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K Jul 17, 2019

I'm a dedicated Timmy's coffee drinker and I have been for years. I have been ordering 5+ coffees per trip for both myself and coworkers on a very regular basis. Anywhere between 10-25$ per day.

Today I ordered my usual 5 coffees..2 large and 3 medium. The 2 large were supposed to be Double double and the medium were ALL with only a 1/2 of a cream and 2 sugar in ALL three. I was the only one in the drive thru at the time and there were two people on drive thru station . Both wearing head sets, one making orders and one taking payment. The workers took their time preparing my coffees and watching through the window I could see the confusion in the workers as they tried to understand what I ordered. The worker making the coffees pressed the buttons a few times at the machines and looked up at the screen, down at the cups, up at the screen, and again at the cups. They then said something to each other and the worker making the coffees looked out at me quickly and began to pour coffees into the 5 cups she had prepared and stir and lid them... She (Sophia) then handed me 4 of the coffees unmarked in a tray and one of the mediums fell out of the tray onto my car floor luckily spilling only a few sips before I was able to unbuckle and reach for it. They waited for me to fix the tumbled coffee and handed me the last Large coffee out on its own.

Once on my way to work the coffees began to shake about and that's when I noticed that 1 of 5 "looked" to be the right colour to my usual order and the other 4 looked all mixed up. Once getting to work I took a better look at the coffees and I was safe to say none of them looked right as none of them were. The 1 of 5 that I thought looked right didn't actually have any sugar in it and it should of had 2.

This is not the first time Tim Hortons staff have made errors in my everyday order, sometimes I make do and sometimes I ask them to fix it if I'm still in the area.

I do my absolute best to speak clearly and slowly so that the staff have time to enter my slightly unusual 1/2 of a cream request as I'm lactose intolerant.

Most of the Tim Hortons establishments in my area have drive thru screens that are busted so even when the employee sounds confident in knowing what you want it doesn't show up on the screens most places so I have to take their word that they will make my coffees correctly if they even heard me correctly. This happens almost 3 times in any given week. I've even had the staff tell me IT IS what I ordered when clearly I wouldn't of brought it back untouched moments later if it was. It's always an inconvience when I wait anywhere between 2-20mins in the drive thru and then another 10 mins having the order fixed 2+x a week.

I'd like the staff to check when they aren't sure rather then make what they think is right. Save a lot of hassle and wasted money every week.
Feel free to reach me.
Thanks muchly.


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