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Narrow Minded Robots,
I had my rental car window broken out and some change stolen. The Hotel (Homewood Suites) was going to have the window replaced in the parking lot right away and pay for the window themselves, great. There was so much glass in the car that I wanted to get it detailed by Thrifty, or get another car. I was told that I could not have the window replaced and had to turn the car into them to get it fixed. Due to the glass and already giving myself up I was stuck. Now I'm on the hook with the Jerks at Thrifty for the window when the hotel was going to step up and pay for it.
Some robot that cant think out of th box just cost me a couple hundred buck, NEVER AGAIN will I rent from these jerks. I will be sure and tell everyone I know and my office and my friends and family to avoid these jerks.
Eat it Thrifty.

damage charges and compensation for faulty car

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Jason Muscat from Malta and I am writing this letter of complaint with regards to my...

Manchester Car Rental

thrifty lax

We were planning a holiday to Los Angeles for our family of 5 (we are from New Zealand).

I booked a Grand Jeep Cherokee (or similar) via the Thrifty website for about $59 per day, since we had a lot of luggage and this car could fit 4 suitcases according to their website. I did this 2 months in advance.

After 13 hours of flying, we arrived at LAX and caught the thrifty shuttle with all of our luggage.

However, the vehicle we booked was unavailable, and they said we offered us a Ford Escape for the same price. I was not sure how much luggage it could take, I took a look and the trunk was tiny. It could not fit our luggage.

I asked for a vehicle more like the Grand Cherokee which would fit our luggage.

They said I would have to pay an extra $300 to upgrade to their next model since I was rejecting the ford escape.

I had no choice, with 3 children and partner and all our luggage sitting on the sidewalk in the middle of the airport commerical zone we were at thrifty's mercy.

Now I'm back from holiday, I've done a little research. The Ford escape they offered to me is listed as a smaller vehicle on their website, certainly not an equivalent vehicle to the cherokee.

Also, the ford escape is only $45 per day, and they wanted me to pay the same as for the cherokee.

Basically, thrifty were forcing me to accept a free downgrade .

I am outraged by how we were treated. The staff at Thrifty LAX are incompetent money diggers. The worst way to begin a holiday in the US, encountering modern day pirates.

I've lodged a complaint with thrifty, but they say I will get no refund of the extra $300 we paid since I rejected the Ford Escape. Unbelievable.

Using this logic, thrifty can bait with really cheap offers, wait for the customer to arrive, offer a completely unsuitable car unlike the customer had booked, then force the customer to pay for an upgrade .

They would never get away with such behaviour in New Zealand as we have some of the strongst consumer protection laws in the world.

Is there anyway I can take this further?

  • Dt
    dtaginformant Mar 11, 2011

    I hope you win somehow, I feel sorry for foreign people when they come to Dollar/Thrifty. They try to make money off of you. If you arent a nice supermodel looking woman or a friend they will not give you an upgrade. Heck I have even heard of a rental agent giving a customer any vhicle she wanted and she gave him her phone number apparently. I think you know the rest there.

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  • Al
    Alan Thomaz Oct 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A made a reserve in the airport with Thrifty, and the same car, Now I will definitly cancel it.

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  • Pa
    paulcwyuen Feb 27, 2014

    I have just reserved a grand cherokee just like you did at Thrifty LAX because of their cheaper I think that's a hook. Thanks for your experience. I think I will cancel it and find other reputable companies instead. I been to NZ and yes they won't do business that way.

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customer service

Where to start. First. Horrible service. Useless managers. Dirty car. Wanted a small car. Got there with my reservation for a small car. Got told they had none and I got an impala. I wanted a small car to save on gas second my insurance doesn't transfer? I called my insurance and they said yes it does and still got charged something like 20.95 a day insurance major rip off, then I got the car. White/ beige interior had stains everywhere. And dog hair and smelled like smoke and the outside was just as bad. Little marks everywhere and dirt covering the car, was rushed outside during the damage check of the car and pointed out some marks that I seen and when I checked the sheet. They werent there ( thought they were trying to get me to pay a deductible for it to get fixed) i went back in before i left and got them to note it . Oh and the girl at the front. Not mentioning names( jen). Seemed like she hated her job. Talked down to me and contradicted herself multiple times. Oh And the manager was at a " different location". Never again will I give this company a penny.

