Tim Hortonsrude customer service representative gave the wrong order.

K Aug 10, 2018

I visited a Tim Hortons location in Markham at Woodbine and Apple Creek on August 10th at 12:55pm only to encounter a very rude server in the drive thru that lacked the very minimal customer service skills required to be dealing with people. The individual was a female name Tharsini. I placed an order to have an Bacon and Egg english muffin, but due to dietary restrictions, I asked to substitute the english muffin and wrap my sandwich in lettuce. When I drove up to the window Tharsini gave me a container with an egg and bacon in it. I explained that was not what I ordered, she then proceeded to suck her teeth at me. When I explained again what I requested in my order, another representative came back with a wrap, I advised not a bread wrap, that I wanted to wrap my sandwich in lettuce, then I was shown paper wrapping. Clearly, there was a language barrier, that the representative did not understand I wanted lettuce, not paper! Tharsini then began to yell at me and tell me to never request such a complicated order at that location again which was then followed by her raising her hand with a gesture for me to go away. I said, why are you being so rude, she the proceeded to raise her hand telling me to go, at this point I asked her name, she then said you want to complain, go ahead pointing at her name tag.
This representative needs to go through some sort of training with how to speak to people.
I would like this issue addressed, and a follow to explain what course of action has been taken to ensure this individual is spoken to and trained accordingly.

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