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Thomasville Furniture / Heritage Home Group Complaints & Reviews

Thomasville Furniture / Heritage Home Group / $3k table in the worst shape i've ever seen from any store

Sep 19, 2018

9/19/18 1. The male (district manager, I think) is a hard sell pusher. That's on us. 1a. He also lied to us by promising us free delivery ... until we called him back w/in a day then denied it. We pushed it as we both heard it and delivery was free but the table is garbage. I later went to...

Thomasville / swivel chair

Mar 04, 2015

The upholstery on my 4 year old chair is already ripping at the seams. Obvious poor workmanship. The company simply said that the chair is no longer under warranty (which only lasts one year) and I could decide whether I wanted get it repaired or not, but they wouldn't be involved, or...

Thomasville / poor quality furniture

Feb 26, 2014

WE purchased a leather sofa and matching loveseat. It felt comfortable when we sat on it in the store, so we spent $ 7, 000. Within about 6 months, the cushions lost resiliency. They were replaced, but with inferior material. The sagging got worse. We didnt complain to Thomasville until a...

Thomasville Furniture / no delivery after 4 months, terrible customer service

Aug 28, 2013

I bought an entertainment center on May 5th, 2013, delivery date was Jun. 2nd, 2013. Now almost 4 months later there is still no commitment to a delivery date. When I asked, if I could cancel the purchase, customer service answered in a very unpolite way, that this is not possible and the...

Thomasville Furniture / products & services

May 18, 2013

We are extremely dissatisfied with our recent purchases from Thomasville of Augora Hills, CA both with the quality of the products and the post-sales customer service. It is appalling to me that after having spent over $11, 000 on products that seem to be of good quality in the showroom...

Thomasville Furniture Store / worse quality chairs

Apr 20, 2013

WORSE, OVERPRICED FURNITURE WE'VE EVER BOUGHT!, 2013 "The GUARDSMAN 'protection' policy THOMASVILLE offers (which we paid for) is worthless! THOMASVILLE, please tell your customers the real time your delivery will take. We assume extreme delay on your delivery is due to the...

Thomasville Furniture-Oakbrook / bad service/lies

Apr 03, 2013

Thomasville oakbrook lies about delivery time of furniture AND whenI did gert my furniture 3 months late it was not the fabric I had chosen. Customer Service is rude and lies. I have purchased furniture for projects at companies for the past 20+ years and have never experienced such poor...

Thomasville Furniture / no product no deposit returned

Mar 11, 2013

We ordered sofas from Thomasville Furniture about 3 months ago. At the time, they told us it should take 4-5 weeks to deliver. Weeks upon weeks passed with no word from the company. We had to keep calling and arguing with them just to find out that the fabric was still on backorder 3...

Thomasville Furniture Store / color coming off leather sofa


I purchased a Thomasville leather sofa and recline chair. I paid approx. $3, 950 including a warranty plan. Within the first year the color starting coming off the piping around the cushions of the sofa. I contacted the warranty company but because was within first year I needed to contact...

Thomasville / poor service and damaged furniture


Just received delivery of my new Mercer sofa which I purchased from Jay at Thomasville in Sterling VA. and all I have to say is WOW...never been treated so bad from a person who is suppose to be in charge of 'Customer Service" . I called within 5 minutes of delivery of my new sofa to...

Thomasville / thomasville-buyer beware


I purchased a solid wood (or so I was told) bedroom set from Thomasville only to have it delivered with 50% of the pieces damaged. Now I am told they will patch the furniture up but not replace it. Two of the pieces have deep dents and will have wood filler used to repair them. The third...

Thomasville Furniture / defective and company doesnt care


I purchased a Thomasville Vintage collection office set (glass front book shelf, lateral file, hutch and desk) through office depot. I spent several hours putting the furniture together|. When I got to the desk I noticed that the part numbers were wrong and the arrows and directions were...

