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I ordered a living room set on 9/24 and the sales person told me it would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. The first time I visited the store I had been told 3 weeks, but I just figured the 4-6 week timeframe was allowing extra time. Well this is obviously the 6th week. I called the store Tuesday and an office manager said she would follow up the next morning at the latest. Today I followed up since there was no call back received and she was very short with me. I eventually requested to speak with her manager, the store manager. He was kinder, but still unable to provide a delivery date and said that it could be 60-90 days. I checked my paperwork and it does state 60-90 days for upholstery. Today I did what I should have done in the first place- checked online regarding customer service issues- THIS COMPANY ACTUALLY HAS AN F RATING WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU due to delivery problems. I think that speaks for itself. (no, my set was not custom)

terrible service - poor quality

Our Thomasville saleswoman had led us to believe that our Thomasville chairs would be made like quality...

terrible customer service

Spent a good bit of money on what I hoped would be quality furniture, but after waiting 5 weeks for delivery, the items I received were not only poorly stained but completely missing stain on the legs of 3 different items.

Although the poor quality was disappointing, what was really disappointing was the response of Thomasville. When I told them I wanted to return the defective pieces, they insisted that I would have to pay a 10% restocking fee. A restocking fee on defective furniture????

Manager was very rude. This is obviously a company that doesn't care about the customer once they get your money. Very poor customer service.

  • Nk
    nkcs Oct 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The most uncomfortable and expensive sofa!! Cost a fortune. Came damaged and paid for repair service but they never repaired! The underside of the cushion has no material/leather so you cannot turn over the seat!!!
    I have spent so much money for high end furniture..and this is the lowest end that you can find. Now I am stuck with an uncomfortable set that literally hurts our backs to sit on!!! We are in constant pain to sit on it and now we are contemplating buying a new set so that we can use our living room!!!
    Also went there for their design service and they screwed us over as well. If you have money to throw away for furniture do not buy this company..just throw your money in the trash you would be more comfortable!!!

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  • Li
    linda r Apr 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Placed order for furniure in November and here it is March! No one at their entire company seems to know what happened to the piece ordered! They have our money, but we have nothing and do not know when we will get it. No one is able to find out just where the order is and when we will receive it!

    Also seems item is made in CHINA, not the US! That was why we ordered from Thomasville to start with! If we knew that could have orderd on the internet and had the piece by now!!

    Terrible customer service.

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Holy cow!!! If you are of any 'color' (race), please do not go near this location because those employee...

1 comment Manchester Employees

poor customer service

I purchased the new Sodona Ridge living room tables. After several attempts for finish repairs, two tables were replaced. I then ordered a sofa. The sofa had to be re-made because the skirt was crooked. Where is their quality control. I got the re-made sofa and decided that I would like two extra pillows. The sofa came with 4 pillows and I paid the upgraded charge for fabric and trim ($50 for each of two decorative pillows). Two of the four pillows were done in the same fabric as the sofa and I paid for the upgrade trim or $25 per pillow. Keep in mind that the larger sofa came with 6 pillows and cost the exact same price as my smaller sofa with 4 pillows. I did not get any discount for only have 4 vs. 6 pillows or a smaller sofa hence less fabric, etc. When I asked about purchasing the two extra pillows with the upgraded fabric and trim ( when they re-made the sofa they also remade all the pillows so these pillows were already made), I was informed that it would be over $200. I asked why and was told that I would have to pay for the additional pillows at a stock price of $90 per pillow and upgrades. They were discounting the upgrades somewhat. I asked since the larger sofa came with 6 pillows and I paid the exact same price for a sofa with 4 pillows, why wouldn't I just be charged the upgrade fee of $50 per pillow for fabric and trim? The response, that is Thomasville's policy. The store suggested I contact customer service, and they wouldn't budge! The store manager had saved a very frustrated customer due to all the problems I had, but corporate office lost a customer due to their ridiculous rules! Pay the same price for a smaller sofa with 4 pillows as a larger sofa with 6 pillows; but if you want two extra pillows your smaller sofa will cost you more than the larger sofa with 6 pillows. What a way for a company to lose a customer who went through 7 months of patiently waiting for them to fix tables and re-make a sofa, who was still a customer due to the store manager.

