Tim Hortons / unethical behaviour


On April 15/2019 I walked into Tim Horton located on, 1195 Danforth Ave. esso, Toronto, M4J 4B1 and ordered large tea, while i was ordering i asked her if i can have reward card which Tim Horton has offer its customer (buy 7 get one free) but she was totally ignore me, and i keep asking her if i can have it before i charged but still she ignore me and charged my credit card and then when she sees i am insisting she told me is too late, i found about reward card when i was waiting in lineup because she was offering to people head of me in the lane, but she never offer me, but ask for it where she totally ignore me, finally by insisting i got the card but she said i can't put this order on the card where as she could do it if she wanted to.
I felt so humiliated, but i said thanks and left.
Here I am sending you my recipt, where you can get more Information

Best Regads

Tim Hortons

Apr 15, 2019

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