the same problem that affected me economically and psychologically and of course it affected the reputation of toyota.

As per current company regulations am still under warranty period. I did inform the reception engineer about complete hanging in gear box. service center customer coordinator informed me that the car seems to need a gear box replacement and control unit replacement!!!
This was a real surprise to me sense the car is 2008 model and the meter reading is only 25.000 km and all previous maintainance were done through authorized toyota service centers. this affected my confedence about toyota.
Certainly iam still under warranty period, and my car is still at toyota service center since 15 th february 2009. it seems that they failed in fixig the problem as it reoccur more han 5 times in the last month. and it's not my guilt to have a car with factory default. my compensation is to have a new car not a fixed car, and to have compensation about the financial and psychological damage that affected me. I choose to buy toyota for it's good reputations but it seems that I was wrong? so please stand by me and bring to me my rights.
Toyota corolla 2008 with 25.000 km and regular maintainance and have a contous unsolvent problem in gear box???. I trust this is a very serious situation that affects toyota reputation that reflected with a real surpurise to me and my colleagues who owns or who is planning to own toyota cars.
Iam bringing this critical situation to your kind personal attention and really iam suffering from the recurrent problem in the gear box, in my car that seriously affect my daily obligations as a medical doctor,
Your early feedback is highly appreciated,
Sincerly yours,
Dr. mostafa hamed kadry

Toyota corolla 2008
Plate number: kliobia 393101
Mobile: 002 [protected]
002 [protected]

  • Wa
    WAEL RRR Oct 17, 2011

    MY name is AHMED and I bought a 2009 Toyota HAICE (bus) the problem was that engine ECU was broken down but unfortunately I wasn't in the warranty period so I went to the car service center of Toyota and explained that problem they told that the problem could be fixed if I paid 600 Egyptian pound so I did but I saw no something is changed in the car
    After that i told them that the problem wasn't fixed < they told that they have changed the oil and some care services to the car and the main problem wasn't fixed

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  • Kh
    Khouzam Jun 08, 2014

    Message sent on the 29th of April 2014 with no result till now.:

    Customer Experience
    Customer By Web Form (Nassif Khouzam) 04/29/2014 05:00 PM
    Today, in the Toyota center in festival city at Cairo, I have been very astonished and disappointed from the reaction to my complain.
    Actually in my last maintenance there, they found out that my right fog light was not working so they changed the lamp with a wrong model that melt all the fog light and did not fix well the internal fender cover from the front. During my last highway travel, this caused me an accident because the cover went under the wheel. Now it's completely damaged because the plastic melt from friction and the front bumper is also damaged due to the accident.
    Today at the service center, they changed me the fog light but refused to change the internal cover and the bumper saying that there is no comment on the job order saying that it needs to be fixed. Was any comment there that they've put a wrong lamp? What an irresponsible answer!
    Is this my fault that the Toyota employee skipped this so that I pay for it? And why did they change only the light? Shouldn't they compensate me for this negligence that could cost my life and my family life instead of telling me that I must pay the cover and bumper? It's a matter of principle: I will not pay for others mistakes.
    I trust Toyota and that's why I make the maintenance there, why don't they trust me and they don't believe that the car was not ready to be given to the customer? Is it for saying that they never make errors? If they do so, this employee who forgot to fix the cover will continue his negligence and they will sacrifice the safety of other customers? What did Toyota do when it discovered that there were an error with some model accelerators? Why are the Toyota standards not applicable in Egypt?
    What is better? To say everything is ok with us or to face their situations responsibly?
    I wait for a prompt intervention from your behalf to stop this maltreatment of customers that we are facing here.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Envoyé de mon iPad