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don't buy their furniture

DO NOT BUY FROM THOMASVILLE!!! My mother wanted to buy a bedroom set from Thomasville so we went and picked out the Cinnamon Hill set. We were told it would take two weeks. The cost of the bed, night stand, and two dressers was $5400.00. Two months later the bedroom set arrived. I found out later after badgering the sales manager that they are no longer manufactured in America! That’s why it took so long. We charged it to my wife’s card which was because they have air miles. Good thing we did that instead of using my mothers, when the set was delivered three of the four pieces were defective, some had different finish, some were scraped and some showed some patchwork, we were very disgusted that we waited so long for this junk. I called the sales manager and told him that I wanted a refund, he said he could not give me all my money back due to the fact that hidden in a very long contract there was a provision calling for a 45% restocking fee!!! I explained that it was not due to me changing my mind but that it was due to inferior quality of the furniture. We argued back and forth and later I agreed to give him another shot but said I was not going to wait another 2 months for it to be shipped from china or South America or wherever they do business. He called me back the next day and said he was going to give me someone else’s shipment (that is probably what happened to mine) and that he would oversee and assured me that he would make it right and if not he would then refund my money if I was not satisfied. He also said that we could go to the warehouse in Edison, NJ to inspect it before delivery. We did and guess what, it was even worse than the first set!! It had scratches, different colored finishes, scratches and all these little holes in the wood that they just stained over instead of puttying, sanding and then staining. Not for nothing but I could do a better job of finishing a piece as I have on a few occasions. We decided to dispute the charges to our credit card by calling the credit company as soon as we rejected the first shipment, you must do so within the first 60 days. We rejected the second set and walked out. I waited another day after that and planned to go back to the store and threaten the manager with a lawsuit if he did not give me a refund. But that evening my wife called me at work and told me that the credit card company credited us with a refund and that they would go after Thomasville!! Thank you so much to the credit card company because I was getting so frigging mad that I was going to get a permit to picket their store!! Do not let anyone you care about do business with this company, I think they will be out of business in a few years, they are ruining their company trying to cut corners and outsource to unskilled cheap labor. If there is someone that you really hate or have a serious ax to grind with, then by all means recommend Thomasville to them!!

  • Dl
    D. Lidster Jun 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree! We have had several pieces of furniture - a dining room set, delivered over and over again! Each time the quality and finish on the product has been completely unacceptable. We have given the company plenty of time to rectify the situation yet they have not. I'm afraid at this time we are going to have to pursue legal action. This company has cut way too many corners and is now delivering Walmart quality furniture at Premium prices. Totally unacceptable!!!

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  • No
    Not happy on OP KS Nov 16, 2012

    Bought a Thomasville couch last year. It lasted 9.5 months before the spring broke one night the week before Thanksgiving. My husband took the part that flew across the room back to the store. They confirmed it was a manufacturer's defect and would only rebuild our couch. We waited 4 days for them to call to schedule pick up.We had to call the store to even get them to call us. It's all about when they can do it not what works for us. They couldn't understand what we were suppose to do with a couch in our family room that one one can sit on especially during the holiday gathering with 24 people. They will get back to us...sometime I guess... NOT HAPPY and will pursue them. Will never buy from them again!

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  • Di
    Dinadra Phillipe-Hennington, IDS Apr 15, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ...24 people sitting on a couch? No wonder the springs popped! Here is my advice: Jenny Craig; Spellcheck and stop your sniveling. This post of yours read like a bad (and verbose) novel. Quite a bore.

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thomasville after the sale

Some retailers are out of touch and provide poor customer service, especially to working families. Take Thomasville for example. I bought the Nocturne dining set and the screws on chairs come out too easily. One guest sat and broke a chair within a year and now I cannot even buy the same chair. Service repairman is the only one in Manhattan and has not even called in two weeks. Very disappointing.

delivery services

My wife and I ordered a dining room set for $8, 000. They told us when it would be delivered, and that we...

shoddy quality (if any)

We purchased a mattress from Thomasville almost ten years ago. We also purchased a sofa-bed at the same time. We have 6 other Thomasville pieces (What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results)

The mattress developed sags within a couple of years. We called and complained. They sent out a "technician" whose "fix" was to put two pads under the mattress. So the resulting image when the bed was made had two big humps in the bed. Just awful. The pads exacerbated my acid reflux and I now have grade 3 esophagitis.

The mattress is even worse now. It should still be covered by the 10 year non-prorated warranty. Unfortunately, I cannot find a ten year old receipt. (I did find a card that the salesperson wrote us at the time wishing us well in our new house (where the mattress and furniture were shipped.) Thomasville should have been able to look up proof of purchase through the store (now closed) or the service call. They claim they cannot.