  • Co
    compl vitches Dec 19, 2013

    I think they should fire the midway chicago manager his name was lije dan or doug dont know but he smelled like smoke and then he gave us the car he was driving and it smelled like a party of cigarattes and weed if thats what the manager does i wonder what the gn does

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  • Co
    compl vitches Dec 19, 2013

    Dollar doug from midway does cocaine

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  • Co
    compl vitches Dec 19, 2013

    Its what i think the car he gave us had baggies dont know what they do at midway but i was a friquent customer and now idk they had such nice enployees in the summer now
    they have all these ppl with bad attitudes i wish the summer ppl would be around

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  • Co
    compl vitches Dec 19, 2013

    But The Dan or Doug Or Dennis whatever his name is at midway chicago is a a**whole i was tryna talk to him and he blew me off and honestly
    It looked like he was tried to go his own thing on
    the side dont know but fire that jabroni

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  • Co
    compl vitches Dec 19, 2013

    Sorry dollar manager but i think ur on some sorta drug i had a girlfriends cousin work at mdw and they said they found drugs i wonder whose they are manager from chicago mdw

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attempted prioce gauging, horrible customer service

"1)We waited for just over half an hour on a shuttle bus from Thrifty to pick us up; we saw each of the other rental companies come by in excess of 5 times each during that time, and we know that there was another group that waited even longer than we did. The driver had to be waved over when one did finally show up as they were empty, but about to keep on going...the security lady did this for us. I called the number on my sheet, but it was the general number for Thrifty because they don't show the numbers for the individual stations...I tried to explain the situation, but the person couldn't understand and I gave up trying because it was also loud on my end and then the shuttle showed up.

2) We got there and there was a lady and a man at the desk, the lady waited on us... She appeared in a very bad temper, and my husband commeneted on the fact that he understood it wasn't just a long day for us, but for her which point she said she'd just gotten there at 10 am, so it wasn't a long day(would've been about an hour at this point). But she never once cracked a smile... this is minor, but now that we've had the experience we had with her, it seems important.

3) I had made a reservation only under my name, the car had not been paid for at all... we got to the counter and tried to give her my husband's card and i.d. as we wanted HIM to be the driver and she wouldn't let him be the driver. She said that even tho the car wasn't paid for yet, I had to be the driver and we'd have to pay extra. I didn't think this would be that much of a difference, and she didn't volunteer the info.

4) We kept going thru the charges and she told us we had to chose one of the three coverages which confused me as well. In Alabama insurance is mandatory on all vehicles but you can show proof of insurance on your own vehicle and they will accept this instead, if you don' want to ay the extra money. She didn;t offer that option, she said we had to choose I started to say that we'd have to take the cheapest one and she was about to enter that when i said to hold on and actually questioned her about this and stated we had an insurance card we could show her...this is when she amended her 1st statement and said we didn't HAVE to get the coverage (and she seemed to get a bit pissed off at us now with a change in facial expression and her already not "happy" tone went to quite strained)up front & then settle thru our insurance company afterwards. I said that was just fine, because we had full coverage insurance that would cover a rental as well.

5) She handed us the receipt and went over the charges at which time we found out the extra driver cost $63 plus tax for the week. I didn' think it would be more than $ made no sense- there was no more risk involved... and she still insisted I had to be the primary driver, even tho at this point we had given her the card that had HIS name on it... so we just took him off as a driver and I drove the car.

