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Went to the Tim Hortons in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia yesterday to order a pumpkin spice donut. Worker stated they were out of them. Asked for the pumpkin spice muffin instead. She then informs us that they never carried any of those items and would not be carrying any pumpkin spice items. However, on the way into this Tim's and at the drive thru there are several advertisements for pumpkin spice items. We've had a couple of complaints about this particular Tim Hortons and not one person from your company has ever responded. Rotten lettuce in a wrap, stale donuts and cold breakfast sandwiches.


  •   Oct 29, 2017

    "Rotten lettuce in a wrap, stale donuts and cold breakfast sandwiches"

    I'm wondering if they are so bad, why the hell you would keep going there.

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  • S
      Oct 29, 2017

    @Wine Is Good Trying to give a Canadian icon a chance.

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  •   Oct 29, 2017

    @Susan Callighen Right. Every chance you get?

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