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I Sep 15, 2019 Review updated:

I never complain, ever! I only write good stars on my Google reviews and never speak poorly about a company even if I hate the place. But, when something is changed for the worse and starts my morning routine on the wrong foot... Well I need to complain! Your new coffee cup lids suck... They spill everywhere. If your busy with your hands you can't grab the cup with your teeth to hold it for a split second. Did I mention they spill?! Everywhere. Spills out the top holes, spills out the sides because staff don't push them on properly. I have been burnt three days in a row by black coffee as well as coffee all inside my car. The lids? SUCK! I don't get coffee at McDonald's because of these stupid lids. Who wants to suck out of a lid like that? Go back to the old lids! Please!

Yours truly,

Avid coffee drinker


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      Sep 16, 2019

    I agree 100%. They’re awful!!!

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      Sep 16, 2019

    @NLBess And it’s difficult to complain. You have to sign up. Everyone I know hates the new lids but may not take the time to formally complain. Please change the lids back or at least give us a choice of lids.

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      Dec 02, 2019

    The new lids leak. I keep burning by hands. The problem is that the lip of the cup doesn't settle down far enough to create a seal.

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