6) Shesent us to spot 28, and there was no car husband went back in but because I had to sign the contract I had to go back in and wait for her to redo the contract and resign it. Our DVD player was left either at spot 19, beside the inside bench where we stood waiting initially, or at the counter.I believe it had to be at the desk inside, unless it fell during the time he moved all of the bags from the one spot to the next while I was inside(she had told him which spot)... The last time he remembered having it was inside the rental bldg. I tried to call and report this Saturday the 19th...but was on hold too long...I calledWed am around 11 am and finally got thru, I was transferred to the Ohare lost and found. The mailbox was full- so that told me and my husband that SOMEbody is NOT taking the reports or updating their own files and people are being given a false sense that someone will help them.So I pushed the number for the manager. That person answered without giving a name, and I told them the mailbox was full and I needed to report a DVD player missing and he didn;t bother to take any info from me or give me any names or numbers in case i was cut off and he transferred me to some other guy who also didn;t answer with his name...I told him about the missing DVD player and he said he was going to tranfer me and I told him NOT to do so because LOST and found was full and was in the middle of telling him that I had just been transferred three times(once to lost and found, once to manager and once to him) when he cut me off and transferred me anyway(I never spoke to anyone more than 30 seconds b4 being handed off to someone else)... then I couldn;t tell you if the person answrred with a name or the connection was terrible, and almost sounded as if I was being spoken to by 2 diff ppl...I kept saying 'hello" and twice i heard someone on the other end say "hello, hello" quite clearly. Then after a while of me trying to explain and say hello, etc...they hung up the phone on me.

I HAVE NEVER IN FORTY YEARS OF EXISTENCE had SOOOOO much trouble out of a rental company... AT THE VERY least they would never have cared which one of us was driving the car...maybe only one of us, but which would not have mattered as long as we were over 25 with a valid driver's license. I would have been hit with the sales pitch for insurance better never told i HAD to purchase it thru the rental company unless i could not prove I had insurance of my own. This was a HORRIBLE experience!!! "

After this email was sent to the Midway manager on 6/26/2010, as that was the only email address I was given, I received an email from him (mr. Bond) on 6/29/2010 stating he had forwarded the info to the person in charge of the Ohare office, but they had not found our DVD player. By 7/7/2010, i had not heard from him again, nor had the Ohare office called or written me me and I sent a reminder email. I was angry and was going to congtact the police over the DVD player, but i could not get help there as it had been too long with no report from me or from them. By 7/26/2010 I STILL had not heard from ANYONE via phone, email, or snail mail so i sent the following email(with no response still!):

"You need to get me the home office numbers for all corporate execs as soon as is humanly possible. Up to and including not just your district manager, but also the President of the company. YOU DO NOT want me to have to determine these things myself, as then I will be forced to say you also brushed me off. The OHare branch has YET to contact me a month later! Even if it was just to say "sorry for the problems but we can't do anything about it." NADA!!! NOTHING!!! Not a 10% off coupon, not an apology, not a "screw you"! I will certainly not recommend your business to anyone; and since I travel frequently, my father does, my father-in law and mother-in law and my husband's three sisters... ALL (except my dad) in and out of even the Chicago area FREQUENTLY... and SOOOO many others- it will affect your reputation! It won't be hearsay, it won't be slander (because it's TRUE); it is not maliciously being sent out to harm your company, as it is merely protecting others from dealing with the complete LACK of service we experienced!!! On facebook alone that would touch about 1000 people! I'm done with the trying to be nice and follow the rules/procedures... it was red tape meant to deter me from pursuing anything further. I am done with empty threats meant to convince somebody to DEAL with me. This is my FINAL request for resolution via your level of management."

As of 7/30/2010, still no word, and I am looking online for corporate emails and complaint phone numbers to no avail so far...just this website! Mr. Bond said I would at least get a call and probably a coupon, not enough...but better than being totally ignored. They are rude, they are evidently thieves (or at least one of them is), they lie to try and get you to pay more for insurance and extra drivers(as Mr. Bond told me in person that since it was just a reservation and nobody's card had been charged we COULD have changed the driver without being charged), and they lied(or Mr. Bond did, anyway) about what service would be done to try and make amends for the poor service that began all of this... I just now saw that they are evidently known for illegal price gauging from this site; so I would STRONGLY advise all to shun this company. You MAY be the lucky ones to come away without being stuck for extra charges, and you MAY come away with a pleasant sales rep and a good experience, but it seems the odds are against it.