Thomasville / poor service


My wife and I recently purchased a Felicity Sunlit Cherry Bedroom Suite from Thomasville Furniture. Our Thomasville saleswoman had led us to believe that our Thomasville furniture would be made in North Carolina, but when it was delivered we discovered that it was all made in China...

Thomasville/leather sectional / delivery and customer service


We have had a terrible experience with Thomasville concerning the deliver of our sectional. One would expect a much better level of customer service from an organization that associates themselves and their products with the highest level of quality. Marian Gerus, the manager of the...

Thomasville / leather fading


My husband and I moved into a our new home. We are empty nesters so our furniture does not get the wear of most families. We have never treated ourselves in 30 years to new family room and dining room furniture. We went to Thomasville to buy quality furniture (usa made) NOT. They have...

Thomasville Sofa / defect or poor construction


I spent $1400 on a new Thomasville sofa 3 years ago, believing it would last. I am VERY disappointed to find the front bottom frame is bulging out in one spot. My husband and I are not overweight and live by ourselves. The sofa does not get high use. How could this give out when it is so...

Thomasville Home Furnishings / stay away


I purchased a very expensive furniture set (Near $10k) from Doug Crede who is the Sales Manager at Thomasville Home Furnishings in Jacksonville, FL. Doug was all smiles and roses when I made the purchase and was the consummate kiss-### sales person. I had to wait on my furniture for nearly...

Thomasville Furniture / provided a king size bed frame with grossly inadequate support


I purchased the bed frame a few years ago as part of an entire bedroom set and started having problems immediately with the bed frame. Unfortunately, when one goes to buy a bed frame, one normally does not look at the support underneath. The king size bed frame had no slats and it only ha...

Thomasville / no return


We bought a Paula Dean table from Thomasville in October. We were told that we wouyld recieve it within 10 weeks. We have just gotten it delivered to us today... it is Feb 16. And we have realized that it is way too big;we don't want it. I really asking my sales associate if we...

Thomasville / furniture quality and service


If you value your time and money, DO NOT order anything from Thomasville. GO TO POTTERY BARN. THEIR MERCHANDISE IS EXCELLENT, STANDS UP WELL FOR YEARS, IS MADE IN THE USA MOST OF THE TIME AND IS LESS PRICEY THAN THOMASVILLE. My husband and I ordered $12, 000 of furniture from Thomasville...

Thomasville / delivery


I ordered a living room set on 9/24 and the sales person told me it would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. The first time I visited the store I had been told 3 weeks, but I just figured the 4-6 week timeframe was allowing extra time. Well this is obviously the 6th week. I called the store...

Thomasville Furnishings / terrible service - poor quality


Our Thomasville saleswoman had led us to believe that our Thomasville chairs would be made like quality samples they had displayed at Fresno Store. Customer service was good before delivery, and Terrible after delivery when chairs we paid over $2, 000 for were not made the same way. After...

Thomasville Furniture / terrible customer service


Spent a good bit of money on what I hoped would be quality furniture, but after waiting 5 weeks for delivery, the items I received were not only poorly stained but completely missing stain on the legs of 3 different items. Although the poor quality was disappointing, what was really...

Thomasville Furniture / prejudice

Holy cow!!! If you are of any 'color' (race), please do not go near this location because those employees (females and males) are just too racist and prejudice. These 'people' are blunt, outward and extroverted with their prejudice! They have no shame, guilt nor conscience about showing...

Thomasville Furniture / poor customer service


I purchased the new Sodona Ridge living room tables. After several attempts for finish repairs, two tables were replaced. I then ordered a sofa. The sofa had to be re-made because the skirt was crooked. Where is their quality control. I got the re-made sofa and decided that I would like...

Thomasville Furniture / don't buy their furniture


DO NOT BUY FROM THOMASVILLE!!! My mother wanted to buy a bedroom set from Thomasville so we went and picked out the Cinnamon Hill set. We were told it would take two weeks. The cost of the bed, night stand, and two dressers was $5400.00. Two months later the bedroom set arrived. I found...

