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K Nov 06, 2018

I just left the TJ Maxx store in Russellville, AR (11/6/18 approx. 8PM) and I am extremely mad about the experience I just had. I spend anywhere from $300-500 every month in this store. I brought a Home Goods return to this store tonight for a refund. Their policy is to accept the return as long as you have a receipt and tags are in tact, which it WAS. This was a Parisian House mirror for 39.99 purchased on October 11 so it was well within the 30 days for a refund as opposed to store credit. The only issue I had was that the bottom left corner of my receipt was torn off but ALL of the numbers along the bar code, the date, everything could be read clearly. The young man working the cash register looked at it and stated he could read everything he needed clearl for a return, but the young lady who was working as the lead clerk stopped him, a short black girl with braids. This girl harasses me every time I bring something back and in general is always rude and unfriendly. It'd be quite different if I were doing something wrong but she targets me every damn time. She took the receipt back and spoke to the manager on duty, tall skinny white girl with long dark hair, darker complected and wears lots of make up. She took FOREVER, so long the guy associate had to call her on walker, and finally came back and said only could I be given store credit because the receipt could not be read. The guy associate stated several times that he could read everything he needed. I said it's been less than 30 days and I will not accept store credit especially since everything at the bottom on the receipt can still be read clearly. She called the manager up to "speak to me" and she said the bar code could not be scanned so I had to take store credit. Now, Please don't treat your customers as if they are dumb. I stated that the code on the bar code could be typed in, and she then said we can't see the date. I laid the receipt on the counter, pieced it together and could very clearly see the date of October 11, etc, etc. I could be wrong on this, but I would think once you type the bar code in that it should bring up everything else on the receipt even IF the other parts of the receipt couldn't be read, since it brings up the item numbers and prices and all. Really? I mean did they think I was forging a fake receipt or what? I declined store credit. I spend way, way too much money in that store to be made to feel like a liar or that I am doing something wrong when I wasn't, and I am not a liar either, so this was not appreciated. I am smart enough to know my rights and I shopped in that store way too much to not be aware of policies and when I am not being treated right by certain staff. I say shopped, past tense, because I will not shop there any more. That's too bad because I love TJ Maxx and thought the Russellville store was one of the best in the state. If I do decide to shop at TJ Maxx again, I'll drive the extra miles to another store, which is too bad, because that won't be near as often or near as much. That was beyond ridiculous of an experience for no reason.

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