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Thrifty Rent A Car reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 17, 2006. The latest review Worst Experience with Any Company, Ever. Unethical and Unconscionable Business Practices was posted on Jun 11, 2021. The latest complaint unreturned charges! was resolved on Oct 27, 2014. Thrifty Rent A Car has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 213 reviews. Thrifty Rent A Car has resolved 56 complaints.

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Thrifty Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Thrifty Rental Car — customer service

Hello future Thrifty Car Rental customers … please be aware that if you try to use your Debit Card to rent a...

Thrifty Rentalthrifty car rental dandenong victoria

I booked an 8 seater but a day before from my pickup I got a call that the car you booked is not available. I can give a small 7 seater. Which was a definitely no from me. They said then sorry we can't give a car. Just happened one day before my rental. No ethics how to speak with a customer.

I ll strongly say don't go in this non reliable car rental. Get a car from another one but they are very unreliable. I can't do 0 star.

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    Thrifty Car Rentalcar hire cancellation policy

    Hi there

    I cancelled my booking about 45 hours in advance of the booking. I was fully aware of the policy, but had been unable to access the site and for various other reasons this was the first opportunity I had.

    Nevertheless, I thought I would try my luck as I am sure that it may be considered favourably that I was just short of the 48 hours.

    However, I have been unable to find a person or email address to contact and when I used the live chat, it was frustrating because I felt like everything I said was not understood.

    I would therefore like to know if there is anyway someone could consider my claim. I am really in a tight spot and have had to cancel the car as holiday plans have changed and I have been battling to secure a VISA for my 18 month old and have spent today and yesterday at the VISA office and consulate to try and sort this out.
    If there is someone listening who feels like handing me a rope or life buoy it would mean the world to me.

    Kind regards

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      Thrifty Car Rentaladministrative fees

      We agreed to pay administrative fees when we leased this car, but how can they, in good conscience, charge a fee of $15 for each toll? Our total tolls came to $19.60, but with the administrative charges, the bill was $94.00. Of course, they do not tell you how much the administrative charges are when you lease the car, I never thought to ask. Thrifty will never get my business again!

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        Thrifty Car Rentaldouble payment, no answer from customer service, but 3 numbers since 3 weeks

        ) No. [protected] from 7th August to 18th of August
        but the car (half year old) is broken, 3 calls to Service-man
        the last call ADAC and the car must be go to pick-up.
        So we can't fill the tank because the car was ko.
        2 days before to return the car. The technical told us, we invoice
        about oil get back from the renting. we send it but we get no money
        back but Hertz take again the money about 184, 06
        invoice [protected]

        So much trouble pls send the money back and also a debit about the
        trouble and the losing 2 days.
        We need a rental car to drive because we have a death in the family and
        not visit with the car the services...!!!

        thanks and we hope we hear from you
        TL. +[protected] e-mail [protected]@sapo. pt

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          Thrifty Car Rental — car rental experience

          I did the rental online and was given an estimate of $229 for the week. The cost was over double that. Then...

          Thrifty Car Rentaltoll fines

          I rented a car at Denver airport on Aug.20, 2018, and declined the pre pay tolls option. There was never any operating toll booths or indication that toll fees were going to be charged. There was no information from Thrifty or Colorado that tolls were automatically charged I blame the State of Colorado as much as Thrifty for any lack of information on this issue.

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            Thrifty Car Rental — dishonesty on additional items

            In July 16th 2018 I rented a car through and at the Thrifty Rent A Car counter the...

            Thrifty Car Rental — car insurance

            Imagine you and your partner have planned a vacation to the South of Italy. You rented a small car with...

            Thrifty Car Rentalvéhicule non donné

            Réservation: IT958744760 au nom de Jean Fabrice Murgia
            Confirmation n°: H65003301C1
            Véhicule: Fiat Panda
            Dates de réservation: Du 6 août 2018 au 20 août 2018


            J'ai réserver une voiture via Ryanair chez Thrifty en date du 6 août. Lors de mon arrivée à l'aéroport de Cagliari lieu de ma réservation, l'agence a refuser de me donner le véhicule que j'avais réservé et payé 355.96€. J'ai du retourner 3 fois au guichet et faire la queue car à chaque passage on me donnait une nouvelle excuse pour ne pas me donner le véhicule que j'avais réserver. Nous sommes arrivés à l'aéroport vers 14h et sommes restés à l'agence de location jusque 19h car on a refuser de nous donner notre véhicule.
            De plus, nous sommes rentrés chez nous par nos propres moyens après 5 heures passées à l'agence alors que nous avions payé une location. Cela fait maintenant presque 1 mois que nous attendons un remboursement qui nous a été assuré. J'exige donc un remboursement dans les plus bref délais.