Thomasville Nocturne dining set / thomasville after the sale


Some retailers are out of touch and provide poor customer service, especially to working families. Take Thomasville for example. I bought the Nocturne dining set and the screws on chairs come out too easily. One guest sat and broke a chair within a year and now I cannot even buy the same...

Thomasville Furniture / delivery services


My wife and I ordered a dining room set for $8, 000. They told us when it would be delivered, and that we would receive a call the day before to schedule delivery. When no call came, I called the store, who told me they sub-contracted out delivery to some outfit known as Executive...

Thomasville Furniture / shoddy quality (if any)


We purchased a mattress from Thomasville almost ten years ago. We also purchased a sofa-bed at the same time. We have 6 other Thomasville pieces (What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) The mattress developed sags within...

Thomasville / poor quality and service


ThomasvilleNever again. Over $3700 in an office suite. Received multiple guarantees from the sales staff of this store that what was represented on the floor would be delivered to my door. While some furniture pieces were made in China, others were made in North Carolina. The Chinese furniture seemed...

Thomasville Newport News / office desk suite


Never again. Over $3700 in an office suite. Received multiple guarantees from the sales staff of this store that what was represented on the floor would be delivered to my door. While some furniture pieces were made in China, others were made in North Carolina. The Chinese furniture seemed...

Thomasville Cabinets / gooey substance leaking from side recess tracks in tv cabinet


We purchased an oak 3-unit cabinets, two bookcases and a center TV unit. We were told this was "heritage-type furniture". The TV cabinet has slides that permit the doors to slide into the unit out of site while viewing. They are oozing a black, tar-like substance and it is smearing onto the...

Thomasville Furniture / bad customer service


I bought over $5.000.00 worth of furniture at your store. I will never buy anything else and will encourage family, friends ad co-workers not to shop there. I am a nurse and as many people as I see or want to know where I bought this couch or anything else I will not recommend your store...

Thomasville Furniture / non delivered


December 2008 me and my wife purchase furniture for our bedroom. The manger of thomasville asure us that our furniture would be deliver on 12-23-08. since that was two days away after we made the purchase on the 22 of dec we gave our old bedroom set to another family member in need of...

Thomasville / poor customer servies


Overall poor customer service and long, long, long wait for delivery. After you purchase the merchandise the sales people will not help you. Our sales associate actually hung up the phone when I inquired about the whereabouts of my furniture (that was sitting in a warehouse just waiting to...

Thomasville Furniture / bad everything


Thomasville SUCKS!!! We purchased a full dining room set, sofa, and bedroom set. The furniture was delivered with the following damage: 1. Damage to crown on china cabinet 2. Scratch in dining room table 3. Ding in table leg 4. Scratches on dining room chair 5. Pull in fabric on sofa 6...

Thomasville Furniture / they don't deliver as promised


We purchased a piece of furnitrue from Thomasville August 30, 2008. As of today November 29, 2008 they still can give us a delivery date. Worse they could not even contact me to let me know the furniture was delayed. If you are considering Thomasvilled I sugguest you go to another line. Thomasville does not deliver as promised.

Thomasville Furniture / rip off

I am in sales and when I give my customers a timeframe, I MEET IT. My customers do not need to read the "fine print" because I explain it well. My sales person did not make a big deal about the fine print, and I thought Thomasville was reputable enough to not lie. My furniture is still not...

Thomasville / misrepresentation


I had identified a leather couch for purchase towards the end of July 2008 and informed the sale's agent that I would likely buy it but not until the tax free weekend in August, which would save me $120.00. The sale's agent informed me that he would provide me with a 5% discount...

Thomasville Furniture / bad service

My wife and I recently purchased a Felicity Sunlit Cherry Bedroom Suite from Thomasville Furniture. Our Thomasville saleswoman had led us to believe that our Thomasville furniture would be made in North Carolina, but when it was delivered we discovered that it was all made in China...