They wrote:

"Mr. Torres,
Thank you for contacting Thomasville Furniture. We apologize for any issues associated with your mattress purchase as your complete satisfaction is our ultimate objective.
Thomasville ’s Written Limited Warranty states in the first paragraph: Thomasville warrants to you, the original purchaser, that for the stated warranty term, Thomasville will repair or replace any piece of furniture which is defective in material or workmanship. The decision to repair or replace will be at the discretion of the manufacturer. To exercise your rights under this warranty, you must submit the original sales receipt when making a claim.
I am sorry that we are unable to help you with your mattress unless we have the purchase receipt. I will keep you information on file under your case # 56701, if you should find the purchase receipt, we will see what we can do.
AJ Gallant
Consumer Service Dept"

A lovely form letter with very little compassion--although as you can see, my complete satisfaction is their ultimate objective.

Stay far away from this company. Even though we have over 7 pieces of their furniture, they showed absolutely no customer loyalty. Unbelievable! Especially since their "repair job" was such a joke.

poor quality and service

Never again. Over $3700 in an office suite. Received multiple guarantees from the sales staff of this store...

office desk suite

Never again. Over $3700 in an office suite. Received multiple guarantees from the sales staff of this store that what was represented on the floor would be delivered to my door. While some furniture pieces were made in China, others were made in North Carolina. The Chinese furniture seemed better quality. The North Carolina furniture was of poorer quality. Even the finishes from the different plants did not match. North Carolina had worm hole distress marking, and the Chinese did not. We wound up purchasing off the floor damaged pieces (better quality China furniture) in order to save something from the deal. Sales staff would not refund despite their own verbal and written guarantee. These people don't abide by their own verbal and written statements. Assuming this establishment remains open, count on us to never give any recommendation for a Thomasville purchase!!!

gooey substance leaking from side recess tracks in tv cabinet

We purchased an oak 3-unit cabinets, two bookcases and a center TV unit. We were told this
was "heritage-type furniture". The TV cabinet has slides that permit the doors to slide into the unit out of site while viewing. They are oozing a black, tar-like substance and it is smearing onto the front of the doors since they touch this material when recessed.

I contacted the dealer but because they are 20-years-old I am told, TOO BAD! A repairman
suggested trying to remove the tar substance with mineral oil and then putting baby powder
onto the remaining tar on the side-slide. It is absolutely terrible and makes another mess while I attempt to remove it.

A manufacturer of high-end products does itself no service when it ignores such complaints.
I know time has passed but the problem developed WITH TIME and should be backed by the
manufacturer. I certainly didn't have any way to cause this deterioration of their product.
Didn't they check when purchasing these slides to make sure they would stand the test of time?

Resolved bad customer service

I bought over $5.000.00 worth of furniture at your store. I will never buy anything else and will encourage family, friends ad co-workers not to shop there. I am a nurse and as many people as I see or want to know where I bought this couch or anything else I will not recommend your store. The purchase was made in December. We paid it off today and were charged an extra 100.00 because I used my credit card. WE closed the credit account as well. The name is Wade Henderson and acct# is [protected].

  • J1
    j111 Oct 28, 2009

    I've been working for Thomasville for afew months as a design consultant and what I have discovered there is horrible. They make employees lie about the product, which is no longer of the best quality and most of the time the product is made in China or South America, and the quality is very poor, not to mention their customer service. Our manager would not pick the phone when somebody wanted to return the product. She literary would tell the assistant "I'm not here." Shame. I'm gonna quit the job because it sucks, and I want to tell people - THOMASVILLE IS NO LONGER THE BEST QUALITY. They will not tell you the truth unless you ask, and even then they'll play a game because what matter to them is a big buck. They dont' care about the clients. All they want is to sell their crap by any means.

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  • Ji
    Jim in Raleigh Jul 08, 2011

    Deciding that we needed a new dining room set, and after considering other brands, we opted for Thomasville.
    It has always had a high reputation, and so didn't do my normal checking.
    On receipt of our tables and chairs I was horrified to see it was all made in China!!
    We paid Thomasville prices and got Chinese junk. The remainder of the order, purchased over the Memorial day weekend is not complete. Two additional chairs arrived SIX WEEKS later, and the server has yet to arrive!
    It shouldn't be called customer service, it should be called How to chase away customers department.
    They should be ashamed.
    The company president should be fired.

