Tim Hortonsservice at the 12 mile and farmington, farmington hills


Very very rude and unprofessional employee is working there her name is Mariam Dado. She served me unprofessionally and she was super rude to me. I made my order and I drove up to the window to give my money. She gave me back the coffee and the rest of the money and she asked me to park a side because my two sandwiches weren't ready. I didn't even spend 30 seconds putting back my money in my wallet, she said in an anger and disrespectful Voice that there is no need for me to drive all the way up because my sandwiches were ready. First of all, why she asked me to park when they could've prepare the sandwiches that fast? Also, the rudeness and the disrespect when she told me that they were ready. I asked her for her name and she replied very loudly, my name is Mariam. Then, she said its Mariam Dado because there are 2 Mariam's in here. Very rude and disrespectful girl who is working there. I will never go to that location any more. Very bad experience.

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