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over charge

Dear sir:
My name is Augusto Freitas de Sousa and I am Portuguese citizen.
I traveled along with my wife on holiday to Australia in late May for about a month.
I have to make a complaint regarding a service provided by Sydney Thrifty.
Have every reason to believe they charged me more money in the rental car I made.
There will be some entity to whom I can complain?
I suppose I can assume that tourists will have the right to complain if they consider wrong.
Thanks for the help


price gouging

In February, I was scheduled to travel to Albuquerque NM for business. I reserved a rental vehicle for...

intimidation and horrible service

- Lied to me about the exact price, I called in advance to make sure there would be no surprises I told them it was my first time that's why I'm asking if anything could increase the price. The person who answered the phone rudely told me of course it is. The day of its a different story now they mention being 25, and full car insurance. They should have mentioned it to me on the phone, that's the first strike.

-The person who checked out the car never gave a thorough check of all the damages and defects. I said before I left "I should probably take a picture" he reassured me he was "pretty thorough" and the keys were in the car. I drive off and when I stop again try to lock the door with the car remote and discovered it was faulty and I concluded that he was not as thorough as he claimed. I have a witness to verify this.

-When I come back another person checked out the car and claimed there was a new dent. The manager tried to get me to say I caused it or it happened under my care but I didn't. He said "You know you did this" I said no I don't know I did this. I paid the money so I could be early for work.

-When I came back to take pictures of the damage they claimed the car was in the shop. But they have told me things before that were not exactly true so I asked if they could send me the pictures. While I was there the manager tried to get me to lie and twist my words. They did not want to speak with any witnesses there. A worker pointed to my brother and said he could not come back even though he had done nothing wrong. I felt really uncomfortable and could see they did not want to co-operate so I involved the police to make sure nothing escalated even further.

-The police J Bauer met me there and walked me in. The manager did not even say hello, how are you doing. He would not talk and said that me and my brother can never come on the property.

This has been the worse ordeal I have gotten into with a company and I strongly recommend that no one rent cars from them again. They have been extremely difficult to work with and are not very civil. They did not value me as a customer. I do not want anyone else to have to go through this horrible situation again.

Anyone renting from anywhere should thoroughly check out the car and go over it with the worker. Take pictures, make sure price does not increase by thinking ahead of things that could bump up the price because they really wanted my money, they did not care about my service. If I had known how much it was in the first place I might not have gone that day. Through their negligence they have put me in a financial hardship.

I will never use Execu-Ride, Inc TA THRIFTY again. And no one else should either.

  • Mi
    Miss Mariposa May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am the witness mentioned above. One of the first things that I took note of was the fact that our appointment to pick up the rental vehicle was for 8 a.m. We arrived a little after 8 a.m. and no one had arrived yet. This was a shock. I expected the establishment to already be open and ready to receive customers at 8. I thought that this was totally unprofessional and greatly lowered my opinion of Thrifty.

    I was standing right by my friend while the transaction was taking place. The manager seemed to be pulling a myriad of new charges and fees out of some invisible hat. All of the implications of the rental were not made clear over the phone to my friend who was misled to believe that the cost was one low rate. The manager took advantage of it being our first time renting a car and neglected to be honest about all of the pricing. Any business should make it a primary concern to present consumers with all of the options available to them so that a better, well informed decision can be made. Thrifty Car Rental (Execu-Ride, Inc TA Thrifty) does not have the best interests of the consumer in mind.

    Upon arriving, I was made aware of the rental vehicles that were not in the best condition aesthetically. I honestly hoped that none of the vehicles that I saw would be the one that we'd be getting. Several employees emerged to make a list of damages that had already occurred and ensured my friend that his note taking was "thorough." After we had left, we made a stop, and upon our return to the car we discovered that the key remote failed to lock and unlock the car. If the worker was so thorough, how could he have missed that the key was malfunctioning?!

    In my opinion, Thrifty Car Rental is a shady business out to get as much money from you as they can. I would never use Execu-ride, Inc TA Thrifty ever again, nor recommend it to anyone else.