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Resolved non delivered

December 2008 me and my wife purchase furniture for our bedroom. The manger of thomasville asure us that our furniture would be deliver on 12-23-08. since that was two days away after we made the purchase on the 22 of dec
we gave our old bedroom set to another family member in need of one.To make a long story short, thomasville never
call or showed up to deliver our furniture, so me and my wife ended up sleeping on the floor thru the christmas holidays. needless to say it was dec 29 before the furniture arrive and they forgot a piece. so when its all said and done we will never deal with thomasville furniture or its manger you know who you are again.

not happy

Resolved poor customer servies

Overall poor customer service and long, long, long wait for delivery. After you purchase the merchandise the...

Resolved bad everything

Thomasville SUCKS!!! We purchased a full dining room set, sofa, and bedroom set. The furniture was delivered with the following damage:
1. Damage to crown on china cabinet
2. Scratch in dining room table
3. Ding in table leg
4. Scratches on dining room chair
5. Pull in fabric on sofa
6. Bunching of fabric on sofa
7. Damage rattan panel on lady’s chest
8. Incorrect size of table protector pad – company has called stating they were sending a template for us to measure and return measurement to company.

This was in Oct '08 it's now December and the furniture has not been repaired. All communications are initiated by myself not Thomasville. We spent $15, 000 and receive the lowest level of service I've ever received. My advice is to stay far away from THOMASVILLE!!

I should have listened to the advice posted on this site!!!

  • Te
    Tea totally Pissed Apr 04, 2012

    Their sales personnel should greet you at the door, tell you give them your money and bend over while stick it to you without the use of vaseline, and if they did use it they would charge you for six jars. If your company gave a ### about their customers, they would reply to this e-mail to get what this complaint is about. You can call me at 502 963-3542. Signed Sean OConnell. PS Will contact State Attorney's Office about your business practices. The Better Business Bureau, along with all the Veterans Organizations, including Military news Letters.

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  • Th
    Thomasville Destin Jul 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This individual says nothing specific about his experience with the company. He just chooses to vent using profanity and threats. I think we can all agree that this type of comment provides nothing helpful in the way of feedback and should be ignored. Complaint's Board website should not allow this type of post, so I would say their site is not credible.

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they don't deliver as promised

We purchased a piece of furnitrue from Thomasville August 30, 2008. As of today November 29, 2008 they still...

Resolved rip off

I am in sales and when I give my customers a timeframe, I MEET IT. My customers do not need to read the "fine print" because I explain it well. My sales person did not make a big deal about the fine print, and I thought Thomasville was reputable enough to not lie. My furniture is still not here after 8 weeks (promised in 3-4). The manager has not returned our calls. I have no choice but to wait because of their "RIP OFF" re stocking fee. What a bogus charge!!! I will never even enter another Thomasville showroom!!!


I had identified a leather couch for purchase towards the end of July 2008 and informed the sale's agent that I would likely buy it but not until the tax free weekend in August, which would save me $120.00. The sale's agent informed me that he would provide me with a 5% discount (same amount as the sales tax) if I ordered the couch that day.
I elected to do so. Half of the ticket price was charged to my credit card and the balance was charged at the time of delivery. Upon delivery I asked if the discount had been applied. The delivery guys had no knowledge and the slip they had reflected the original price. I immediately contacted the sales agent who first tried to tell me that somehow I was not entitled to the discount and then he said he'd check with the manager. After no less than 10 telephone calls with the sales agent, in which said a variety of things including, I wasn't entitled to the discount because I received the couch sooner than I would have had I waited until the sales tax holiday, that since the tax holiday had come and gone he could not make an adjustment on the price, etc. Eventually he agreed to abide by his own agreement and provide me with the discount. After not receiving it I again called and the agent who finally disclosed he had no authority to provide me with the 5% discount.
I then spoke with the manager who tried to rehash the sales agent's arguments, but they fell on deaf ears.
After I informed the manager of exactly what happened, he agreed to credit my credit card $120. At this point I am still waiting for the credit and will continue to call each week until it is received. In the meantime, I cannot recommend purchasing items from Thomasville and they have lost me, my friends and family as customers.

Resolved bad service

My wife and I recently purchased a Felicity Sunlit Cherry Bedroom Suite from Thomasville Furniture. Our...