Tim Hortonsrewards card & food quality

I am writing to complain of your new rewards card. I was told it was a rewards system to replace Tim hortons cancelling the roll up to win. However, staff NEVER EVER ask for the card!!! And then, at the very end of my purchase, I REMEMBER to give my card but I am always told it is too late. What an absolute joke. All you have done is given me another card, another responsibility I have to remember in this busy day and age. And your food quality is disgusting. Costs a fortune for old, lukewarm food that has very little meat (ex. Sandwiches). And your turkey grilled cheese went from having real Turkey to the processed crap. That's when I was done with buying food from you. Thank God your double double hasn't changed (yet). Canadians are not happy Timmy's!!!

Sep 29, 2019

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