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overcharged the cancellation fee

Recently we cancelled our trip to Romania due to the volcanic ash. As a consequence, we had to cancel our car...

bait & switch

Reserved a rate on the Internet. Called and informed Thrifty that my ship would be a couple of days late due to bad weather. The agent confirmed that I would still get the same rate.

When I arrived I was told that the rate was more than the email rate I had received. For $10 it was not worth going finding another car rental company.

After returning the car I found out that they had billed $15.70 more than they my written agreement.

Clearly they make their money by [censored]ing the customer with pins and needles for a few extra bucks that they probably won't notice or complaign about!

Called their customer service department who basically laughed at me and was not slightly interested in having a satisfied customer.

Will never rent from them again.

charged me for pre-existing scratch under bumper

I rented a car @ Vancouver airport and no agent was available to review the car for damages before I left with it. When I returned it on November 23, 2009, 3 agents went over it and one agent found a small acratch UNDER the rear bumper that no one else could even find. Later I received a letter charging me $175.20 for damages. I left 3 phone messages with the office that were not returned. The only communication was threatening collection letters. The charges were excessive and the review of the car very agressive. One had to get on their hands and knees to find the scratch.

drop off charges

I used RENTALCARS.COM to rent a vehicle. The vehicle was at a daily rate of $48.50. The website requires that you enter the pickup and drop off location. There is no message or indication that there is a drop off charge if the two locations are different. I made a reservation for a pickup at the Orlando Airport and a drop off at the Miami Airport for the same day a few hours later. I have learned that the drop off charge is buried in the line item “taxes and fees”. The “Taxes and Fees” area is highlighted as in a hyperlink. When you click on the item there is a listing of different types of charges and it says that some may be applicable at confirmation.
I proceeded to the Thrifty Car Rental counter at MCO (Orlando Airport). The Thrifty representative made me aware of gas, tolls, and insurance items but at no time mentioned that there was a $150 drop off charge for returning the car to the Miami airport. The representative was well aware that I was going to return the car within the next 4 hours. I rented a Ford Escape at a daily rate of $48.50 plus applicable taxes. He asked me to review information on a screen regarding some items that I agreed to. None of these items included the drop off charge. Thrifty took information from my reservation (buried drop off charge) and the additional items that I agreed to on the touch pad. The representative did not review the list of charges on the rental agreement with me. Had he done that, I would have been aware of the $150 charge and not rented the vehicle with them.
Most of the major car rentals are located side by side at the airport and they had signs with cars available. The Thrifty representative folded the rental agreement (with my electronic signature) obtained from the touch pad items, without showing it to me, placed it in a Thrifty Car Rental Sleeve and gave it to me along with instructions on the location of the vehicle.
I learned of the charge a few hours later when I returned the car at the Miami location and my credit card charge was $244. I asked the representative in Miami why it was so high and we at that point pulled out the rental agreement and he and I reviewed it and noted the drop off fee for $150. The representative in Miami apologized that I was not advised of this when I rented the vehicle and said that he could not do anything but to contact Customer Service, he said he saw the very same issue days earlier also coming out of Orlando.
I contacted Customer Service for Thrifty and was told that they could not do anything about the $150 drop off charge because the charge was on my contract and I had agreed to it.
There are three issues of concern for consumers (1) the online company buried the fee in a line item with taxes and provides you with no specific information about these charges (other sites make you aware that there is a fee); (2) the Thrifty employee does not review the charges with the customer, and (3) Thrifty combines the information from the contract on line and the signature from the items that you “agree” to on the touch screen and use that as the electronic signature on the overall rental agreement. I am aware of the practices in the past with gasoline charges and insurance coverage charges. Changes were made that helped protect the consumer. I believe that addressing the practices raised in this complaint will benefit consumers as well as businesses that are competing fairly.

  • Ouch! Hopefully this will help somebody else next time they rent a car from them...

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  • Ki
    King1970 Mar 31, 2010

    I also see 3 issues in your rental...1) how can u bury $150.00 in the tax line if the whole cost was $48.00 per day. 2) read what u sign ...the rep did not book your car ...u did. 3) i will leave that blank for the other readers to measure ur IQ.