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  • Ha
    HamadaZaki1972 May 31, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Toyota senior management members,
    I am Mohamed Zaki, writing this official complaint to express of my totally disappointment with dealing with Toyota maintenance for my car Toyota corolla model 2008 South Africa, since years I am suffering with this model which were provided to the clients with a manufacturing mistake in the gearbox, which was supposed to be replaced by new car (all countries in the whole replaced by new car for the deffectef Toyota modle 2008 except Egypt ) as it is not the clients' problem to deal with a deffected car has such an error affect the safety of their clients. But unfortunately nobody care from Toyota Egypt nor Toyota International to secure their reputation.
    We took it to Toyota New Cairo maintenance Center
    and complained but engineers their told us that this model
    is made in south Africa and we need to change some spare parties in the Gearbox and will work perfectly. But after fixing the spare parts the car started again to behave in a weird way as it will go to natural (N) in the middle of the road .
    Again we went to New Cairo maintenance center and we were told that the software of the gearbox need to be restarted again. After repairing it has been repeated for 3 times.
    After almost 2 years, Today 31.05.2016 the problem repeated again. But the new Cairo maintenance center refused to fix the regular problem as it is not a gearbox to take their responsibility off.
    I am writting to complain to Toyota International as this is not we were promised (Toyota is safe to drive ????!!!)
    I am asking the support of whom may concern about the Toyota reputation to solve my problem.

    Mohamed Zaki
    +2 01009782853

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no free gas

I purchased a car from Toyota and got a $225 FreeGasCentral card as part of the deal. I have been sending in...

used car problems

Purchased a used vehicle from this dealership, advised the salesman that there was something wrong when I put on the brakes before I took it home. He just blew it off told me it was probably just rusty brakes from sitting for a while. So, I gave it a week to see if it would get better; it did not. Went back and even though I had a 90 day warranty, I had to pay a $50 dollar deductible and $70 to have an alignment after the work was done. Turns out the lower arm on the suspension had bad bushings. This is not the half of it though. After my daughter took it down the first time, they had to order the part. She had to come back the second time and then was told that they ordered 2 of the same part, needless to say this ended up in a third trip. Do you think they offered to compensate me for this waste of time and gas? I live almost an hour and a half away from them. They could care less about me now that they had their money for the sale.

I will never buy another toyota

I sent this letter to the president of toyota, usa. but, they dont feel any responsibility. Michael e...

bad dealer experience

I bought a car a lipton toyota for export.
I payed in cash.
They always were delaying the delivery, we always had to get new documents / insurances /... When finally we go the car after a 4 week delay, the 4x4 gear know was missing.
I wonder what other suprise we will find when receiving the car...
Do not understand me wrong, I have 30 years of happy toyota experience. They just give toyota a bad name.

toyota not honouring warranty again

Beware Findlay Toyota in Las Vegas attempting to make up for poor auto sales by not honouring extended warranties!! I have NEVER had a positive experience with this dealership. The most recent - a Toyota Avalon with 36, 000 miles blowing black smoke. They have had it for 8 days, are avoiding phone calls, other than one to say we had to provide them with all oil change receipts, and another to let us know that Toyota corporate HQ had not yet given them permission to open it up... suggested we came and get it and bring it back on the one day a month a field rep is there. What gall!

honoring the warranty

I purchased new a 2007 Toyota Tacoma 4x2 5 spd from Ventura Toyota without incident and very happy with the truck and dealership. Until a few days ago while having it serviced the tech performing the oil change informed me that i had a significant transmission leak, in which i observed. I stated that i will go first thing in the morning and have it looked at, at this time a 2nd tech over-hearing our convesation said "good luck" with those guys! I interned for Ventura Toyota and they hate warranty work!. He added "just a heads up" they will try to get out of it. So i call my salesmen in which i chat for minute and explain my situation and who was the service manager to deal with. So, i contact service and talk this guy and all sounds upbeat, until we meet in person. They had asked me to just hold tight while we get it up in the air and see exactly what is wrong. In 20 mins. the srvc. mngr. comes back and says" We've got a problem here! Who is your mechanic?" I then asked why is there a problem? I have the truck lubed, oil, and filtered by a local, licensed company that is nationally known. Why! He proceeds to tell me that he's very sorry, but we cannot warranty this transmission! It seems YOU or else YOU had someone remove this transmission and it even looks like it has been taken apart! Unbelievable!! and complete nonsense. I asked WHY! would i touch it when it's fully warranteed, it's only got 14k mi. on it. He then informs me that a certain person will inspect the tranny and make the final decision tomorrow, and we'll give you a call. This seems to be a long running, and ongoing, unethical protocol followed by their service dept. and should be made aware of for current and future owners.

