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All the staff in this Tim Hortons location are rude. They need to be trained more on customer service. They would never say sorry if they commit mistake and would shout at customers if customers made mistake even if the customer already have apologized. Looks like the employees were not trained well in dealing with people.

One time I was ordering a sandwich.
Me: Hi, i'd like to order a Ham Melt.

Cashier: Ok what kind? (High pitch voice and she was looking at me like I dont know what I'm saying)

Me: Ham melt

Cashier: yeah! What kind of milk?! (She was already shouting at me)

Me: (what is she talking about? I looked at her confused)

Cashier: you said half milk! What kind of half milk?! (Shouting again)

Me: I want a sandwich (looking at her with my voice flat)

As a customer, i felt like she made me look like an idiot. My voice was clear, my pronunciation was clear the i wanted a "HAM MELT" which she should know because it is part of their menu but she shouted at me during the order taking.

Note: she had a hard time looking for the sandwich in the screen. She is not a new employee because i have seen her since the winter semester until this summer semester.

Another incident, the company have their rewards card which we scAn every order to gain a free coffee, donut or muffin.

I was ordering one time and scanned my rewards card while an employee is punching in my order (different employee from above)

In other branched it is ok to scan the card while the staff is punching in the orders. But in this branch, I dont know what is wrong with their till but if i scan the card while an order is being punched in their screen stops or lags for a second, i'm not sure.

I admit that it is my mistake to scan my card without her telling me, but she doesn't have to shout at me and then talk to other employees about me like i am not in front of them.

I apologized during that time but she did not even say its ok or she did not even smile.

Lastly, they are so slow. I know that it is always busy because of the flock of students ordering but in other tim hortons, customers doesn't have to wait 20 minutes in line to be able to order.

Aug 15, 2019
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  •   Aug 17, 2019

    What does a “high pitch” voice have to matter? Should they disguise their voice so it isn’t high-pitched?

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