Tim Hortons / rewards program

I go to McDonalds, I get one reward per coffee.I come here o Tim's and I get just one reward even if I order ten coffees.I forget my card or app for a second, and waiter says I cannot receive reward because order has been completed, even though waiters never ask or remind customers if they have a card or app.Myself and a friend proceed through drive through and he dont get his reward because we did not make two separate orders, this is totally unacceptable and totally ridiculous. How small minded can a company be, its like you offer a reward program but dont want customers to avail of it.

  • Updated by Wynjoe, Aug 13, 2019

    Please comment if you have had these bad experiences with Tims reward program.If everybody used separate orders while going through drive through imagine how waiting time would increase?, or even if they placed separate orders while in line up inside!Has anyone else even noticed this????

Aug 13, 2019

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