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hidden charges

I booked a Thrifty car (midsize) online for LAX. The quoted price was an "estimated base rate of US$111.20 per week plus 2 extra days @ $17.59 with unlimited miles. " This is a total of US$146.38. I took this to mean all inclusive, excluding local taxes. They 'mention' that there are three types of insurance but fail to say that this will be ADDED on arrival. Most car rental companies offer you "all inclusive rates" meaning car and insurance, and then if you want to increase the insurance it's so much extra per day. Imagine my sheer horror on arriving at night in Los Angeles when the actual rate including insurance came to US$612.47!!!
These people should be called! They are a conniving, duplicitous, shady company and a disgrace to rental car dealerships. They should be forced to disclose the extra charges at the time of reservation for what they really are, 5 times as much as the "base rate"! How do I complain and who to? Is there a regulatory body in the US who deals with such charlatans? I will NEVER USE THRIFTY AGAIN and never miss an opportunity to bad mouth them wherever and whenever possible.

hidden charges
hidden charges


Long story short- credit cards, electronics, and other items stolen from back of rental car in thrifty secure lot. Theif tried getting cash at two casinos. Police determined that security cameras in thrifty garage were not working...surprise! Almost a week later and no property or help in any way from thrifty. One fellow renter was even refused service by one agent for not allowing her to explain the insurance coverages. Thrifty has rude agents, hires theives and cares nothing about protecting anything except their own ###. If you rent here dont let anything out of your site!

$25 admin fee for 0.25 toll charge

I accidently passed through one of the many toll booths while driving around central Florida incurring a 0.25...

bait & switch - excessive added on charges

My quote from Thrifty was $261.54 for a one week rental of a mid size car on 10/09/2009. They gave me a bill for $674.62 on 10/16/2009 and I charged it to my AAA Visa card.
I had already talked to my Insurance agent about my rental coverage and said I was completely covered with any rental car and gave the Thrifty desk person my Insurance Card to copy. They insisted that I buy from them additional daily insurance at $177.68 for the week. I was driving 200 miles into Nelson BC which my Insurance agent at home told me was covered.
The car was a 4 door Mazda that could only be described as a sub-compact. I compared it to a Honda Civic which was parked nearby and the Civic was much larger.
I shall try to block payment on my credit card as I believe their practices are predatory.
I have kept all documentation from them and would hope that other consumers are duly warned about Thrifty Car Rental and their deceptive business practices.
I shall go on line and tell my story to as many possible renters as I'm able.

  • Ta
    Tammy Hopkins Feb 17, 2010

    Well I can understand your frustration. You have to check with your car insurance company to see what all they actually cover. Also keep in mind what is your deductible? $500, $1000? and do you want your premiums to increase? Also you have to make sure that your car insurance company covers the value of the rental car. Most insurance companies carry over to rental cars however, let's say you own a 1999 Dodge Durango valued at only $4000 and are renting a $20, 000 car. A lot of car insurance companies will say the cover in a collision the actual cash value of the car you own. So in this scenario they cover $4000 and you are still responsible for $16.000 assuming a complete total on the vechile. You have to ask very specific questions to your car insurance company they are in business as well sure they will tell you are covered and when you need them and you're really not or just partially covered then who are you mad at? Most insurance companies don't cover loss of use. This is where the vechile is in the shop having repairs done and the rental car company can't rent out the car. You can actually be charged a daily rate while the car can't be rented out, and it is usually higher than your discounted rate you reserved online. Also you need to go to the website of the actual car rental company you are renting the car from. They will have a terms and conditions section that gives you all the information that you need. As you stated above you were going to Nelson BC. If you read the terms and conditions of the website you would have seen that this company requires that you have at least the liability insurance when you go into Canada at the rate of $13.95 per day for the entire rental. So many people are so eager to get mad at the rental car company because they were just too lazy to do their homework. Furthermore, this is not a bait and switch. According to the definition of a bait and switch is A deceptive sales technique that involves advertising a low-priced item to attract customers to a store, then persuading them to buy more expensive goods by failing to have a sufficient supply of the advertised item on hand or by disparaging its quality. Thrifty didn't lure you in with a deceptive sales techinque. You more than likely used a third party website to book your rental car like Travelocity or Expedia or Priceline, etc. and didn't bother to read the local policies. Now you want to complain. As far as you think you are going to block the payment for your credit card are you out of your mind. You signed the contract which is a legal binding agreement. No one forced you to sign it. You could have shopped somewhere else so tell your story all over the web but tell it truthful. YOU WERE STUPID AND DIDN'T DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND FAILED TO READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY PAID MORE THAN YOU THOUGHT YOU SHOULD. THAT WOULD BE MORE ENJOYABLE TO READ!!!