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              Thrifty Car Rental — thrifty rental car is the worst... be aware renters

              they are rip off. This company is horrible, horrible business, horrible customer care. Especially at the...

              Thrifty Car Rentalmsp car rental blue chip member

              Thrifty at MSP airport does not treat Blue Chip Members with respect and they do not honor the wild card. For a wild card they say that the managers only provides a compact and that is what wild card means at MSP airport. Thrifty also tells people they have 48 hrs to rent the car if paid in advance but the MSP airport will cancel the reservation after 12 hrs. I rent 1-2 times per month and thinking about going elsewhere if this behavior and attitudes do not change. As a blue chip member, or renter, - we should be respected. Please see that I am/we are not treated poorly with Wild Cards and see that my reservation is not canceled before it should.

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                Thrifty Rental Car — false damage claim

                To Whom this may Concern: My name is Alan Jones and I'm writing to dispute a claim made by Dollar Rental Car...

                Thrifty Car Rental — service i’m complaining about

                This Friday was the worst day ever I actually missed my grandmother viewing because of a rude customer...

                Thrifty Car Rental — car not available at pick up when reserved

                I came to pick up my reaerved car at 8:00 am. Waited 30 minutes in line then lady at counter stated there wa...

                Thrifty Car Rentalassociate manager

                Went in to rent a car for a week today 7/15/18 and the associate was very rude and iggnorant. I was told that I could not just walk in that I needed to reserve on line. Came all the way home to do it on line. printed out my reservation -- went back . He said that I could not have a 2nd driver on the rental. Asked to speak to manager said he was the manager. There were many people in the place and he was being very rude and obnoxious. I was very embarrassed.

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                  Thrifty Car Rentalpoor customer service

                  7/6/18 customer #3062657. When I returned my car I told the rep that we were given a smoke smell car, with half eaten sandwich in the glove compartment and the previous renter paperwork in the glove compartment. She said they were busy being a holiday weekend & didn't get the car air out or cleaned. Then she came back & just handed me the receipt. I asked her if we she should be charged for 7/1 since we didn't get our car until after midnight. She said it didn't matter because even if it's after midnight I will be charged for the 5 days. I told her I wanted to put on a different credit card. Then she handed me the new receipt showing the check in date as 7/2 vs 7/1. I asked for my first receipt back but she said she threw it in the shredder box & she doesn't have the key to get it out. I told her that I didn't want her to do that and she said I asked her. I told her I just wanted to know about not being charged. Then I reminded her that I wanted to use a different credit card to pay the bill. She said she can't change it because she can only make one change. I told her that she didn't listen to what I wanted because she just did what she wanted. I told her that she doesn't understand that I needed my receipt to be corrected because I have to submit it to my company. I told her that this is not right. Then she just went to her co-worker. I asked who the manager is & she said she is the manager. So I asked for her name & she wrote it down as Jennifer. There was another customer prior to me yelling out loud that she has provided the worse customer service & that she wouldn't have a job by the time he's done. I feel that she is unkind & not very customer friendly. I have never experienced this kind of poor customer service so I have to express my complaint

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                    • Updated by van t · Jul 08, 2018

                      I don't want to be posted. I just want the company to know of the incident.

                    Thrifty Car Rentalracial issues

                    I live in Honduras most of the year. My 28 year old daughter was visiting. She lives here part of the time. We booked a car for two weeks. She is traveling with her younger 15 year old sister. When she arrived at your desk they requested her driver's license. She presented her valid Florida driver's license with the birth date July 1989.
                    The desk agent asked for a Honduran Driver's license. She does not have a Honduran DL since a US license is valid here.
                    Apparently the rate and conditions for a Honduran is Different?? In Honduras there is No test for a DL. Simply pay $25 and you are good to go.
                    Now my daughters have been stuck at the airport for hour arranging transportation.
                    The agent was rude and did not even offer the car at a higher rate. The car was rented in good faith and she was treated like the trashy little Honduran just because her Driver's License was issued in Florida. She also holds a US Passport and has a US Home. Not good enough for Thrifty??