  • Ja
    JamesQuinnw Nov 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ventura Toyota is a completely unethical business across the board. Not only their service department, but their entire staff. They do not do due diligence inspecting the used cars they sell, so PLEASE beware. Shop somewhere else. There are two other Toyota dealerships in the same area with much better reputations.

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  • Br
    Bri dog Jul 23, 2011

    Toyota vehicles are great but never deal with Ventura Toyota. They are unethical, especially people in the finance office. Don't ever buy the extended warranty either. Purchased 3 vehicles from Ventura Toyota and have been treated like they don't care about my business. In addition, every time I had issues with my vehicles I had to pay out of pocket since the extended bumper to bumper warranty did not cover what I needed done. Stephanie Ortega in the office/finance dept is very deceptive. I have spent over $60, 000 on vehicles there in the last 9 years and I will never go to that dealer ever again. I have friends with similar complaints as well. Go to Oxnard Toyota or buy from a private party. A client of mine buys Tacoma trucks every few years and last year went to purchase some new trucks. Ventura Toyota failed to honor a discount. Instead of honoring discount and keeping client happy to get future business they blew them off. Now they go to Toyota of Oxnard. Boycott Ventura Toyota.

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  • Ms
    M. Shaffer Aug 19, 2012

    I have to agree with Bri dog...never deal with Ventura Toyota. I bought a Tacoma from them in 2006 and thought I'd give them a chance for a 2nd car (used) for my daughter. After finalizing a deal over the phone with one of their sales consultants (Efren Garcia), he confirmed the deal with his sales manager (Juan Martinez) and called me back with the news "you're the new owner." I told him I'd be down there in 45 minutes, but when I arrived with my daughter, Mr. Martinez told me the car was sold and the new owners were signing the paperwork right now. What a bunch of crap!! Now I know why everyone in the local car business says to use Oxnard Toyota instead of Ventura.

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  • Ti
    Tijuas38 Apr 25, 2013

    Is that really what happen ? Schaefer

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  • Ti
    Tijuas38 Apr 25, 2013

    Why don't you put down what really happen?
    You lie in person you lie on the net.
    Tell the public how you went back on your word the day before. Huh oh let me guess you want to leave that part out.

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unsatisfied customer

Purchased my 2003 Rav 4 at Lipton Toyota brand new and have had it serviced regularly at this same location...

awful company

I traded in my car and I brought a copy of my credit report showing how high my score is, they said that they didn't use the fico scoring, they used the beacon scoring and that my score was much lower with beacon, and I would have to pay a higher rate. They quoted me 439 dollars monthly on a 16k car.

I have some finance experience and knew the payment should be no higher than 350 and said I was leaving. Then they lowered it to 350. They only had one finance agent available and we had to wait until 1 a.m. to meet with him.We took the new car home and were going to return the next day to get the trade in to have a stereo swapped out.

When I got there they told me they had moved it to another lot because they were having a problem with employee theft. So I drove to the other lot and picked up the car.

on the way home I got on the east west expressway and I realized I had moved my epass to the other car. I went to get some change to pay and realized that all of the change and money in my car had been stolen, and I got a ticket for going through a toll without paying. I then noticed that all of my cd, s and several other items had been stolen.

I returned and informed the salesperson and he said they would take care of it, but he had to talk to his boss. He came back and said that they decided to do nothing and that there was no problem with employee theft. I reminded him that they said they had moved the car because of employee theft problems, and they denied this. then they proceeded to accuse me of taking the roof rack off of the trade in, I showed them pictures I had taken the day we traded it in proving there was never a roof rack. These people were nasty and I will NEVER STEP ANOTHER FOOT IN THIS STORE.