    Maybe next time you will read the terms and conditions or better yet call the rental car company you plan to rent the car from.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Feb 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Adding on to Tammy's post, you get unlimited mileage in Washington only. By purchasing coverage, you were allowed to take the car out of state and even out of the country. Otherwise you could have been charged up to $1 per mile driven for all miles. I agree with Tammy, next time you should read and do you research.

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I requested a different car after being given a car that had a stench of cigarette smoke. Five minutes before I was told that I had a choice, but when I requested a change - "there is nothing available" ... you have to go back to the place that I originally checked in at the airport. Persons name was Elizabeth. I said that I had been offered a different car 5 minutes ago. After insisting - I received a car that was sitting there. It had scratches and a 1/4 tank instead of the full tank it was supposed to have, but it was better than the other car.

The key to this complaint is that Elizabeth - when told about the cigarettes smell - said under her breath and then very clearly audible "I don't care.". I said that it was clear that she did not care. Pathetic.


My wife and I reserved an auto from Thrifty in Frankfurt Germany but after reading review comments about their Loss Damage Waver (LDW) policy and refusal to honor the insurance provided by using a MasterCard Gold/Platinum credit card in place of the LDW, we requested a policy statement from their home office and a copy of the benefits from MasterCard.

In the MasterCard benefits statement it clearly states the insurance is effective in all countries except Ireland, Israel, or Jamaica. I emailed Thrifty quoting the statement from MasterCard and asked if this was acceptable by Thrifty. Rick Moss of Thrifty responded that Thrifty accepted the Master Gold/Platinum in lieu of LDW. I then requested that Mr. Moss send me a statement that I could take with me to Germany confirming that Thrifty accepted the insurance provided by the Gold/Platinum MasterCard. I did not receive a response to that request or another request a few days later.

We took the MasterCard benefits booklet with us in case we had problems. Upon arrival at the Thrifty counter, we were told the MasterCard was not acceptable in lieu of the LDW without a specific letter from MasterCard stating that we (by name) were covered by their insurance in Germany and we would have to buy their LDW or put up a very large deposit. We immediately cancelled the Thrifty reservation and went to Hertz who had no hesitation in accepting the MasterCard in lieu of the LDW.

It appears Thrifty is playing a con game. Since Thrifty refused to provide a written statement confirming they accept the MasterCard insurance, they are obviously aware of the Thrifty Germany policy. The day may come when they make this a company wide policy, don’t get caught. After making a reservation and arriving at your destination, they feel they have you cornered and can force you to buy their LDW. Don’t accept this blackmail. There are other auto rental companies that will accept the MasterCard in lieu of the LDW.

double charged 2 credit cards

I rented a car from thrifty and the guy that ran my card "accidently" charged both cards they had on file...

scam, do not use!

Warning to all that have the misfortune to have an accident in a rental car owned by Thrifty. In Albuquerque New Mexico in the Summer 2008 I had such a misfortune. Bottom line, in New Mexico and several other states which follow the NAAG (National Association of Attorney Generals) guidelines, a rental company cannot charge Loss of Use that is not proportion to their local fleet usage rates. Thrifty charged 100% (fleet usage around 75%) and did so based on a fictitious body shop labor day of five hours instead of the industry standard of eight.

After several months of obfuscation from Thrifty, I am now forced to file a law suit to have them honor the law. If anyone has a similar situation and would like to participate in a class action suit, please leave a response to this post. Thank You.

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