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                      Thrifty Car Rentalcar rental overcharges

                      I recently rented a car from Thrifty Rent a Car at DFW. The quoted price was $14 plus per day for two weeks or approximately $220 for a week including everything. Upon my arrival I was shown the new total price and it was double what I had been told on the website. They added liability insurance at 19 dollars per day. Note: This insurance is always included in the rental price at other companies I rented from. I could not refuse it they said.

                      I reserved the car for a week and drove it for one day before deciding I didn't want to be screwed by them so I returned the car. I was less than 30 minutes late (had the car less than 23 hours) and was charged for two days and I also had to pay the liability for the day I did not drive it.

                      Total bill was 122 dollars for one day's use.

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                        Thrifty Car Rentaltires on rental car

                        I rented a car from Thrifty in the Savannah GA/Hilton Head Airport on 5/21/18. The price of the car that they originally showed me was twice the amount I reserved it for on Orbitz. They lowered the price but not to the contracted amount. The representative said the amount of the rental agreement and what you are charged never matches. I have rented many many rental cars and I have NEVER been charged more than the contracted price. I was even sent an email the day before from Thrifty stating the original contracted price. So I paid a higher amount. But the BIGGER PROBLEM was the tires on the car. We looked over the car and noted on the "check in " sheet the scrapes and dents and also that there was something that looked like glue on the exterior. The bottom panel was also falling off the car. The interior was stained and dirty. (please see the check in sheet that we filled out). It seemed odd that a car would be in such bad shape with only 23986 miles. We noted all the problems with the car on the check in sheet but never thought to check the tires. We did not even consider that a car rental company would put a customer out in a car with bald tires. On the way home from the trip the left front tire blew out. This was after driving in the rain at 4 AM and skidding several times (I wondered why the car was acting like this but that was before I knew that the two front tires were bald) A tow truck came and changed the left tire. He told me that the car was extremely unsafe and that the tire had NO tread on it and did not even have rubber on it...there were only wires sticking out where rubber and tread should be. He then told me that the other tire (right front) was not far behind this right blown out tire and that it had next to no tread on it. He said he questioned if I would make it back to Savannah to return the car on this other unsafe tire. So I was driving back to Savannah in a car with a donut tire on the front right and an extremely unsafe tire on the left front. My husband went into the desk at Thrifty and told your rep that we wanted the car towed back to Thrifty since it was SO unsafe. The representative told my husband that WE were going to have to pay for the tire change and the tow truck back to Savannah! About 10 minutes later the Thrifty rep called me in the rental car and told me they would pay for the towing and tire change. I asked her how they could put a human customer out in a car that was SO EXTREMELY UNSAFE WITH NO RUBBER OR TREAD ON THE TIRES. She said Thrifty does not rent cars with unsafe tire tread. I told her that I was going to bring the tire into the rental desk in Savannah to show her how ludicrous this was! Please see pictures of the tire! My husband had to take the morning off from work and lost 70.00 in wages and had to drive for 3 hours in the car that we own to come and rescue me. We brought the tire to the Thrifty desk and the manager did not even want to step out from behind the desk to see the tire! I insisted that she owned it to me to come and look at the tire and she did. There was a long line at the desk since it was Memorial Day weekend and people were irate because the cars they had reserved were not available. People were taking pictures of my tire and everyone was in shock and disbelief that Thrifty would put a customers life at extreme risk with very unsafe tires. We were told that the person who inspects the cars would be questioned on this matter. This was NOT a matter of one employee making a mistake and over looking the bad tires by mistake. This car must have been on the road for A LONG time in this unsafe state. Thrifty must have let this car be rented to many people placing their lives at risk. It was not a matter of... IF this tire was going to blow (with the other one not far behind) was a matter of WHEN it was going to blow and how disastrous the blow out would be. Thrifty returned the price of the rental to my credit card but I would like to be reimbursed for the other expense that we incurred. There was also an expired
                        certificate of self insurance" in the car - expired 8/31/17 and no other certificate of insurance in the car. So on top of all of this the car did not appear to be insured. (See enclosed picture). I expect that someone from your company will respond to this situation and complaint and hope that you will rectify the situation financially. I was put through an extremely traumatic experience (being STRANDED out on a GA highway 4AM with an extremely unsafe car.) My life was also put at extreme risk because of the gross negligence on the rental cars part.

                        tires on rental car
                        tires on rental car
                        tires on rental car
                        tires on rental car
                        tires on rental car

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