  • Sh
    shasha Mar 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been waiting for over 3 months to have the radio system replaced on a 2009 Toyota Tacoma from this dealership. This the worst experience I have had so far, I hate when someone is lying to me. Please be aware of false promises from car dealerships like this one.

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  • Ga
    gary patel Aug 25, 2011

    i had a similar situtation they offered me $1500 for a 2005 dodge grand caravan when the black book value was between $4000 and $6000, do they think people are stupid or born yesterday, well i did not buy anything and i will never set foot into toyota of orlando, they think they are up in the clouds but they must remember the higher you are the harder you fall.i will definitely tell all my friends and businesss associates about my horrible experience

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  • De
    Dean Schall Jan 11, 2012

    Honestly I wish I would have not bought my 2008 Certified Camry from this dealer. Since buying with less than 40000 miles had to replace the tires, the axle, and cabin filter. After purchasing went back for service at Toyota of Orlando and was treated poorly. Do not use this dealership..

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  • De
    Dean Schall Jan 11, 2012

    I too am not using Toyota of Orlando service department. I purchased a Certified Pre Owned Camry and within 5000 miles have had to replace the cabin air filter, one axle, 4 new tires. I will not use this dealership. Have made serveral visits to resolve problems with no success. DO NOT BUY OR SERVICE your Toyota from this company.

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  • Na
    Nanorlando Apr 04, 2012

    Worst experience I've had at a dealer and I have purchased 3 cars in the last 3 years alone. I have always owned toyotas but after this I am not sure I would buy another one.
    I negotiated a price with the Internet group so I went to the dealer ready to buy the car. After 2 hours they came back with a price that was $2000 above the price I had already negotiated. Bate and switch does not work well for me and I left the dealer very upset that they wasted my time and tried to take advantage of me.

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  • Fe
    FedUpwithStealerships Nov 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Re: Application for Employment
    On behalf of our company, I want to thank you for your application for employment. While we were impressed with your background and experience, we have concluded that another candidates qualifications more closely match our requirements. We sincerely regret that we cannot offer you employment with our organiation at this time.
    We appreciate your interest and wish you success in finding employment.
    Sincerely, Human Resources ManagementToyota of Orlando
    Winter Park, FL 32792
    November 30, 2012
    --- I was in fact hired for the position, but since I would not accept a work schedule that included Sundays and nights I received this notice instead. moral here is they don't give a rats behind about you or your family. whether its in sales service or employment. Just another stealership that demoralizes family values

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used cars

I found a car I was interested in at this dealership that showed up on cars.com, autotrader.com and the dealer's own website. Since I live an hour away and would have to take special time out of my day to go down there, I called ahead of time to make sure that the car was still there. The guy who answered the phone said that they did still have the car, answered a few of my questions about it and I ended the call happily by letting him know I'd be by the next day to look at the car. The following morning, I went to the dealership only to be informed that the car had been sold three days previously! They did try to sell me something else from their very limited used inventory. I can only assume that the person who lied to me over the phone just wanted to get me down there to sell me on one of their other cars. I was very, very unhappy and will never do business with this particular dealership. I advise you to check and double check before you go to Bill Penney for anything.

seconds car and used car

The said toyota authorised delivered an used and seconds car instead of a brand new untouched car.

Please confirm this seconds car rejected by toyota qa qc department / poor product / major technical defects.

Car deatils : vin. jtebl 29 j [protected] / model 2008 trj120l - gkpekv / plant - a 51 /engine:2tr - fe 2694 ml.

1) is it seconds car. confirm with proof details
2) car details like model no /chassis no / etc in black plastic colour with "s" mark instead of aluminium metal sheet
2) replace this bad product immediately.
3) if needed, all photographs of defects and complaints will be sent either by e mail or fax or post on request.

Please reply me on my email id — [protected]@yahoo.com