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One mouth ago I sent back to Italy from New Zealand my personal goods. I spend almost 600$. The company stop it at the Italian border and told me that I must pay 243€ for tax and service. How is possible to pay 50% of the value of my used goods? Sounds a scam. Then when I receive my shipping, I noticed it was damaged as well. I already had international shipping but never with this problem. Which actions can I take?

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      Jan 26, 2018

    TNT NZ was paid for additional tax as soon as the invoice arrived which was in November 2017. I received a letter from them with the invoice flagged as unpaid and a letter saying I was being charged $20 per day for storage and if it was not paid the dey would send out the debt collectors. WTF! I could not find the statement and thought maybe I had missed it so paid by credit card. I thin found the invoice, contacted them for a refund and 10 days later still no refund. Whe when they looked at the consignment note did they not see the payment? I know - they are not yet in the digital age and their finance department is sadly disconnected from their operations. Disgraceful way to treat customers so poorly done TNT NZ.

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